No Cabin!

Had to cancel our cabin trip because of the heavy snow but maybe next weekend!  There was already a foot of snow there with 2 more storms on the way!  I woke up to 1/2" of hail!  Our winds are out of the Southeast and blowing hard, which is NOT good!!! It means that the storms will be slowed and will last longer. 
It’s difficult to predict weather when it’s coming off of the ocean, ya know??  They tend to slide up and down the coast, pick up more moisture and then slam onshore.  The next two look bad and HEAVY, but who knows?
Watched our 2 L.A. Hockey teams play each other tonight… The Ducks and the hapless L.A Kings, although at this point the Kings are actually winning….. somehow!!
I received an older Jimmy Buffet CD today so I thought I would play one of his funnier songs!! Hope you enjoy it!
OH!  And not only do I have to watch the Kings maul my Ducks (3 to 0 now!!) but the guest analyst is…… Tommy Lasorda!!  ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Lord help me!!!!!!!!
Crap!! Watching the Weather Channel and they say we are in for it tonight!  4" of rain with hail and thunder!!  OK for us but I worry about the areas that were stripped of the vegatation due to those wildfires!!  They are defenseless and there WILL be huge mudslides!!  We are OK for now, except for some urban flooding. 
The usual scenario… First the fires and than the rains and floods!!  Soo sad for those people!
OK!  Things have taken a turn for the worse here!!  The winds have picked up and the rain is pummeling us!!  We have a steel roof and the sound is almost unbearable. Interstate 5  is closed and so is the alternate route so Northern and Southern California are cut off from each other!!  The Cajon Pass (the Grapevine)  is completely shut down!!  BAD!!  Very Bad!!  And the next storm??  Even bigger!!  My dogs won’t even venture outside!!  By Wednesday we should be OK!! 
I’m going to bed and pulling the blankets over my head!!
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7 Responses to No Cabin!

  1. Becca says:

    It was very funny! I am entertained while I organize my podcasts! A womans work is never done!

  2. Angie says:

    what more can I say eh?
    try to have our lake effects from hell vs the ocean!
    really- the storm came here, and then went west, and now is planning on hitting us again…………………..
    (((frowny face)))
    I’m sick of this crap. ready for summer!!!

  3. CAROL says:

    YEP probably will have a hey old blizzard up there.. Hope the place is not snowed up to the roof!!  : (  This seems like the weekend to be indoors for just about everyone! : )

  4. Isabelle says:

    OMG it’s chilling here!
    Came to say hello and say you’re welcome anytime you want to pop in! I have the RED CARPET installed!!!LOL
    Ok I’m sending you sunshine and most of the heat from Mauritius to you….. WITH PLEASURE! Can I have some rain pleazzzzzzz?!
    Take care,

  5. Jane says:

    Sorry about the cabin, dude.  Hope you get there soooon….
    Tell me, where is dear Bert in all this?  Is he hibernating under the house or did you bring him in and toss him in the bathtub?  Don’t forget to bring his planter, too.

  6. _ says:

    What’s going on with the weather out there??? I like the Buffet music. Do you ever find any music that mimics the tempo of the rain pummelling your roof? Probably not, if it’s pummelling. Don’t know any music with than quick of a beat.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I think our high will be in the double digits today! Whoo hoo! It’s been single digits and lots of snow.
    I would LOVE some rain instead, sooooo, how about this? I send you snow and you send the rain my way! DEAL? DEAL!!!!! BIG HUGS, Steph

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