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I heard this song while driving on the freeway today and almost drove off into a ditch!!   I’ve known women like this!!!!   ‘When You Start!!’ LMAO!!!!!!!!  Too Funny!!!  Toby Keith kills me!!   So, the teeth are still good, the weather … Continue reading

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NOT a Good Day!!

It was even HOTTER today!!  85F!!!    UGH!!    Went to our tax guy today!  Seems that Merrill Lynch screwed up!  We cashed in some stock but the info from them does NOT match her W2!  So we have to wait a … Continue reading

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Spring Has Arrived Here!

It was, get this……. 80F here today!   Sorry……  But I think that just a little too warm anywhere in February!  But we DID have HIGH surf!!  This was Seal Beach today! 20 foot surf and they had to close the … Continue reading

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Mrs Serious’ Space!

I hope you all visited her tonight!!  Very funny and PICS!!  Her space is HERE!!  Please Help ME!!!!  She is getting into it!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!  lol  Her post is funny!!  And that dress??  OO la la!!!!!!   Even though we coudn’t  … Continue reading

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I’m a little confused but I THINK this is Mrs Serious’s new space!!   Yeah!!  That’s it!  She has read your comments in her other one and loved them!  Now, if I can just get her to use it!!  … Continue reading

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New Space!

Not for me, but for Mrs Serious!  So please welcome her!  I will be working on it to get it the way she wants it.  And of course, I spelled her name wrong!!  You would think that after 25 … Continue reading

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I DID make my space private but added all who were on my friends list!  I hope this worked and I hope it helps!!  Maybe this will keep out the 2 annoying pests!!  If I missed anyone, please let me … Continue reading

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