Foot Update…

Referring back to my last post,  the results of my doctor’s appointment was a cross between option #1 and #2.  ‘Keep doing what you’re doing, but here’s some more meds!’.  This time a cream called Silver Sulfadiazine.  He thinks that along with the antibiotics, it will be very effective in working from the outside while the antibiotics work from within.  At least that’s the plan!! 
So going to the wedding is ON!!  I’ll be taking the laptop and hoping the hotel has a connection.  If so, it will be blog-business as usual.  If not, I’ll be back on Monday! 
Now my big concern is that my doctor is leaving the country for two weeks vacation two days after I get back, so even though I’ll get to see him on Tuesday, I’m a little concerned that he will be unavailable for the next two weeks.  But hopefully, in a week, the toes will be fine.   
Busy day tomorrow!!  Gas up the SUV, oil change, carwash, clean the floors and bathrooms (we have friends house/dog sitting), get a haircut, give Mrs Serious a pedicure (??????) and pack!  Plus about 16 other things that I haven’t thought of yet!  Then up early Thursday and away we go!!! 
I’ll try to be here tomorrow and do one last post and comments!!  If not, have a GREAT rest of the week and weekend!!
I leave you with this:
This is a great way to re-evaluate our lives.
A group of alumni, all highly established in their respective careers, got together for a visit with their old university professor. The conversation soon turned to complaints about the endless stress of work and life.
Offering his guests coffee, the professor went into the kitchen and soon returned with a large pot of coffee and an eclectic assortment of cups:  porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal – some plain, some expensive, some quite exquisite. Quietly he told them to help themselves to some fresh coffee…
When each of his former students had a cup of coffee in hand, the old professor quietly cleared his throat and began to patiently address the small gathering…
”You may have noticed that all of the nicer looking cups were taken up first, leaving behind the plainer and cheaper ones. While it is only natural for you to want only the best for yourselves that is actually the source of much of your stress-related problems… ”Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee
In fact, the cup merely disguises or dresses up what we drink. What each of you really wanted was coffee, not a cup, but you instinctively went for the best cups… Then you began eyeing each other’s cups….”
”Now consider this: Life is coffee. Jobs, money, and position in society are merely cups. They are just tools to shape and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not truly define nor change the quality of the Life we live…” ”Often, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee that God has provided us… God brews the coffee, but he does not supply the cups. Enjoy your coffee!” 
The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of
everything…So please remember: Live simply. Love generously. Care Deeply. Speak Kindly.
Leave the Rest to God
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23 Responses to Foot Update…

  1. Raven says:

    Have a great trip!!

  2. R U Serious says:

    Hi, it’s Mrs. Serious again…he can run but he can’t hide…hehe…  (Well maybe he can’t quite run, but it’s quite a peppy limp/dash).  Ok, here’s the real story.  I happened to drape my leg over the chair and aim my toes in his direction…giggled and asked if he had time to give me a pedicure.  Little did I know that at that precise moment he was doing this blog and just happened to include it…like he was really going to do it.   Again I giggle cause now he has no choice….heheh…get the belt sander out and the nail polish ready!!  Oh, and by the way, he has WAY more than 16 other things to do.  Let me know if you’d like a list.  XO’s from Mrs. Serious!! 

  3. R U Serious says:

    This is Bob!!  GRRRRRRR!!!!!

  4. Jude says:

    Hehehehehe….you have fun guys! 🙂

  5. Sanne says:

    Good news about your tootsies :o)  I hope you guys have a super time at the wedding!  Your coffee cup story was terrific and ever so true.
    Have a great week!

  6. Jane says:

    Yay, a road trip.  Hope you have a fantastic time!  Take care of those tootsies!  Maybe the dry heat will help them heal. 😉

  7. Melissa says:

    i love how you so willingly offered to show me yours…(email of course) …tsk tsk bob!!
    annnnerrrwhoodle…..(dont ask what that is…)…..
    you have fun at the wedding…dance..oh wait..hehe nm,… take long walks on the grounds…oops.sorry….
    ummm..have lots and lots of champagne and remember me over here!!!!
    is anybody else craving nachos right now??

  8. laura says:

    Have a wonderful time Bob. See ya when I see ya…

  9. t i m says:

    Enjoy the wedding. 😉

  10. CAROL says:

    YOU TWO are hilarious talking back and forth on this here blog.. FUNNNY! Do have a swell time of it okay.. try not to oover do it either.. YOu are recovering ya know.. Yeah yeah I know… so…dont forget the turtle food OKAY.. HAH one more thing to remember!  Take care………  :  )

  11. Jade says:

    "this is Bob Grrrr! "
    Hey you were doing the ‘blotto blogger’ the other day, I could tell 😀 
    slobbery kisses back 😀  I heart you too Bobbo!
    Now back to my bourban 😛

  12. Twila says:

    Yeah, it’s DRY heat!  Actually, at 110°, it just doesn’t matter, it’s still stinkin’ HOT!  Good luck with the healing of the toes and have a wonderful time at the wedding!  Mrs S, thanks for the update on the pedicure story.  I loved it! 

  13. DragonBoy says:

    Wotcha Bob… Just dropping by to wish you a good weekend although from this comment I have been left slightly worried by how qualified your doctor actually is…
    Y’see I though Silver Sulfadiazine was the name of the new Fantastic Four Movie that’s currently knocking about?   Is he suggesting numerous trips to the movies to see this film (and if it’s anything like the first one, you’ll be trying to eat your own toes to take your mind off the cringe-inducing naffness of it) and a popcorn/hotdog/largecokewithasideofnachos diet as a serious cure for your condition????
    Time for a new doctor Bob….  😀
    Right.. gotta dash… hope you have a fabbo weekend.

  14. Cindy says:

    Hope you have a great time at the wedding.  Don’t forget the massage with that pedicure!

  15. Stephanie says:

    Becky, you crack me up! I hope he gave you a great pedicure and a foot massage… I mean let’s face it, with his tootsies being the way they are right now, he’s not doing too much moving around, so, he may as well do something worth while… and what’s more worth while than making his honey’s toes look lovely!?
    I hope you are both having a wonderful time! Have some nummy food for me and if you can, get some good recipes!
    BIG HUGS, Steph

  16. Xu says:

    Good story.
    What we really want is the coffee!!
    Great weekend:)

  17. Louise says:

    Hey Bob! I’m glad that youre off to the wedding if nowt else lol, the great continuing foot saga lol. (((BIG HUGS))) it’s a bummer ain’t it. Think I’m geting old too cos lately every morning I wake up looking like Normans mother! Must be me age that’s all I can put it down to lol. Just sit back with another J and ponder what’s the next plan of actions cos I’m sure there’ll be some cracks appearing soon that I’ll need the trowel for pmsl. Ohhhh the joys eh.
    So wedding, hope you got plenty of pop down your neck and didn’t fall over or do owt daft lol, dread to think hehehehehe. It’s been lovely here butthey ahve forecast rain for 24 hours amounting to 8 cm that’s a months worth in one day! Summet else I dread to think about cos lordy a bit of ice and the place grinds to a halt, now floods and why aren’t these stoopid folk at the top doing more about it I wonder. hey maybe we oughta send the rain back your way, might be a good idea that don’t ya think. Mind would probably only seem like a drop to you seeing as it’s so dry where you live!
    It’s been forever since I nattered to you and even longer since I saw your face and I know I ain’t seen an awful lot of it but I miss nattering and gawping at you with me big J in me gob and me glass of coke and sweeties lol. Hopefully before too long ok cos there’s lots to natter on about ain’t there lol.
    Hope the feet are still doing ok and I use that term loosely hehehehe. Long as they are still on the end of your leggies with all the toesies that they had before then that’s ok lol. Hope you’ve had a fab time and nowt silly has happened! Well nowt serious silly that is lol.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings just for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Beth says:

    Hi Bob,  I hope you are having a great weekend!!

  19. Lily says:

    Hi Bob,
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve changed the name of my space to "The Little Blog That Could".  I noticed you had me listed here, and I thought I’d let you know about the name change.  I’ve been doing some thinking and came to the conclusion that my blog was a bit scary at the beginning.  The aim and focus of my blogs will not change – I have opinions, I am passionate, I can’t shut up about the things that matter to me – I’ve just decided to turn the dial down from "11" to about a "9".
    I hope you’ll come back.

  20. Jess says:

    Yeah you’re right it’s not the heat but the humidity that gets ya lmfao….so 110 ain’t even that bad.
    I was good while you were gone, didn’t even say a damn thing until last night lol.
    I really hope that your damn toes are ok ! Seriously this is bullshit !
    Ok now, I am DYING over here with Mrs. commenting and filling us in on her side of the pedi story, omg lol lol !
    Now, what I am totalyl excited about is reading this diary of Mrs.’ Mother, I really cannot wait to hear excerpts !
    Ok now I’m gonna shut up ….hurry back safely with as many toes intact as possible !

  21. Jess says:

    Yeah you’re right it’s not the heat but the humidity that gets ya lmfao….so 110 ain’t even that bad.
    I was good while you were gone, didn’t even say a damn thing until last night lol.
    I really hope that your damn toes are ok ! Seriously this is bullshit !
    Ok now, I am DYING over here with Mrs. commenting and filling us in on her side of the pedi story, omg lol lol !
    Now, what I am totalyl excited about is reading this diary of Mrs.’ Mother, I really cannot wait to hear excerpts !
    Ok now I’m gonna shut up ….hurry back safely with as many toes intact as possible !

  22. g says:

    The professor is so right.  Why do people instinctively go for the best.  I think I am guilty of that a lot.  : (  Enjoy the

  23. Kat says:

    ARGH! I’ve been waiting for you to come back by haunting your other blog! I’ve now added this blog to my addy list so I can keep up with all your hopping around! 😀
    Grand news about your feet! Tell me you didn’t paint your Wife’s toenails before heading to the wedding??! HA HA HA HA HA!  Ahhh love. The things it makes us do!
    oh and…how COME I can’t drink my life’s coffee outta a gorgeous Hello Kitty cup?? huh?? HUH??  It enhances it!!
    Pffttttt to the professor.

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