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All Quiet on the Eastern Front…

As in the East coast of the U.S…  New Jersery specifically…  where my mom and dad live.  I just got off the phone with them and are both doing great!  They finished putting up the storm windows this past weekend … Continue reading

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Down From the Mountain

I’m back from a wonderful, relaxing six day stay at the cabin.  We had a really nice Thanksgiving and hope that you did too.  Mrs S had a chance to recharge her batteries, the dogs enjoyed their first visit there … Continue reading

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Staples Center Fun

We just arrived home from Staples Center and yes, although the Lakers game started at 6:30 and it is now 11:30, we all had a great time!  It was a much longer drive than usual and Downtown L.A. was even worse … Continue reading

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Right On Schedule

As you know I went to see my dentist on Thursday and it went very well.  The upper gums are healing rapidly and should be ready for permanent dentures by the end of the year.  I already forget that I’m … Continue reading

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Quickie Update…

So you know I’m still alive!  I have my first follow-up appointment with my dentist tomorrow morning.  It’s only for him to check out how well my gums are healing and to hopefully do something about this lone sore spot … Continue reading

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Pimp Yo’ Ride Week!

That’s right folks!  Beginning Monday it’s the 2nd annual Pimp Yo’ Ride week.  Because last years’s was such a rousing success (actually maybe it was over a year ago..) I thought it might be time for the second edition.  To participate all … Continue reading

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Surprise, Surprise!

Yes!  Two unexpected surprises at the Serious household today.  Both of the ‘Good’ variety.   *  Remember ‘Dad’??  The screw-up handyman?  For those of you who don’t, he was the guy we hired five months ago to do some work … Continue reading

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