Odds and Ends

Well!  Surprise surprise!!  The workers ACTUALLY showed up today, including ‘Dad’!!  And get this!!  THEY WORKED!!!!!  The patio roof is finished, the electrical that they destroyed is working again, the old spa is ready for the concrete, the excess lumber is gone and MOST of the sand is out of here!  It’s almost like watching the 3 Stooges!!  They entertain me until I realize that I’m PAYING for their antics! Nothing like ‘contractor slapstick’!!  Nyuk, Nyuk. Nyuk!!
Tomorrow is supposed to be the final day before they are gone!  Laying the concrete, repairing my falling-over wall , removing the last bit of sand (God!!  I’ve learned to hate sand!!) and hopefully the cleaning up of the empty water bottles and crap that have accumulated in my poor yard!! (I’ve decided that ‘Dad’ looks strangely like Nick Nolte!  Could it be?…. NAH!)
Again, I will be watching them like a hawk!!!
Also tomorrow, the Garage Door Guy returns to install a new door!!  BTW, he is NOT affiliated with ‘DAD’!!  Lawn Boy will be here also to spray another 5 gallons of RoundUp on the front lawn!  It has turned a lovely shade of brown already!!
Now you would think that by the weekend, all of the work, except for the sodding of the lawn would be done, right!!  NOO, you fools!!  It is NEVER done!!  And why you ask?  Because my lovely wife is leaving for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Saturday with her girlfriends for a weeklong vacation.  I usually enjoy her little excursions because I get to have a mini-vacation sitting here at home.  But NOT THIS TIME!  She has decided that her office demands redecorating:  Repainting, the removal of old furniture, having a few new electrical outlets installed,  and an upgrade on the TV she has in there!!  Which means pulling everything out of there and putting it god-knows-where!! (Not sure if the hot tub is gonna fit tho… Or the wet bar!!)  I have been warned in advance that the painters MUST use "Straw Hat Yellow #6203" or I will be tortured!!  I really don’t mind but it does cut into my ‘shuttle the wife and her friends back and forth to the airport’ gig!!  And I sooo enjoyed that job!!
All I ask is that you pray for me and if you don’t see a post for a few days???  Call 911!!
They know where to find me…..
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10 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Stephanie says:

    Well first, congrats that they showed up and so much got done!
    Second, dang her, she always gets to go on fun trips!
    Third…you have been given your instructions. The final details will be delivered in a brown manila envelope and will self destruct after you read them… your mission should you decide to accept (who are we kidding, she’s already told you, and you no longer have a choice! LOL) When "mama’s not happy, no body is happy… so you better make sure mama Becky is happy!
    Besides, Straw Hat Yellow sounds nice!!!
    Hmmm a better TV in her office huh?  Sounds like it’s gonna be NNNIIICE, when it’s all done.
    I’ll keep 911 on speed dial for ya. BIG HUGS, Steph

  2. Sue says:

    First off, THANKS for pre-ordering THE RAT!  You may actually be the first one!!!  Now as for your wife vacationing and leaving you behind, my husband was saying the same thing to someone the other day because I and my youngest son will be taking off for Michigan in August for a week.  My hubby thinks it must be something in the air this summer—all the women vacationing andleaving the men behind.  HA!  Good luck with the office re-do…we spent the 4th of July all day re-doing my son’s room…I still cry when I think about all the junk from his room filling the living room and every available counter in the vicinity and having to sort and put back everything….ARGH!  Good Luck….

  3. Jess says:

    Oh man they BETTER use straw hat #6203 ! I hear that…paint color is very important and the wrong one can ruin everything !

  4. Cindy says:

    Do I hear a little sarcasm there?  hee hee
    It will never end, just remember that and it will be much easier on your nerves! 
    Have fun!  Cindy

  5. Jane says:

    WHAT??!! No Cabo for Bobbo?  What kind of an anniversary present is that?

  6. Jòi§eÿ says:

     I’ve dealt with the contractors for almost 5 straight months.  At least I share.  You can have ’em for a while.  Doesn’t sound like much of a vacay for you, Bob.  Hang in there.  Will you have any hair left by the time your wife returns from Cabo?  Doubt it.  Sand sucks.  Big time.  I hope they clean up the "empties" left in your yard.  Nothing worse than having to clean up after them when you’ve paid them.  I’ll help you remember the yellow something or other you are to remember.  Wouldn’t want to see you tortured much.

  7. Jude says:

    You kill me Bob!!!!!!  Love the post you left on my space…..once I was able to figure out how to read the damn thing, that is!Freakin’ msn….you think they’d be nice enough to drop us an email noting all the changes….it’s not like they don’t know how to freakin’ find us!!!!!  I tell ya, Facebook is looking better and better every single day!Sounds like you are going to have an interesting weekend in store…..it’s too damn hot here to think of doing any redecorating…I did vacuum the house tonight but my lawn is looking nasty…..seems to me a lawn mowing is in order in 30C heat – nothing like sweat burning your eyes to make you all happy to be outside enjoying summer….ROFLMAOTake care and talk soon hun – that is, if you can extract yourself from your new project! 😉

  8. Gina says:

    Hey… let’s see… somewhere in that row of little icons near where you change font color (toward the right of the screen) is one that looked like a little yellow box, with the letters "ab" on it… anyway, you mark the text you want to highlight, click on that little icon and it popped up color choices to use for your highlighter. Cool huh?
    The lists – I just clicked on the top where it says EDIT LIST and the list opened in a new page. Each entry has a box for numbering on the right hand side. You just list out the numbers and save it when you’re done. My lists were backwards… I just started at the bottom with number 1 and went up…. strange how they reversed order with the new MSN changes… but to fix it was a lot easier now then it used to be. :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. נσℓιє мαє♥ says:

    Dont you just hate having work done around your place?…or to your place for that mater?…even worse when you do the work yourself, lol! Actually in all honesty I dont mind the work part myself because I have huge privacy issues and dont like having unwanted people in or around my bubble! 😛 
    Ciao for now~
    (¯`v´¯)`•.¸.•´¸.♥´ ( ¸¸.♥♥~J-Mae

  10. Raven says:

    My goodness Bob, I go on vacation and you and the Mrs. find MORE things to do around your house!!  You know Bob, I, at my towering height of 5’3", stood on a 12 foot ladder to paint the cathedral ceilings in my living room….paying painters….SHEESH!
    Ok, I have two more entries to read, so I’m off—————->

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