Dinner Party

Mrs Serious and I are having a dinner party here on Tuesday.  We have invited her boss and her boss’s boss!!  YIKES!!  It was decided to prepare Moroccan food, mainly because it’s unigue and very tasty.  Plus Mrs S is very good at Moroccan cooking.  Both bosses are nice folks so it should go well.
Here is the menu:
        Pomegranete Martini’s
            Ras el Hanout spiced Olives
            Hummus and Muhammara Dip with Pita
             Moroccan Chicken with Apricots and Almonds
             Pine Nut and Preserved Lemon Couscous
             Glazed Harissa Carrots
             Cumin Potatoes
               Crusty Bread (to soak up the juices!!)
              Mint Tea
            Moroccan Coffee
            Something Chocolate
So maybe the party will turn out OK!!  I know that I’LL be happy!!!  Except I’m back to re-cleaning the house yet again!!  Should be much easier this time around.  My leg is feeling much better so that will be a big help.
I’m enclosing a photo of our new ceiling fan because I think it’s really cool!!  And I didn’t have to install it!  Note the double fans!!
 Ceiling Fan
Our landscaper, Rolando, returned today to replaced a few questionable plants, adjust the sprinklers and check out his handiwork.  I wish DAD was as caring!!  I am now leaving him threatening phone calls and emails!  All I need is water coming in through the leaky roof and ruining the new fan! GRRRR!!!!!
I hope you are all well!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY so have a wonderful weekend!
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11 Responses to Dinner Party

  1. Steve says:

    I would love that full course dinner.  I too like food from other cultures.  Enjoy!  J

  2. Jane says:

    What time is dinner?  I can be bossy, too.

  3. Stephanie says:

    That isn’t a leak in the roof, that’s ME drooling… sorry….
    You are soooooo cruel!
    Showing these people the menu is one thing, BUT, when you’ve actually had this food… (Manna from the Gods) it’s like twisting the knife… ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGG
    (Leaves, sobbing and plotting a way to get even with Bob…..) LOL BIG HUGS, Steph

  4. Angie says:

    ***pulling off my chin from the table top*** OMG- I am hungry now. Again. Just ate lunch, and now……I’m hungry again. You also just reminded me of the most fabulous martini’s we had last weekend. erm……….you just gave me a little idea there BOB!!!
    enjoy your din din! kisses to the wifey poo for cooking for you!!

  5. Isabelle says:

    Cleaning again…. hahahahaha….oh poooor Cinderella! No pity for that poooooor leg of  yours?
    Ok, please give me the phone number of your wife. I really need to talk to her She is a GENIUS!!!!!!!! And a good COOOOOOOOOOK!
    Well I can be pretty BOSSY too like Jane. So can I expect an invitation?

  6. Tracie says:

    I’m not sure about the menu, but I’m a picky eater so maybe my vote doesn’t count.  Love the fans and when you are done cleaning at your place come on over!

  7. Lena says:

    <perks a brow> I didn’t see Pigeon Pie in that there menu, Bob.  What time’s dinner on Tuesday? Good, I think I can make it.  Be prepared though, I will eat my weight in hummus, so aks Ms. Serious to make LOTS, cuz I don’t just weigh a little.   No doubt, your dinner party will be more than just o.k.  Good luck.  Have a great weekend.

  8. Jean says:

    mmmmmmm And you’ll be delivering it when?? That’s just mean.. I could even bring a chocolate dessert!!

  9. Raven says:

    What time did you say again?  Don’t make me get the whip and boots out Bob….

  10. Jamie says:

    Wow, what a menu.  That Mrs. Serious must be some chef.   Yes, my father named his dog Dee Oh Gee and he has a cat that is named Loco Kitty or Mr. Puchicato (sounds like poochie kato).  He is wierd, what can I say.    Have an awesome dinner party and an awesome weekend.  Hugs!!!!

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