New Music

Moody Blues!!  Hope you like it!  
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6 Responses to New Music

  1. Harold says:

    I really tried Bob…   I would love to read the lyrics… I just cant understand him when he sings… like i said something about his voice.  I know Margarittaville his one of the most popular songs there is.. N to tell the truth.. i dont understand most of the words in it either.. lmao.   Realllly.. sorry bud  😦 

  2. ♥ Aimee says:

    don’t have speakers at work….but if i did….i might enjoy it…
    *~* :o) smiles are contagious… :o) so pass one on … :o) soon the whole world will be smiling… :o) *~* 

  3. Harold says:

    I think you misunderstood me bud.. or I came off wrong in my comments.
    Him and Bob Dylan I have trouble listening to.. there voices just seem to meld with the music.. I hear it.. but I dont.  If that makes sense :S  I have to keep backtracking to hear what they say.  As I said.. I would love to read the lyrics.. post the song name again on my site n I will look them up.  Wasnt trying to put u or him down..  I happen to thinkits a great yo have a song you are that into Bob…. again.. wasnt putting u, him or the song down bud…
    sorry if I didnt make that clear
    And I didnt mean for you to take it off ur site… or that u had to post Zeppelin music.. they are not everyones favorite either 😦

  4. Raven says:

    I’m back….I’m irresistably tan…and I’m tired.
    I’ll be back later to terrorize your space, just wanted to let you know I’m reading, or at least reading in between trying to find a way to fashion a coffee I.V.

  5. KatSoup says:

     This song is sad and sounds scary.  I dont know it. 
    My friends box has vanished! I’ve looked everywhere.  My adorable pic still shows up in comments but not on a profile on my space.
    Have you seen Jade?  She left me a weird message and I cant access her space.  Did her comment mean D-Day?  I am worried about her.

  6. Beth says:

    Sounds OK to me.  Course you know my favorites are country classics.  Have a good weekend!! 

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