Regarding Paris

A message to Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, whose office decided to transfer Paris Hilton from jail to home monitoring for still-mysterious "medical" reasons; and to City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo, who went to court demanding a contempt hearing against the Sheriff’s Department and hard (sort of) time for Hilton; and to Los Angeles County supervisors Don Knabe and Yvonne B. Burke, both of whom demanded an investigation into the sheriff’s action; and to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer, who ordered the sheriff to get the heiress back to court and then back to jail.
Thanks for doing more than even the best Hollywood publicists could do, in their wildest dreams, to keep alive the Paris Hilton buzz for at least another month and a half.  Which is to say, thanks for NOTHING!
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7 Responses to Regarding Paris

  1. buttons says:

    We had a lovely evening out yesterday to a friends barbque. Nick was able to relax and enjoy some company for a change.
    Big Hugs Button xx

  2. Sanne says:

    SEnd the little b*tch back to jail to do her full 45 days…no credit time for 4 days spent at home and fire the freakin’ sheriff!  What a joke!  Just go around showing eveyone what they’ve always known is true anyways…if you have enough money then you’re above the law.  Now I’m pissed again…LOL

  3. Twila says:

    Lock her up and throw away the key!  Works for me!  🙂

  4. Jean says:

    They are such idiots out there! Just toss her in, let her do her time, and then let her go! Quit makin’ a big deal out of it!! I guess the sheriff just wants to be noticed! Hope your foot is doing better, and you’ve had a good weekend.
    hugs to you, my friend,

  5. elana says:

    I like to believe that if we ignore Paris, she’ll go away, but she’s like a car wreck that we can’t look away from.  Remind me again why she’s famous and what she contributed to the world?

  6. Jude says:

    Personally I really liked the pictures of her bawling in the backseat of some car….tugs at my heart, really it does!  (insert sarcastic face here…)  Time to suck it up and be a big girl now Paris……Oh yes, and I heard rumblings of a hunger strike – I kid you not!!!  ffs…when will this end…….. :s  lol

  7. JustinsAuntPatricia says:

    Boy, you are talking about this nothing the way I do as well and it’s great to hear. This idiot supposedly decided that she isn’t going to eat much while she is in jail since she’s afraid that someone will take her picture sitting on the toilet and she just cannot have that kind of attention. Now isn’t this the same idiot who "leaked" her "private" sex tape to become famous in the first place?

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