Maytag…… Yet Again!

Yes…..  we had to call them again because the damn thing refused to make ice!  And ice is a good thing.  This time they sent out a guy from a different company… a ‘specialist’!!  I didn’t take his photo because he wasn’t showing ‘crack’ (sorry Lena!) but here is his van!   He looks alot like the last guy they sent!
Maytag 007
Apparently Maytag, that’s M-A-Y-T-A-G, didn’t install the NEW compressor properly so this guy is doing it over.  Again with the blowtorch!!!  He’s been here for 3 hours so far and I’m not sure what, if any, progress has been made.  But if he can’t fix it, we want a replacement!  We have lost even more food!
Now, I have always maintained the the 3 greatest inventions known to mankind have been Duct Tape, WD-40 and Bleach!   But I have added a new one to the list!  Ajax cleanser!!  I attempted to make brown butter last night to pour over some ravioli and it turned out to be BLACK butter!  Just scorched the pan!  I tried soaking it in hot water, to no avail, but a little scrubbing with the Ajax, that’s A-J-A-X, made it look like new!!  WD-40 and Duct tape just wouldn’t work!!
On a final note, who is this woman and why is she taking pictures of my house??
Maytag 006
Strange things going on here!  Strange!!!
Tonight’s song is by Clay Walker!  ‘That Ain’t My Truck’!
By the way….. In case you are curious as to why a Jersey guy living in So Cal loves Country so much?  I was born in SOUTH Jersey and now reside in SOUTHERN California!  ‘Nuff said y’all!!!
Got a little frisky with the wife tonight!   She made a remark that I had never shaved her legs before!   Mrs S commented to me that during the Summer months ‘hair pants’ (I assume you know what ‘hair pants’ are!)  are NOT allowed, but during the Winter months they are sometimes OK.  Tonight she dragged out her ‘electric’ and gave me her cutest smile!  Asked me for a ‘favor’!!  So I dug in!  WOW!!  Kinda like mowing the lawn after a good rain!!  (She’s gonna kill me!!)    Jeremiah Johnson comes to mind!  LOL!  I ‘did’ one leg and she did the other.  Smooth as a baby’s butt!!  Now she’s working on the dogs!!   Crap!!
By the way!!   BEST ‘Lost’ EVER!!!!!
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20 Responses to Maytag…… Yet Again!

  1. Gina says:

    Maybe an admirer? A stalker? Oh oh, I know – its a May*tag representative trying to catch you in there messing up with their repairs just so they’ll have to come back again? hehe ;o)
    How ya been Bob? Staying warm and dry, I hope!

  2. Tracie says:

    Hope this new guy can get the fridge F-I-X-E-D
    Hmm she doesn’t look like a hooker!  ????

  3. Gina says:

    Ok, I confess, it was really my scout I sent out to check up on you since – well, you DO seem to be avoiding me. ;o)
    hehe, kidding.
    Of course I do, ya big galoot. Just don’t be gone too long… I’ll be saying "bob WHO?" ;o)

  4. Kat says:

    Ajax rocks.
    Strange woman taking pictures of your house….hmmm….
    could be the anti-COUNTRY spy I sent out.
    I must advise her on her incognito skills.

  5. Jamie says:

    If you need ice I would be more than happy to fill up some water bottles and stick them outside overnight to freeze and then mail them to you.   It feels like a fricken freezer outside.  WHERE IS THE SUN……………..  I am soooooooo done with winter.  Whew, anyway sorry to hear that your having ice problems and what is with that Lady taking pictures???  did you ever figure that out.  Maybe she is going to offer you multimillions to buy your house.  I would totally take her up on it.  Hope you have a great Friday and weekend.  HUGS!!!!

  6. Beth says:

    The hassle with the Maytag is just to much!!  There should be a lemon law to cover it.

  7. Stacy says:

    If someone was outside my place taking pictures I think I would call the police.  What a freak.

  8. renay says:

    hopefully this time it’ll get fixed right. goo luck.

  9. Holly says:

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  10. CAROL says:

    CRIPES SAKE BOB.. I TOLD YA… NEVER PUT YOUR ADDRESS ON THE INTERNET.. now every whacko in LA is gonna know where you live and bug the heck out of ya.. either that are they are looking for BERT ..DID he run away again???
    LMAO.. that is the same dang company that SEARS sent out to our house to try and fix the garage opener.. HE couldn’t so we had to get  a new one. Call the dang company tell them that 5 plus hours and so much spoiled food is all you are gonna put up with.. YOU WANT A REPLACEMENT! I agree it is a big hassle for sure..  No ICE IN LA  what a shame!
    Gonna snow up a storm here overnight.. wish I had some of that heat here!!  : ) 

  11. Becca says:

    Oh that is weird about the woman taking the picture…oh wait, she looks like me…not! Hope that the fridge is fixed!

  12. Isabelle says:

    M-A-Y-D-A-Y  M-A-Y-D-A-Y!!!  NO ICE, I REPEAT NO ICE!!!. M-A-Y-D-A-Y!!!!
    Ok Bob I must tell you someting! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE ADVERTISEMENT FOR BRANDS!!! lol
    As regards the shaving….. I really wonder how Mrs. S always comes in with new bright ideas!!! Still I don’t figure out how I would tell HH: "Hey did you know you are on MY LEGS SHAVING DUTY TONIGHT!" Will he ever look at me with the same eyes again….. I wonder……
    Run doggies run for your hair…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care,

  13. Isabelle says:

    Oh and for the spy….. !
    I suggest you duct tape her, and then use WD-40 to make her talk….errr shouldn’t it be the way around? WD-40 and then duct tape? Nevermind!… Oh and then a nice hair BLEACH and then washed with some AJAX.
    It will be a memorable visit to your house…. nothing is free… she can’t talk pics and walk away!!
    Take care,

  14. Zeynep says:

    Hey Bob, why you didn’t leave your comment to my latest post? Don’t hide, I like your friendship!!.. Well, it is so strainge, why that woman taking some pictures of your house?.. Is she FBI? Lol… See you later xx

  15. Bridget says:

    wow, fridge problems…not much worse than that!! Hope he got it right this time.
    Hmmm, yeppers…duct tape and Wd-40 the instant solvers of most of life’s problems 😉 Have a great weekend…

  16. Ice says:

    I would have gone outside and taken a picture of HER!
    You shaved your legs???
    You will enjoy the feeling of the hair growing back!

  17. ♥ Aimee says:

    maybe she liked all the work that you put into the yard??
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  18. Holly says:

    Oh.So much people to visit your spaces!!Haha.Today is a strang snow day .I’m very happy and excitation.Because the snow is appear litter.How about weather in you..Hehe..

  19. TheSpeedofLife says:

    Well personally I would have went right out there and told her to get lost or if I really wasn’t in a good mood I would have pulled open the blind and mooned her.  Now THAT would teach her!!! 
    Perhaps she was taking a picture to put on her website that is exlusively for repair people with the caption "if you come to this house…charge double"  LOL
    Too bad we didn’t live closer, my hubby is an electrician.  I’m sure he would have cut you a better deal.  Have a great week.

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