So Close!

I almost caught my tortoise, Bert, having a go with his girlfriend.  Apparently he’s a little camera shy, but I’ll keep trying. 
I’ve included a few previous of this sordid affair!! 
Just something about that planter box…..
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7 Responses to So Close!

  1. Jòi§eÿ says:

    Ok, now you’re just a peeping Tom.  Let them have their peace.  Or piece.  Depends on how you want to look at it. 

  2. Jòi§eÿ says:

    That’s just wrong, Bob.  Wrong.  Now….get better pics next time, ok?  BETTER. 

  3. Jòi§eÿ says:

     Is ok.  Wanna see your teefies in their entirety.  Big ole schmile.  A Jersey scmhile.  Come back when you can stay longer, ya hear? 

  4. g says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwww…how cute.  Now I WANT a turtle.

  5. ♥ Aimee says:

    *~* :o) if you don’t have a smile to give… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  6. ZePp... says:

    R u Kidding ??  well thats as fine a planter box I have ever seen !!!!!
    And its obvious Bert likes his ladies on the larger size  😉
    And look at "her".. wearing those nice streamlines slats to trim her figure for him.. shes as hooked as he is.. dont let em fool ya !!
    Remember I want an invite to the wedding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope ur feeling better bud !!
    Hopefully u will get a laugh or two if u stop by my space 😉 😀

  7. Seth says:

    LMAO!   ……. isn’t it cool to finally find that someone/it you can annoy for the rest of your life!?  Geeeesh!  Even the turtle is luckier than I.   😦

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