August 05


Not alot went on here at the Serious household except for the scarey post from Jane!!!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Just the normal ‘Saturday’ things!!  Pressure washing the stucco, washing all of the windows and hanging the new tiles in the patio.  OH!  And watching Bert go more crazy by the minute!!  Which brings up this!
A few of you have asked how I know that Bert is ‘horny’ and what he does about it!!  Well see, he has a ‘girlfriend’!!  An inanimate one that is truly a victim of his lust!!  It’s a……. Planter!!  Something about this planter just gets him going!! 
The first time they ‘met’, Mrs Serious and I were in the backyard and we heard these horrible, weird grunting sounds!!  There was Bert, having his way with this planter!! 
At first Mrs S seemed disgusted, until she told me to grab her a chair and the camera.  Here are the eyewitness pics taken by her and embellished by Steph!!  Good job Steph!!  (Funny thing is, Steph has visited us at least 3 times and has never seen Bert!!)  He’s a lurker!!  I’ll be putting the planter in the yard tomorrow just to see if Bert remembers.  And if he does??  I’ll take more pics!  (I’m SUCH a voyeur!!!!)


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9 Responses to Answers

  1. Jane says:

     Have pressure washer will travel????  My windows and brick walls are in sorry need of attention… just wondering.
    Not be critical or anything but… don’t you think Bert and his ‘girlfriend’ deserve a little privacy?  Poor guy.  It’s like taking the door off his bedroom…
    Tell Mrs. Serious that I will invite her over on Tuesdays!

  2. EbonyWyvernDragon says:

    the GigglingDragon 

  3. Stephanie says:

     Just checkin on Bert’s personal ad… you gotta keep up on these things ya know.
    He just might make a "luuuuuv connection!" lol BIG HUGS, Steph
    Thanks to Jane’s post, I’ll probably avoid in ground sprinkler systems. I’ll go buy one of those tractor type that follow the hose…
    BIG HUGS, Steph

  4. Jean says:

     You all are insane!! Which, of course, means you’re my kind of people!!LOL Poor Bert. Better spray him and get him all cleaned up for his date! Then, for gosh sake, you all give him his privacy! Poor guy, can’t even "spoon" with his girlfriend without an audience. Keep us informed if you start to regret your installation of sprinklers.

  5. Jane says:

    Hey, I just happened to have a thought.  And now that I have recovered, I thought I would share.  Have you considered getting Bert a hardhat???  Not to wear but to um… date.  Seems more believable than that planter.

  6. Jude says:

    ROFLMAO’Nuff said….I needed this laugh!  🙂

  7. נσℓιє мαє♥ says:

    LOL, my mothers old dog used to hump the crap out of this big stuffed dog, funny thing is though she was female. Charlie used to get really horny and tried to have sex with my cats on a daily basis but has stopped that since his surgery. Funny the things dogs take a liking to. Charlies new thing is he seems to hate men or hes scared of them…but only at night, during the day he loves them. ISSUES I tell you. Know any doggy shrinks..hahaha!
    …………………………….. ~:D

  8. Jòi§eÿ says:

    Good grief.  Only at Bob’s house.

  9. CAROL says:

     HOLY MOLY.. BOb… you must get a TURTLE WHISPERER and find out the root of all this.. He is still "GOT IT" at his age and maybe he thinks you can learn from him! LOL By all means get him a girlfriend or somethin.. LMAO  😮  

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