The Aftermath

Yeah, yeah!  How about some Cheap Trick tonight?  Got the idea from my friend Judy (Hey Jude)!
Well, the relatives have left but we really enjoyed their stay!!  They are very low maintenace and fun to be with.  We plan to visit then in New Mexico very soon.
I had a slight accident last night and have a HUGE bruise on my right thigh, right above my knee.  Bruised a ligament and tendon and it HURTS!  It could have been worse but I’m still having a difficult time walking, standing and sitting. (I so wish I was constipated right now!).  I’m certain that it will feel worse tomorrow so I guess I’ll be stuck here: posting, commenting and chatting!  How awfull is that??  The CIL (cousin in law) installed the new ceiling fan on the patio today.  It’s very unique and I’ll take a pic tomorrow.  I helped alot…. hobbling around picking up the trash.  That’s usually what I do! LOL
Still trying to get ‘DAD’ back here to fix the extremely leaky patio roof and I found a few other problems.
Going in next week to have the lower teeth done and can’t wait!!  The uppers feel soo great!!  How great is it to love your dentist and enjoy going to an appointment?  I don’t know because it’s never happened before! LOL!  Lucky me!!
Glad you liked the wedding pics and hope you all have a cool week!
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13 Responses to The Aftermath

  1. Lena says:

    What could you have possibly been doing to accidentally bruise your thigh? Tell all…..someone squeezed (or is it squzzed?) too hard at the wedding? Good luck with your teefers. Just remember, not to suck 🙂 I love my dentist. He’s my Dr. Dreamboat and makes it hurt so good.Take care funny man!

  2. Steve says:

    Maybe you had too mucdh to drink at the party?  Hehehe.  Peace

  3. Kat says:

    Waaa?? what did you do??! Take (better) care of yerself, Bob-a-roo!
    Oh…and the bert video you emailed? Fracken hhhhhhhhhhhhhhilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kat says:

    Waaa?? what did you do??! Take (better) care of yerself, Bob-a-roo!
    Oh…and the bert video you emailed? Fracken hhhhhhhhhhhhhhilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kat says:

    Waaa?? what did you do??! Take (better) care of yerself, Bob-a-roo!
    Oh…and the bert video you emailed? Fracken hhhhhhhhhhhhhhilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Angie says:

    Bob, I thought that *I* was the accident prone one, not you!! You’re suppose to be the wise older one with more experience in life. Doesn’t that include not falling down, running into, erm……… getting yourself into a fix?!?!? well, let’s hope that your dentist appreciates you since you have just now bought him a new car!! He’ll cruise by your house, and you can smile at him with a full happy smile right???
    Toodles kiddo!

  7. Isabelle says:

    Tipsy Bob should stay still so as not to get hurt!!!!! Tsk tsk tsk…
    Well at least you can comment and post pics and blogs!!!
    Ohhhh new teeth!!!! Pics pics pics!!!! Still waiting! A HUGE SMILE, that’s what I want!!!!
    Take care,

  8. CAROL says:

    HI thanks for your help with my computer issues.. I still am at it.. but with Mozilla hard at work I am able to visit with some people.. it isn’t easy .. but I am doing it because I miss the PEEPS!  Glad knowing the wedding went off okay. We are in hyper mode here trying to get it all done. Take care ..  : )

  9. Jane says:

    Are you going to spill the story about how the bruise happened?  If it was a bedroom accident, then never mind.  The constipated thing was more than enough of that type of information. 
    I think I saw in the paper that ‘Dad’ has been deported….

  10. Jade says:

    If the boo-boo has anything to do with what I would have been doing after company left–
    Just take some of the ice out of that glass & apply as nessesary 😀
    MmAh XXXXOOO!!!!!

  11. Cindy says:

    I was here earlier, but couldn’t leave a comment.  Not because of MSN, because hubby turned the power off so as not to electrocute himself! 
    Hope your doing better by now. 

  12. Isabelle says:

    Ya I saw the BANANA smile in the wedding pics! By the way…. will you marry me??!!!!!
    But I had to zoommmmmmmm!
    GreaTTTTTTT!!!! I’ll be able to put CD music on my space Lalalallalala!
    Ok, I’m leaving now!
    Take care and sit still if you can!

  13. Jean says:

    Yeah..if you’d quit drinking so much, you wouldn’t hurt yourself! LOL You told me you didn’t have a bruise!! You can’t even keep up with yourself when you’re telling the truth!! LOL ditz.. Get us some pictures of the fan up soon.. and stay out of trouble!!

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