Sod Party at the Serious House Tomorrow~

Finally, after a month plus, tomorrow is the final day of the renovation ordeal!  Woooo Hoooo!!  DAD finished up his work today, the new plants were planted under the picture window, and the dirt in the yard is ready to have sod placed upon it!!   I’ve been taking pictures of the yard work since it started and tomorrow I’ll post a pictorial anthology!!!  By the weekend the nightmare will be over.  I’m soooo excited!!  Now if I can only figure out how to program the timer for the sprinklers………! Confused

Come back tomorrow for the pics!! 

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8 Responses to Sod Party at the Serious House Tomorrow~

  1. Raven says:

    I’M FIRST!! I’M FIRST!!!! **jumping for joy and clapping with one hand as the other arm is attempting to hold the bosoms** 
    Wait, why am I here again?  Oh yes, to taunt you because I programmed my automatic sprinklers by myself!!  Ha ha ha ha ha-aaahhhh!!!!

  2. Amy says:

    I just came back from my friends house, who lives 7 hrs away from me, and 3 of us (me, her and her hubby) sat around reading the instructions to the sprinkler timer before they left.  I stayed there for another couple of days and was supposed to check to make sure the damn thing worked but I kept getting back too late to see if it came on.I hope her garden is hardy!!

  3. DragonBoy says:

    Morning Bob… No use for sprinklers in this neck of the woods as, after the last few weeks, it’s been a necessity for  all englishmen and theirs dogs to sport waterwings and canoe their way around their gardens.  I, myself, prefer more of a leg work-out so have substituted my canoe for one of those foam squares that you hold out in front of you and kick your legs.  I am now able to leap medium-sized buildings in a single bound… unfortunately, the dream of being able to leap TALL buildings looks to have passed me by because as the water levels have reduced, so has my swimming practice…  
    Good to hear that the renovations are almost complete and life can return to ‘normality’… and I notice that you have a bonsai in your pictures.  I’m just about to embark on a bonzai adventure myself…
    Adios amigo

  4. Angie says:

    If it’s not one thing it’s another right Bob?? LMAO! Electronics will be the death of us one of these days! **giggling** I barely can figure out where my automatic sprinklers sprinkle, let alone where the timer is even located!  Thank god I don’t have to worry about it since I live in a 4 plex right?!?
    Good luck with that! *winks*  

  5. ♥ Aimee says:

    i will be back for pictures…
    *~* :o) smiles are contagious… :o) so pass one on … :o) soon the whole world will be smiling… :o) *~*

  6. KatSoup says:

     HI I cant wait to see the pics.  I ahve been catching up on everything so dont mis the few comments i dropped here and there.  I cant believe that dad is still in the picture.  I figured you would have offed him by now.  Come by and look at my new home improvement project.  Its a little more indepth but, I’m gonna love it. 
    PS I think I have been found out from a family member that doesnt need to know everything.  I am thinking of making a new space :(. 
    Come see, I only paid 6000.00 for the land and it is really mine, not my sons. ssshhh

  7. Laoch says:

    Time to look for a new project.

  8. Jane says:

    Go BOB!!!  I don’t really know if you can call it a reno project if it doesn’t take at least… oh, um… 6 months or a year MORE than you planned.  I can take more than a month to change a faucet.  
    Good luck with the GDSS, as we call it at the Why house.   Give you a hint:  last two words are sprinkler system.

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