Wildfire Update-Day 2

In a word: Devastation!  There are now over fifteen wildfires with all 7 Southern California counties being involved to some extent.  Over 50,000 acres have been scorched and none of the fires are anywhere near being under control.  The closest fire to me is the Irvine fire  in Orange County which is about 20 miles away.  It was announced earlier that the Irvine fire was started by an arsonist.
The temperature topped out at 99 today, the humidity is 3% and the 40 mph winds have been gusting to 90!  These conditions will continue through tomorrow.  The sky has been amber all day and it was been raining ashes, which is not the kind of rain we need. 
One of our local TV stations has been covering these fires all day, hopping between one fire and another.  It’s amazing to watch those helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft making water drops, especially when the fire in on a steep canyon wall.  Such precision!  Unfortunately they can only make their drops during daylight hours. 
I’ve added more pics to my photo album and I’ll be adding more later.  Thanks to all of you for your concern.
Update:  The Lake Arrowhead fire seems to have been maybe the worst one.  100 homes destroyed and counting.  However, they have been doing fire-drops using a refitted DC-10 (It was too windy to use it earlier).  It can drop 12,000 gallons of fire retardent in 8 seconds.  It can then reload and make another drop within 20 minutes.  I’ll bet the residents loved seinh that baby!!  Unfortunately, too little too late for alot of folks.  Some of the canyon fires are so intense that they are creating their own weather.  A few are burning back AGAINST the winds!!  Weird!!
Here is a site where you can get updates and more photos:  www.abc7.com
I’m REALLY… what’s the word??  Oh yeah!  PISSED that yet ANOTHER fire has been attributed to arson!!  Who ARE these people??  Do they work for fire-retardent manufacturers or are THEY retarded???
Here is an interesting and scary quote from the Chief of the San Diego County Fire Dept:  "There are more homes on fire than we have firemen"!!  250,000 people were evacuated in San Diego County today.  But I still say that Southern California has the best and bravest firefighters in the world…. bar none!
Sorry if this seems like a ramble but it is!  I’m updating it constanly.
I’m watching live video of a fire at the Foothill Ranch area and those flames are just racing up a canyon slope.  I’m talking 100 foot tall flames!  Flames jumped across two 10-lane freeways today.  It will take weeks to put these fires out.  We need RAIN!!  But not too much because that brings another little slice of heaven…. Mudslides!!  Adding more pics!
More bad news!  Some of the fires are beginning to merge, which creates larger fires.  Also, they have called in 1500 National Guard troops because of… you guessed it.  Looters!  Probably the arsonists!!
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16 Responses to Wildfire Update-Day 2

  1. Jòi§eÿ says:

    Praying very hard for you all.  Have been watching it off/on on the tv today.  You can’t be involved.  You can’t be evacuated.  You can’t be.  Twenty miles is so far yet so freakin’ close.  No.  I won’t allow another of my friends to be hurt.  Nope.  Have to get through me first.  I have people who know people. I’m from Jersey, ya know.

  2. Beth says:

    Sending a prayer along to you all for you safety.
    Take care!

  3. Raven says:

    Hey Bob!
        We’re ok still…fire is getting a wee bit too close for complete calm and too close even for a Mike’s hard limeade to take the edge off…but just the same, we’re ok.  The air out here has been orange all day and visibility dropped down to about 1/4 mile.  Yuck!
       My skin feels like it’s been scrubbed with hot lava from the complete lack of humidity!  Let’s go someplace tropical…Tahiti maybe?

  4. CAROL says:

    THANK GOODNESS.. I have prayed and fretted all day long  to see that fire go down across PCH.. Scared me to pieces!  GLAD GLAD you are okay so far!! So many poor people inside that football stadium homeless and frightened also. So sad and the thought that someone STARTED one makes me L I V I D and P’O’D… I hope they get who did it and put them away to suffer for the rest of their days!!  : (  BE SAFE.. stay calm and keep out of the smoke!  : )

  5. Jean says:

    I just talked to Kate. The evac zone is growing closer to her, but there’s no where to go! All the highways out are closed. She and the family aren’t in danger right now, and probably not at all, except the smoke…no ash in the air yet at her house. I lived through this in Florida, when most of the state was on fire… scary. Hope you and Becky continue to be all right.. cover your throat!
    hugs and prayers,

  6. Jane says:

    Why do I think Joisey might be trying to get on a plane for LA with a Supersoaker in her bag???
    Take care you guys!

  7. Isabelle says:

    RETARDED RETARDED YES THEY ARE!!! Who actually set fire deliberately if not out of mind!!!!!
    Gosh that is becoming really scary!! So many people homeless…… firefighters risking their lives! I wonder if the people were allowed to take their animals with them. I would be heartbreaking for me otherwise!!!!
    Pffff now Arsonists…….. grrrrrr

  8. Gina says:

    Wow Bob… praying for you guys. Be safe.

  9. Jade says:

    I’m speechless…..San Diego was where we visited that friend.

  10. Sue says:

    Glad to hear you are still OK.  Been glued to the news and hoping you aren’t one of the evacuees yet.   Wish there was rain the forecast too.  Awfully dry here and I HATE FIRE so much; it terrifies me.  Wonder if those arsonist could be connected with the terrorists???  Horrible thought, huh?!!!

  11. KatSoup says:

    arsonists must die!!
    I have been thinking of you.  Do keep us updated.  I also have a friend in woodland hills.  Please take care.  It has been sprinkling rain here.  Maybe you will get some soon.
    *fingers crossed

  12. Lynn says:

    Praying and hoping for the best for you and Mrs. Serious and all your dogs, Bob.  Keeping a close eye on the news too.  So scary to think of so much of So Cal on fire now.  Please keep us posted as you can.
    Arsonists are just evil.  I can’t even wrap my mind around it. 

  13. Kat says:

    Good Lord. What a friggen nightmare!
    Keep safe, Bob. I’m calling my Mom today to see how she’s doing. She lives in Riverside.

  14. Kat says:

    Good Lord. What a friggen nightmare!
    Keep safe, Bob. I’m calling my Mom today to see how she’s doing. She lives in Riverside.

  15. Kat says:

    Good Lord. What a friggen nightmare!
    Keep safe, Bob. I’m calling my Mom today to see how she’s doing. She lives in Riverside.

  16. Lena says:

    ((((MR & MRS SERIOUS))))
    Awful, just awful!  I will pray for all of you Californians that the winds die and the rain starts NOW!
    Stay safe, please. 

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