The Maytag guy showed up today and supposedly fixed the fridge.  He was here for 2 hours so I hope it works now.  He’s still here!   And I took PICS!!    He replaced the compressor and we will knowe if it’s working properly tomorrow morning!  He had me lock the dogs outside and open up all of the doors and windows because he had to use a blowtorch to perform the repair.  So far it ‘sounds’ like it’s working!!
Woooo Hoooo!!!  There he IS!!
Maytag 003
He told me that he was installing the ‘new and improved’ version of the compressor and when I asked why we didn’t get this version a year ago when we bought the darned thing, he just shrugged!  That’s M-A-Y-T-A-G!!!  Anyhow..  we should have a cold fridge tomorrow morning and hopefully ICE!!
Maytag 001
All of that equipment made me nervous….  especially the blowtorch!!!
Here is our savior!!!
Maytag 004
Yeah… the little guy in the white socks!
Oh!  I forgot to mention that he immediately broke his flashlight…….. and then MINE!!   That’s M-A-Y-T-A-G!!!
I just hope it’s COLD tomorrow morning!
Maytag 005
As promised, I will be playing non-country music for the rest of the week….. or as long as I can stand it!  Here is one that I had played recently by 10 CC!  I’m open for requests.  Cheap Trick and Bon Jovi are sounding like good ideas!  CCR?????   Supertramp???
Sorry folks!!  I JUST HAD to put this song up tonight!!  I’ll try to get back to the Non-Country tomorrow!!  But this is TOO good not to play!~  Vince Gill is the presenter.   Alan Jackson at the CMA’s (Country Music Awards) a few years ago!
Seriously….  I hope you listen to this and REMEMBER!!   9/11 Song!
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10 Responses to YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Angie says:

    It’s your site silly- play what you want!!!!!
    congrats on fixing ze fridge!!!
    Hope mine lasts another 5 years!!!

  2. Beth says:

    I play mostly classic country on my space because that is what I like.  Play whatever you want.

  3. nodope says:

    Hmmm, I guess I never really imagined that there really is a Maytag repairman, what with the commercials and all…
    BTW, can’t POSSIBLY go wrong with CCR!

  4. Lena says:

    Bob, couldn’t you get a picture of your refrigerator repairman from another angle?  You know I need to know whether his crack was showing LOL.  That’s MAYTAG!
    Hugs ya nut!
    (ok, I would backspace over that "hugs ya nut" or add a comma or something so it doesn’t sound like I’m hugging one of your nuts, but I think it’s funny looking just the way it is.  No enhacements needed.  Yeah, kinda like me! LOL)

  5. CAROL says:

    LMAO that guy is not dressed like the traditional guy on the commercials. I am glad you got his pic you might have to prove something if (GOD FORBID) the darn thing goes bloooey on ya! They should have just given you a new darn fridge.. shoot a torch needed.. geeeez sounds bad to me!  Hope tomorrow is COOL!  We don’t worry here just stick the darn stuff outside.. wind chill -10.. nothing is gonna spoil!  : )

  6. Cindy says:

    Yo Bobola …
    that’s it … that’s all I got today …
    weird huh?

  7. Jude says:

    For some reason I have the phrase "Hey Culligan man" stuck in my head…. :s
    Take care and hope the fridge is working well today 🙂

  8. Jade says:

    Howdy Hon!
    Glad you did’nt have to buy a new one!

  9. Kat says:

    LOL @ you photographing the MAYTAG!! man! lol
    Ok ok…This song is a tear jerker. *sigh*
    You’re killin’ me with this Country…KILLIN me!!
    I’m gonna need a Kat repair man!
    kat repair man….
    *thinks on that a bit*

  10. Jane says:

    He probably thought you were going to do something crazy like publish his photo on the internet.  Jeez, some people!
    I have fridge envy – I want one with the freezer on the bottom.  Well, I WILL have fridge envy when you get the thing running properly.  Gotta have ice!

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