Odds and Ends

*  Have a wedding to go to this weekend… in Arizona… 375 miles… 5 1/2 hours in the desert… and staying for 6 days!!  ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!  The temps are supposed to be hovering at 110F!!  (43C for my UK friends!!) (But it’s a DRY heat, soo…  LOL)  I plan to spend most of my time hunkered down in an air conditioned motel room!!  (Hope they have CABLE!!)  But it’s my Goddaughter’s wedding so I really want to go!!  I’ll take pics!
*  My wife is transcribing her Mom’s diarys!!!  She is 73 (not my Wife!!!)  and grew up in Nebraska in the 1930’s!!  I’ve been reading it and it is soooo cool!!  I think you all will love it too!!  Funny, interesting, historic and at times tragic!!  I’m going to ask for her permission to post it here, in parts, because it’s so long!  I also told her that I would send her your comments. So be nice, as you always are!!  (hmmmmmm 😉
*  My toes…………. Looked HORRIBLE this morning!! Weeping, bleeding, swollen and red!! (Thank God I have no feeling there!!)  But by this afternoon, looked much better!!  Maybe the meds are finally working!  Not sure, but I have a doctor appointment tomorrow at 2:45, so we will see.  The way I figuire it there are 4 things that could happen:
1: He tells me it’s healing, so just keep doing what I’m doing (Pffft!)
2: Prescribes new meds (Again, Pfffft!)
3: Admits me to the hospital, have an IV inserted for 3 days to try to get this thing solved, and miss the wedding (Uh Oh!!!!)
4: Tells me that the infection is so far advanced that I need to have more toes amputated.  Or half of my FOOT!!  (Call me Mr. Gimpy!) Once a Staph infection gets into the bone, it’s pretty much over
I’m hoping for number 1!!  But I’m not worried about any of them!!  What happens, happens!  I just pray for the best and accecpt the worst. I just thank ALL of you for caring!!
* The good news????   Only 56 more ailments until I complete the set!!!
* One last thing!  While I’m away, I hope you all BEHAVE yourselves!!  Sheesh!!!!  LOL!! You know who I’m talking about!! (Kitty????) ( And you TOO Raven!!) (OH!!  And you too Jess!!)  Actually, I could mention most of you!!!!!!!!!!!!, Angus??)  But  don’t do anything that I wouldn’t….. which will leave you pretty much wide open for anything!!  I’m sure I’ll post again before I leave and who knows, I may find a computer to use in Arizona, just to read your posts!!
Have a nice Tuesday and a Great rest of the week!
Love You ALL!!!!!
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17 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. EbonyWyvernDragon says:

    You are doing a wonderful job keeping your chin up! Attitude has EVERYTHING to do with healing so I have faith you will get better! Enjoy your wedding!Hugsthe Other Dragon

  2. Silver says:

    Hello Bob.. enjoy the wedding, get some nice comfy flip flops they will keep your feet cool.
    Just thought I’d mention.. Mr Giddy is Lou’s not mine! Not sharing another bloke with the old slapper!!
    Have fun
    S xx

  3. Bridget says:

    Good morning!! It would be intereting to see a few blogs from your mom-in-laws diary… I need to start writing down things from my gram…. been saying that forever but I really do need to start. Have fun at the wedding!!! And yes, the dry heat does make it easier…we’ve had the heat and humidity lately and its been miserable… so what do I do? Book a trip for the desert!! lol…. ***hugs*** Bridget

  4. Josh says:

    Haha…sorry if it sounded like that, but it was by no means an insult. I can’t help but laugh at those "moan and groan" jokes, and they seem to be the only ones I remember!
    Hope you have a safe trip and a good time at the wedding.

  5. laura says:

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding Bob. Hope that everything goes well at the Dr.’s today. Make sure you pop by and let me know how it went. Take care!

  6. Angie says:

    sorry, I have commented lately! see what happens when you don’t have a computer at home?? 😦 anyhoot….have fun at the wedding- AZ is nice! welcome to the heat that I live in day in and day out!!!! 🙂 take care of the pigs too, and good job keeping up yer spirits! right on, right on!

  7. Raven says:

    Good Morning Bob!
    Fire is a dry heat too, but I’m not going to stand in it!  Your toe saga…there has got to be a solution, perhaps the answer is in homeopathic medicine? And….I ALWAYS behave *balancing halo on horns*…I just don’t always behave nicely. 
    Oh-and if the toe thingamabob keeps on, there is always that wheelchair at Disneyland plan (hubba hubba!!)
    Have a safe trip! Kisses and love~*R*~

  8. Sanne says:

    Hi Bob!
    I hope all goes well at your appointment today…we want good news! 
    I hope you hae a great time in AZ at the wedding…nice mini vacation.  We have another one coming up this weekend and after that I’m off to Germany for the full meal deal as far as vacations go.
    Your MIL’s diary sounds like it would be very interesting…I hope we get a chance to read some.  I used to work in nursing homes and found that I learned SO much from the people living there.
    Hope the rest of your week is really good!

  9. CAROL says:

    Well most likely the doc will tell you it is improving slowly. These things take forever.. so hard waiting! I will keep the good thoughts for that! Do take care in that heat.. boy it can sure get to you fast. Some hotel motels nowdays have WI FI and you can do lots of catching up..public libraries let visitors use computer access too.. so good luck! You know reading about things that happened way back when and how they had to do things then makes us all feel so lucky in this day of how we have it. I bet they are very good to read for her especially..you learn so much that you never imagined.  I looked up silver oxide on google..scary stuff but it works!! GOOD LUCK!  :  )

  10. Louise says:

    hey Bob! I hope you don’t scoot off anywhere soon. Bit of a bummer them feet aren’t they at the moment, shame you can’t go to the shop and get new ones ain’t it. me mother always says that about her legs cos they are proper dodgy but that’s down to her falling in so many holes when I was little, think it musta been the gin lol.
    Hope you manage to get to the wedding I hope you do cos there’ll be free food and beer and stuff and you can do a bit of dancing in your chair just wiggling yer bum kinda thing. I’m just enjoying a J at the moment listening to some good music and in a minute I am gonna have a cherry muffin.
    I hope it’s not as bad as it’s gonna probably be lol, owts not great lets face it but it’ll be ok lol, usually is aint it and I’ll be here waiting for ya to come back round again and tell us it’s ok again cos it will be soon I’m hoping ok.
    Say hello to me scruffy mate for me ok!
    (((BIG BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Jean says:

    You better get on here again and let us know what the doctor said! I’ll talk to you later..

  12. t i m says:

    Hopefully you’ll get some good news from the doc & you’ll enjoy the forthcoming wedding.
    Take care. 😉

  13. Jude says:

    Safe trip you…..and hope those toes are better soon!Take care and chat again soon 🙂

  14. TheSpeedofLife says:

    I’m hoping for one also, although as hot as it is in AZ I’d seriously concidering 3 LOL.  Just kidding.  I love it down there–in the winter.  ooooh that was sooo sweat to leave behind 4 feet of snow, snowboots, and Carharts to shorts and T-shirts.  The locals new we were from up north because they were shivering in coats while we were soaking up the sun!!!
    Have a great time!

  15. TheSpeedofLife says:

    Dang I can’t spell….that was "sooo SWEET" and "the locals KNEW"

  16. Stephanie says:

    Pfffft you know me, I ALWAYS behave…
    I don’t envy you being in Arizona during the summer. (aka gates of hell) Dry heat or not it’s HOT!
    Who knows though it might help your toes! (I’m trying to think positive)
    Becky’s Mom’s journal sounds like it would be great to read! I’m looking forward to it.
    BIG HUGS, Steph

  17. joann says:

    Hi, I found you via Laoch and I just had to comment on your post… I lost all five toes on my left foot,, due to a train accident and I had to learn to walk all over again…. I suffered multiple injuries( broken legs, arms collar bone, broken pelvis etc, etc) but I just wanted to saty that no matter what you have to do Its got to be the absolute LAST resort to amputate! I hope you heal quickly but if not then slowly and fully….your toes are precious ans it worth any discomfort to keep them!  good luck and enjoy the wedding!

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