A Buck A Head!


I had a completely different topic for my ‘nightly transmission’, but I visited my friend Sue’s space (http://cantgitsngoutmyhead.spaces.live.com/) and she had written a story about an Oppossum that , ummm… passed away under her house…. for a FEW days!  It STUNK!!(Aside: You should all visit Sue’s space!!  And while you’re there, check out her new PUBLISHED book, ‘Blindsided’)

OK! back to my story.  About 8 years ago, part of our yard was very overgrown and I would find Oppossums hiding under the debris.  Actually, my dogs would find the for me!! (Thanks guys!).  One night (isn’t it ALWAYS at night??) I heard some particularly loud and rabid barking!  I knew it had to be Old Mister ‘Possum!!!  My faithful Sheltie, Beatrice, had cornered another varmint!!  I ran outside with a flashlight prepared to handle the situation with my usual bravery and heroism……. and pick the sucker up and throw it in my neighbor’s yard!!! (They usually don’t come back…).

But to my surprise I found not ONE Possum but 3… babies… and NO Mom!!  So I grabbed a cage from the garage and loaded their smelly butts in!  (I had thoughts of starting an Oppossum farm, but they didn’t last long!)

A few hours later… More barking!! Damn!! So back I go with the flashlight and this time, gloves!! EWWWWW!!!!! I point the flashlight down hoping the this one was the mother but…… Uh Oh!!!  4 more babies!!  I put them in the cage….. I have 7 now!

I won’t go into detail about 13 in one small cage, but let’s just get one thing straight!! These things STINK!!   ONE stinks!!!  Imagine 13!!

I had to get rid of them!!  Nicely!  (Not like Mrs Serious Dad would do it!  His idea of being humane is to trap them in a ‘safe trap’, and even leaving them a way out if they can find it!! Then he pops then in the head with a hammer!!)

Anyhow, I came up with a plan to dispose of them safely… into nature, of course!!  So I loaded up the "13 Dwarves" cage in the back of my truck and off we went to a local park.  A HUGE park!!  With lakes and woods… and Lions and Tigers and Bears!!! Oh MY!!! (Ahem!)  So I get to the park entrance and the sign says, $13.00 per vehicle!!  WHAT??  I guess I hadn’t been there for awhile… So I pay the $13.00 and start driving aound, looking for a good spot to dump my boys off!

I eventually came to a nice spot!!  Close to a lake with lots of woodsy stuff growing just behind a fence!!  Also, no traffic driving by so I’m pretty much alone.

I take the cage out of the truck.  I place it right by the opening in the fence.  I open the door.  And what do they do???  Immediately run under my truck!!!!  Huddled up under my transmission!!  I hear a car coming so I lean against the tailgate and try to look casual. Right!!!!  I look around and find a long branch lying on the ground and decide to use it to try to chase them out!!  It worked!!  They all waddled out and walked single-file through the fence and into the woods!!  (I think the last one turned around and waved!!)

I haven’t seen many Oppossums since then, but I’ll never forget that!!  They really WERE cute!!!! And well worth the money.


One last thing!!  Please tell me if you like the song I have playing!!  Because I always aim to please!!  As for me??  I love it!!  It’s sad but you should see the video!!  And as you have probably guessed, I LOVE Country music!! !!  But also like Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Procal Harem, Led Zepplin and the Beatles too!!  The Stones???  Not so much!!!

Enjoy your Friday and have a GREAT  Weekend!!! 


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8 Responses to A Buck A Head!

  1. Jess says:

    Oh God those things DO stink to high heaven ! Ew you and all those damn things , but yet the thought of it makes me laugh !
    I hope you had a great 4th ! Sorry I have been MIA, it’s been a long damn week !

  2. Lynn says:

    I’ve got a SAD opossum story.  =(
    I was about 17, driving back from my boyfriend’s house way, way out in the country on a swervy, old practically one lane, no line road late at night in the old boat of a station wagon my parents made me drive back then.  I couldn’t see 3 feet in front of me for the fog.  I barely make out a shape in the road, register it’s a varmint and try to hit my brakes in time when ka-blump! ka-blump! I hit something.  Dangit.  I’ve run over some critter.  Ugh.  I know it’s a critter and not a pet from the shape and color and the fact that I’m from Kentucky and have dealt with critters in the road since I was five, so I drove on.  I thought it was an opossum…and of course, being a girl and hitting my first critter, I cried most of the way home.
    So I call my boyfriend when I got home and told him about it and yelled at him for keeping me over there so late.  The ingrate laughed and said he’d check in the morning.
    He comes to school the next day with this big ole grin on his face, gathers all our friends together and tells us all that I should win a prize…
    "Lynn here took out an opossum last night!  Not just any opossum, oh no, not my girl!  She took out a Momma Opossum and ALL HER LITTLE BABIES with one hit!!!!  There were baby opossums ALL OVER THE ROAD!  Baby opossum over there, baby opossum over there, baby opossum up in the tree, baby opossum in the ditch…I couldn’t count them all there were so many!"
    I threw up in the hall.  Seems the momma carries them on her back when they’re small when she’s crossing the road so I got the whole fam-damily in one fell swoop.   When I see him now, that rotten so-and-so still tries to tell that story. 

  3. נσℓιє мαє♥ says:

    I noticed you stopped by The Gathering.
    I run that space, saw your comment, and figured I’d pay you a visit from this space.
    Its where I do my blogging, commenting.
    Great story! So wonderful you took the effort to set them free! 😀

    (¯`v´¯)`•.¸.•´¸.♥´ ( ¸¸.♥♥~Take Care

  4. g says:

    I’ve never seen one.  So I can only IMAGINE how they smell!  YUCK!!

  5. EdgyKay says:

    So, did they all chip in a buck for the cover charge?
    And furthermore, to me? Possums are just like large rats. Ick.
    Thanks for the rice recipe. I’m going to make it tonight, I think. With crab — er, I mean chicken — legs. (We’re on a budget here.)

  6. Stephanie says:

    See that’s one of the reasons I luv ya so much! You gave them a chance at life… stinky as they were, you still did!
    I’ve always loved this story. BIG HUGS, Steph

  7. Jean says:

    I’ve messed with lots of possums, but never noticed a stink! We get ’em all over up here. Good for you, my friend, for being so good..
    Bosco says Hi!!lol

  8. Sue says:

    WOW!  Thanks for the plug for my space…now to just get people to CLICK on it!!!!!  Great oppossum story…much better than dead stinky ones that for sure.  We had another BIG one here several years ago that scared me to death one night when I went out to see what all the growling was about.  I shined the flashlight on this enormous snarling head and backed right away.  Our dog was barking like crazy and had it cornered by the side of the house.  Having never seen a live oppossum before (only dead ones in the road), I ran to get my sleepy husband who informed me "it is only a oppossum."  Our neighbor must have had avisit from the big fellow too, because he did trap it and let it go elsewhere.  Boy, they sure make ugly adults!!!!

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