Beatles OK??

I’m tired of changing music!!  But I’ll stay with the Beatles (The BEST Band EVER!!!!!) for awhile!!  As far as putting music on your space, go here!! And if that doesn’t work just ask me !  I’m sure I have 5 free hours to help you!!  It really is fun when your music comes up but MSN makes it sooo difficultSo!!
Soooo….. Beatles for the weekend!!  And maybe next week too!!  Problem??   Didn’t think soo!!
Have a GREAT one!!
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7 Responses to Beatles OK??

  1. Isabelle says:

    Oh Bob….. don’t you know I’m still under prosac prescription!!! Everybody yells in my head…… even when they are singing. Errrrr was is my pill?!!!!
    Don’t pay attention I sound pretty weird at times,…. my way no to lose it!;-)
    Ahhhh yes I would like us to be friends!!!!! Sending you the invitation straight way!
    Ok I’ve found what to post under your name!!! Hehehehehe! The one with the 500 CDs or The one who LOVES the BEATLES!!!! You choose and let me know!
    Now it’s time for PROSAC….. where are my pills again….
    Take care and enjoy the weekend!

  2. Laoch says:

    The Beatles are cool.Go Cubs

  3. Raven says:

    I see you rather enjoy the feeling of the leather handle in your palm….feel it’s power Bob…curl your fingers around it…
    What the hell is wrong with me!  What did I dream about last night *thinking on evening’s events and grinning*…wouldn’t you like to know!?!
    So, do your shorts irritate you when they’re in a bunch like that? ;-P
    Does someone need a hug?

  4. EbonyWyvernDragon says:

    BEATLES – AAAAHHHHHHH! Now THATS more like it!!!!!!!!!! :))
    <thumps tail happily>
    the OtherDragon

  5. Jade says:

    Hi hun, MAn, you’ve been busy here!  I even missed your entry on orion!  My dad attempted the same thing!  I still have or had:(   an unground lense.. a large thick piece of glass. He never did his though!

  6. Cindy says:

    I’ve got a ton of Beatles on my iPod and I’ve got room for more.  They just bring back so many memories.  Keep them on as long as you want…no complaints from me. 

  7. Sue says:

    Still haven’t heard much of your music.  Being on dial-up, it takes forever to load in an entire song, unless it is on MP3 format.  I sure didn’t have much trouble with the Media Player on my space as far as getting it to work.  The problem I had was finding a place I could download my music to—to get it to play on the media player.  I finally chose  Have had NO problems with them at all and it’s all FREE!  I usually use the shortest songs on MP3 format and they load instantly!!!  Love the Beatles though…can’t go wrong with them!

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