Rain!! Finally!

We have rain predicted for the weekend.  The first rain we have seen here since April!!  We are WAY overdue!  Even a little would be nice.  I have my bonsai set out with their branches reaching skyward!!!   Nothing like good old rain water!!
My mouth is feeling better but I PROMISE to stop talking about my mouth!!  Enough already!  I just want to be pain free for my birthday!!  So I can eat something other than soup.  No more mouth talk until this nightmare is over!
I hope you are enjoying the music I’ve been putting up, or at least listening.  I’ve been trying hard to please and maybe introduce you to some music that maybe you haven’t heard before!!  Don’t make me switch to Country!!  lol
I was invited today to have my space included in a book being published by MSN Live Spaces.  Not sure what it’s all about but I accepted.  A Book???  Hmmmm…
Oh!!  And Jane??  I hope we can comment on your space soon!!
Have a Great Friday and a wonderful weekend all!!  I’ll try to be around to all of your spaces tomorrow when I feel better!
Enjoy life,
OK! One more thing.  When ‘DAD’ the handyman was here, he overordered on the cement so I have 15 bags of the crap on the patio, exposed to the rain!!  I’ve called him three times with no response.  If those bags get rained on they will be 15 bags of solid concrete!!  So I went to Lowe’s today and bought a 9 X 12 tarp to cover them, but……  Well, I’m thinking that I’ll have 15 bags of solid concrete and he’ll say ‘Bob who??’  At which point I’ll call in my friend Jess!! LOL!!  She kicks ASS!!!


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14 Responses to Rain!! Finally!

  1. Gina says:

    Hey Bob…
    Glad you are feeling better now. I just read through the past week or two of posts. Wow…  you are through the hardest part now and every day will get better. Go back for adjustments if you need to as the swelling goes down. And keep that Fixodent on hand for future use, until you get the final set after 6 months. You gonna need it, big guy. :o)  I’m just saying….

  2. CAROL says:

    Hi BOB.. been a  busy week here in Michigan.. just got caught up on your surgery. sounds like a LOT went on that you will never hear about.. hah! Only MRS. Serious knows!! GLad to hear you are healing and on the way to recovering fully.  Have a cool weekend and keep those bags covered good or BERT will have a new little place to explore. YUCK!
    Take care..  : )  

  3. Jòi§eÿ says:

    I still want to see a pic of those teefies. 

  4. Cindy says:

    Hi Bob
    15 bags of concrete … hmmmm … I wouldn’t be a happy camper. 

  5. KatSoup says:

    uh-humm there is nothing wrong with country music.  *tapping foot with hand on hip.
    I have been trying to get Russ to get dentures forever.  I am sorry you are still in pain. Those pills sound GREAT!  I tried to cath up a little but didn’t find out what they were.
    I am happy to see Bertle doing so well. 
    Hardened concrete – yea I bet Dad will be right over.
    see ya 

  6. Raven says:

    *running through fast as lightning so Bob doesn’t see I’m naked*
    HI BOB!
    hope you are all healed up soon…please don’t switch to country, it, like pastel colors, women with scrunchies or ginormous clips holding up their hair, capri pants and rubber shoes and Ugg boots drives me to violence. GRRRRR! 
    Oops, forgot I’m naked! I’m outta here—————————->

  7. MizAngie says:

     Do you have a Habitat for Humanity office there? They’ll come get stuff like your bags of concrete to use on their projects, and you could get a tax credit for it. Just a thought…
    I hope your "mouf" feels better soon. I asked my dentist for morphine or demerol the last time I went to him. He said, "Ang, it’s just a root canal." Me, "Fine. Can I have a prescription for medical marijuana?" Dentist, "Get out." hahahaha

  8. ♥ Aimee says:

     lol…i bet he will say that…
    *~* :o) if you don’t have a smile to give… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  9. Jamie says:

    Rain is a good thing when you need it.  I think this year we here in Kansas were WAY OVER the amount of rain that we normally get in a year towards the middle of spring.   We had flooding all over the place.  I have some pictures of the flood on my album labeled "My Kiddos".   The picture with them all standing there is just about 1/4 mile from my house.   Luckily I am on a hill so we are safe.    Anyhoo, I bet your bonsai will be happy for a little rain.  
    The music has been great.  I have heard a lot of songs that I had never heard before and I have enjoyed them.  Keep it up.  And by the way, there is NOTHING wrong with a LITTLE country.  Just don’t want too much!!!  LOL. 
    Take it easy.   Hugs!!!!

  10. Jude says:

    Sounds like you’re healing well too.  We had a lovely day today – 21C is pretty good for late September in Saskatchewan…..I’m waiting for a steep drop in temperature real soon lol.For the record, my oldest wasn’t swearing at me, but at his brother…….I have to admit I’m guilty of swearing too, but most of the things that come out of their mouths are not the ones I say, soooo….I’m kinda wondering where the hell they got them from!!!Aside from that, not much new and exciting here.  Did my running around today, so tomorrow’s going to be a kicking around the house, puttering and resting kinda day.  Have to have someone look at my stitches though, they’re the dissolving kind, it’s been a week now and they haven’t dissolved and two of the three sites are kinda sensitive…..sh*t!Hope you enjoy your rain and have a great rest of the weekend.  Take care 🙂

  11. Jane says:

    Thanks for the well-wishes.  It’s still pretty lonely in my comment section.
    You better watch your p’s and q’s or Mrs. Serious will find a use for those 15 bags of concrete – molding Mr. Serious into the bottom of her new patio extension.  Yikes! 

  12. Raven says:

    See Bob, the naked running was actually part of my expertly choreographed rain dance. It worked! It really worked!! I have never in my life been so happy to fall asleep listening to the rain as I was last night…*sigh*
    Are you my real mother Bob?   I’m now launching a search…that woman couldn’t possibly share my genetic markers.
    Oh, how rude of me not to share…*offering Bob a cold Mike’s hard limeade*
    Now isn’t that better?

  13. Chenming says:

    What a lovely rain!
    Happy birthday 🙂
    Looking forward to Live Space Book.

  14. Cindy says:

    I did a little catching up on your dental work.  You sound like quite the trooper, especially knowing the whole process will start over again.  Ouch and poor Mr. R U Serious.  You deserve a big dose of TLC. 
    Hope the cement hasn’t set up yet.  Cindy 

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