Labor Day Weekend!

First off, I hope you like the new photo album.  I’m so looking forward to colder temps.  It was 106 here today for the fourth day in a row and looks like more of the same tomorrow!!  By next weekend it’s supposed to be in the low 70’s and I hope they are right. 
Not much happened here today.  Woke up, took a shower, watered my bonsai and herbs, took ANOTHER shower ( when the back of your hands sweat and you are just holding a hose, it’s HOT!!) then turned the A/C on and watched 2 baseball games.  One on the TV and the other on the computer.  Neither game turned out like I wanted, but what the heck!!’
Mrs Serious hosted a wedding shower at an even hotter place but her planning and delicious food made the day!!  She is soooo great in the kitchen!  Lucky ME!!
My new lawn is six inches tall!!  Next weekend is the ‘virgin’ mowing and I can’t wait!!  Enough of having a wheat field in my front yard!!!  But ‘lawnboy’ says it’s necessary for the roots to grow deep!!  Hmmm……  The first mowing should be interesting.  I’ll take a pic!
Tomorrow, being Labor Day, means BBQ’s and lots of baseball games on TV!!  And I’m ready for  all of it!!  If I worked it would feel even better about it!
So I hope you all have a great Labor Day!! 
Do something FUN!!
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4 Responses to Labor Day Weekend!

  1. Raven says:

    Just flying through to say Hey!  I’m done with the heat too, and I usually love it when it’s hot.  
    Have a great BBQ tomorrow…

  2. Jòi§eÿ says:

    Since I’m working today, will you save me some bbq, please?

  3. Sanne says:

     I hope the weather cools down for you soon!  106 is a bit much…ugh.  Enjoy your Labor Day and eat a ton for me as I seem to be on a neverending diet…LOL

  4. Stephanie says:

     Did she save us anything to eat??? hmmmm did she???
    She IS a great cook!!!
    Any leftovers at all??? Dang I’m hungry! lol BIG HUGS, Steph

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