Okay!! What Is That Big Yellow Thing??

OH!!  It must be Mr. SUN!!  Haven’t seen the old guy for a week but he was a very welcome sight!  We get 2 day’s respite before the next storm moves in.  This one is what they are calling an ‘inside slider’.  It’s a storm that developes to the south, moves north and then slams onshore!!  So it ‘slides’ up the coast!  Not usually big storms but after the past week, who needs it!
For my music tonight I had a few choices including two versions of this song.  One by the Eagles and the other by Clint Black!!  My good friend Judy http://canadianprairiegirl2.spaces.live.com/ helped me decide on Clint!  (I always wanted to have the name Clint as a nickname…… or Rocky??)  so it’s dedicated to her!!  She is a sweet lady so go and visit her.
The SuperBowl is happening on Sunday and I’m revving up for it!!  Go Giants!!  HAH!!  As for food, I’m thinking the usual Buffalo Wings and maybe Shrimp.  Guacamole and chips sounds good too along with other small munchies!  And yes, I WILL be cleaning my TV screen yet again! 
Oh, and if anyone would like my Buffalo Wing recipe, just ask!!  I share!!!!!
I managed to lug those 400lb trash bins to the street today but I hope the trash truck doesn’t topple over while lifting them up!
OH!!  Maytag (That’s M-A-Y-T-A-G) called us today to inform us that they will be here tomorrow…. MAYBE!!!
Sorry about the short post tonight but I might be back later to add a few thoughts or other inane things!
OK!  I DO love this version of this song but I’m considering abandoning ‘country’ for some other music starting tomorrow!!   This should appease Haphazard Kat!!  Sheesh!!  But who knows what goofy crap I might come up with?   Ya take your chances here! 
Weird crap going on here again!!  This has been going on for awhile!!  Midnight….. the doorbell rings…. there is a cute, young girl at the gate (this time NOT Asian!) asking for Kent or Carl or Fred, etc… but since I’m not any of them I send her on her way!!  She was cute and had the correct address but WTH!!  I’m pretty sure she was a prostitute because across the street was a HUGE Mercedes but NOPE, I didn’t order a prostitute tonight!  LOL!  She was polite and apolegetic and I felt sorry for her!!  How do these young girls get roped into this shit?  Oh Yeah!!  MONEY!!  Now I wish I had walked across the street and confronted the ass in the Mercedes!!  And why MY house??  This is the 5th time!  We called the police before but as usual we got the big ‘DUH’!!!!    IDIOT COPS!!  Did I mention that she was a Blonde??? 
Damn!!  maybe she was from Maytag  (That’s M-A-Y-T-A-G)!!!
It just happened again!!  This time a young Asian girl and a red Lexus parked across the street!!   Trust me!!  I didn’t ‘order’ them and I’m not all that HOT!!  Actually…. not hot at all!!  This is NOT a whore house!!!!!
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12 Responses to Okay!! What Is That Big Yellow Thing??

  1. Beth says:

    The food sounds great, the Super Bowl I can pass on.

  2. Jane says:

    I’ll be in the kitchen nibbling with Beth.  I’m a football grinch.
    Mr. Sun visited here on Saturday.  I think it had been a few WEEKS since he had been here.  Things are back to normal today, though – 6 inches of new snow and still coming down.

  3. Lena says:

    I’m eating beer for Superbowl.  GO GIANTS!!!!!  I will bare my tatas on Bourbon if they win 😀
    Hugs my fellow Giant fan friend (actually Eagles, but’ll settle for right up the road LOL)

  4. nodope says:

    400 pound WHAT????? OMG, I can’t imagine it! Well we had some welcome sunshine here in Iowa and 40 degree weather (yes, I’m bragging; 40 degrees is a heat wave around here this time of year!)
    Enjoy the game Bob and keep up the good work on these entertaining posts.

  5. Ice says:

    I completely concur with Beth…..
    Food is great, sports is "blah"
    Thank God for cable!

  6. Alison says:

    humm.. I would be suspicious of random girls doing that, too.Very weird.

  7. Tracie says:

    I’m with a few others, i’ll pass on the super bowl, although the commerials are sometimes kinda funny!
    That’s kinda wierd that all those girls are showing up at your house.  Is someone playing a joke on you? Makes you wonder, do you have good home security when you are away?  Definately wierd! 

  8. Stephen says:

    prostitutes at the door…. super bowl with buffalo wings….. oh the joys of life lol. take photos of the girls next time buddy ha ha. have fun & i will see you later on this week? take care buddy

  9. Jude says:

    Oooooh, sounds like an interesting night!  😉
    Thanks for the plug hun…much appreciated.
    Take care 🙂

  10. _ says:

    So if you cook your famous Buffalo wings, does Mrs. Serious have to clean up the kitchen?
    On a different topic, what’s the deal with the cars across the street? Do the girls at the gate actually drive nice cars???

  11. Zeynep says:

    Bob, did your mother tell you that you mustn’t open the door in every ring! xx

  12. Steve says:

    It IS going to be a great game.  I will be watching it with you. See you there!

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