My Spaces Friends That You Don’t Know!

I took a head count tonight and realized that I now have 61 friends on my ‘Spaces I Visit’ list!!  That’s alot!!  But you can NEVER have too many friends.
But my point is, I have been trying to post something, even if it’s really lame, every day!!  and over a two day period I try to visit everyone on my list.  I usually check to see if someone has posted something new and if not, I make sure that I have commented to their last post!  After all, it’s the polite thing to do.  Plus, if you don’t comment, don’t expect comments!  And we all know how much fun comments are to get!!  Right???
I have been getting lots of comments lately, due to, I think, my ‘everyday’ posts.  That’s GREAT and I love getting them!  You are all wonderful friends!!
But now,  the point of this post.  I have a few friends who have GREAT spaces, who post WONDERFUL blogs and are the BEST of friends!!   But what bugs me is that they get very few comments!!  Just because they haven’t been ‘Found’….. YET!!
So I’m gonna list a few of them.  I hope you will go to their spaces, take a look around and leave a comment!!  I think you’ll have a GREAT time and meet a new friend or 2!!
Just so you know, this is something that I haven’t been asked to do this…  Just something that needed doing!!  
Trust me!!!
He’s a great guy who loves motorcycles and is recovering from a nasty accident!!
Another great friend!!  She is a published author of 2 books with another due in October!  Her space will challenge you witrh her TV trivia.
An Iowa gal with firm family roots!  She’s a sweetheart
with a heart of gold!!  I soo enjoy reading her posts about her family!
As for Amy??  Just visit her space!  I don’t feel free to even try to discuss her medical problems but you can by viewing her video blogs!!  She is awesome and very brave!!  Go There!!  NOW!!!!!
Another dear friend who posts weekly but never receives comments it seems., except from me!!  I just couldn’t do that!!  Post with no expectation of a comment!  Just check out her space, OK???
Shupe is a NUT!!  A young gal living near Saly Lake City, She seems to just totally enjoy life!!  She will crack you up!!!
She is my newest friend!!  I’ll be visiting her every day because she posts every day!!  Read her past posts to learn more about this wonderful woman!!
So Anyhow, I really hope you will visit these wonderfull friends of mine!!    Read their posts, give them a ‘Hey’ and come back and visit them again!!  You’ll be glad you did and they will enjoy you’re space too!!
Now as for tomorrow??   The lumber has been dumped on the front lawn, all of the garage crap is GONE!!  ( you would be surprised at what people drag off when you put a ‘FREE’ sign on it!!!!) The lawn guy stopped by and sprayed a gallon of Roundup on the old lawn.  ‘Dad’ and sons are coming tomorrow to start on the patio and concrete over the spa.  I’ll be in the house taking notes….with the dogs at the ready, like they ALWAYS are !!!  The new garage door goes up Friday!!
OH!!  And the best news??? (at least for Mrs Serious…) The 350Z in the garage!!   As for me??  Whoopdee Doo!
Enjoy the rest of the week and VISIT my other friends!!!!  I’ll be watching closelt!!  lol!
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12 Responses to My Spaces Friends That You Don’t Know!

  1. Stephen says:

    Hello BobMr Giddy here.Sorry i have not been messaging just been getting used to in’s & out’s of this computor lark. Hope things are ok with you, keep smiling

  2. EbonyWyvernDragon says:

    Hello there – I haven’t been by because I R A DOPE!!!!!!!!!! I did not change your old addy to your new addy on my page so I kept wondering why I was getting a page not found error……….. duh!!!!!!!!!!  So…I found my way again and here I are!
    I shall very definitely visit some of your recommended spaces as soon as things slow down a bit! Right now, i’m what ya call NUTZ! 
    Anyway…. take care!
    the other Dragon

  3. Sue says:

    Wow, thanks for highlighting my space.  I DO enjoy any comments and will return the favors.  Didn’t you say you were redoing a "pool"?  I guess I’ll have to go BACK and read it again…another senior moment!  HA!  Love you sending people to my site since I put a notice in about THE RAT. 

  4. Kat says:

    Dang! you and your assignments! *pant pant pant* I just got back from jogging over and visiting all your mentioned friends. HAPPY now? ha ha ha

  5. Cindy says:

    Thanks For the mention! I don’t mind at all, I love making new friends.
    And I will be sure to go and visit your other friends as well.
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL Tuesday.
    Take care

  6. Raven says:

        It’s OC Fair day! Wheeeeee (that’s the sound I’ll make riding the scary carnival rides operated by even scarier carnival workers)…plus, staring quizzically at the plethora of foods that have been put on a stick?  Good luck with the workers, maybe if you put on your thong speedo and stood out there while they worked they’d speed things up a bit, or perhaps they like that sort of thing, in which case, put thongs on all the dogs too?

  7. ♥ Aimee says:

    well there is one on there i have never been to before i think…heading that way now…
    *~* :o) smiles are contagious… :o) so pass one on … :o) soon the whole world will be smiling… :o) *~*

  8. Angie says:

    LMAO!! Sometimes ya gotta be a NUT right?!?!?! this is what happens when you have 3 children living under your roof all under the age of 6. Thank you so much for the compliments! So, Now do I need to pay you for free adverstising?!?! LOL- next time I’m in Cali- I’ll come and do my share of moving sand from one area to another! Never have minded getting dirty! We’re washable!

  9. Cindy says:

    61 Friends?  That’s a lot.  It takes time to be a good friend and sounds like that’s just what you are!  Spaces is so much fun and you really do get to meet so many people.  Can I be friend 62?  Another Cindy

  10. Stephanie says:

    It’s always nice to meet new friends!
    The garage is empty??? I don’t think I’ve ever been in your garage when it was empty! lol
    I’ll bet the new door is gonna look fantastic. Keep taking pictures, it’s fun to watch the progress. BIG HUGS, Steph

  11. Harold says:

    Wow … I made the list ??    LOL  Well thank you for for enjoying my space.. n the few comments i get around to leaving.  But  I feel you should have given everyone fair warning … I am a nut.  Thus the name of my space is… " The Lunatical Ravings of a Madman"   n I DO try to live up to it  😉
    Thanks for being a friend that leaves comments.. ur right.. we all enjoy comments on our spaces.  I try to return the favor …  😉  Besides.. some of your posts make me reallly laugh  😛
    Peace to all
    ZePp …

  12. נσℓιє мαє♥ says:

    Its a shame that so many great pages get lost in space. My old space (had to delete it :'(..) got lots of hits and comments. I was a "found" space so to speak BUT when I had to start again inspite of giving everyone my new url, I got lost in space. That was over a year ago and people still try and visit my old url and still have my old url linked on their space, which is now being used by someone else, wtf. It sucks right along with people who never return comments. I’ll stop my run on sentence rambling, lol! I know how it feels to not get any comments so I’m going to visit the pages you posted. 😀
    (¯`v´¯)`•.¸.•´¸.♥´ ( ¸¸.♥♥~J-Mae

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