Durn It!!

Folks, it appears as I’m losing this Space one step at a time!  First my Media Player has gone out and now other modules are disappearing.  I will be spending tonight trying to repair things, and I have been able to bring a few things back, but if I have to start up yet ANOTHER new space, I hope I can find all of you!  If have do have to give up my treasured space, then my new one will be (I HOPE!) ruserious47.spaces.live.com/   I  just hope it doesn’t come to that! 
Right now it looks as if everything has been repaired, except for the Media Player, and I’m working on that!  This sucks and so does MSN at times!!!  I’m thinking about trying to download all of your addresses to my email but who knows is that will work.
So as long as you can still get into here, I will be here.
Sorry about the music yesterday but my Media Player went belly up.  I will try to uninstall and reinstall it and see if that works.  Frustrating, but I guess that’s life on the Internet!!  Hope I’m still here later……..
Well… It’s now midnight, my space is still alive and my media player is WORKING!!  MSN doesn’t make things easy but I was up to the task!!  YAY!!  I hope you all enjoy the song playing tonight! 
I found this SuperBowl article in the Sports Illustrated I received today written by Dr. Z!!  I thought is was good.
XLII (2008), Giants 17, Patriots 14. This was Rocky Balboa against Apollo Creed, when the champ was unbeatable. Greatest of all time, brayed the TV talking heads, that was this Patriot team. Parade planned, book ready to go to print about their unbeaten Super Bowl season and then they met someone tougher, at least on this one Sunday, someone who tore into the galley proofs and ripped up big chunks of copy.

There was brilliance on both sides of the ball on Super Sunday. My MVP vote would have gone to… sorry, Giant fans… the Patriots’ Wes Welker. For a while it seemed as if he were the only weapon they had going for them. The Giants took a deep breath and won with their pass rush, a feat that at one time seemed impossible against such an impregnable fortress. There was suffering at the end of this game, too…. endurance, ability to keep going.

Unbelievable plays made by unlikely people. David Tyree, a fourth receiver, a special teamer, making one of the great catches in the history of the Super Bowl. I heard some people say, "Well it was dull for three quarters." Not for me it wasn’t. Dull and low-scoring are not synonymous. Some of us find defense interesting, too. I like games in which nothing comes cheaply, in which everything is dearly won. I don’t like those 41-38 airshows in which the ball just gets an airmail stamp.

And besides, I find that when contests with a lot riding on them start off dull, they invariably become thrilling at the end. The Steelers’ Immaculate Reception game, for instance, was deadly dull for more than three quarters. Then all hell broke loose. Practically the entire fourth quarter of Giants-Patriots was played under excruciating pressure, right up to the time when Jay Alford broke through and nailed Brady for a 10-yard loss with 19 seconds left.

For me the game had everything, courage, incredible effort, sustained level of pressure by the Giant defense. Football doesn’t get much better.

OK!  The THIRD Maytag guy just showed up at 5:45PM and determined that the ice-making thingy was not working.  Luckily, he had the correct model in his truck!  He is replacing it as I’m typing this!

This is Fred!!  Say Hi!!  Very cool guy!

Maytag 2

He’s very photogenic with that COOL Flat Top!  Don’t you think?  Within 15 minutes, we have ICE!!  Where was he 5 days ago??  He also said that Maytag, that’s M-A-Y-T-A-G!, does NOT like to replace appliances!!  That’s M-A-Y-T-A-G!!!

I’m glad we had the extended warranty because that icemaker cost $300!!  Fred done GOOD!!!!  WE HAVE ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Longgggg post tonight and who knows what else will happen so I may post more!!

As for the music!!  I’m testing!!!!!!  LOL

CRAP!!!!!  And GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK!!  I think my media player is working but for how long???  HEH!!

Well, I’m still here and so is my space so I guess I did something right!!  MSN does make things SO difficult!!  But I even got my Media Player  working!

I’ve had a few complaints about my not playing female artists, so tomorrow, Taylor Swift!  As for tonight?  Rascal Flatts, the one I tried to play last night!  Beautiful song!!!! 

Nite all  zzzzzzzzzz……………………!





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16 Responses to Durn It!!

  1. Beth says:

    Sorry about all of your problems.  I have had trouble with the music on my media player too.  I wonder if it is File Den’s fault and not MSN.  Who is your file host?

  2. HEDGE says:

    hang in there!  i know the feeling!

  3. Steve says:

    I solved my problem after contacting my Hewlett-Packard Tech support via the internet.  I was able to chat with a tech who gave my hyperlinks to their help pages to see if they can solve the problem.  Contact you’re the maker of your computer to see if they have support team to help you at home.   I could not get to syour new blogs on other page.  Take care.

  4. Jade says:

    Don’t bother fiddling with it-it isn’t you, they are prob. updating it or something.The media player was always buggy, thats why I took it off my site…Peace bob-o-licious!!

  5. Jude says:

    I think MSN is messing around yet again, hun……things should straighten out shortly, I’d imagine.
    Take care and talk soon 🙂

  6. R U Serious says:

    Fixed it for ya. It should be working fine now. BIG HUGS, Steph

  7. Laoch says:

    Dr Z has been around forever.

  8. KatSoup says:

    Ha ha That is so funny, that you told Fred you are blogging about him.  I always try to sneak pictures of people i m going to talk about.
    My space is like my closet the things I dont want to deal with I just push to the bottom of the page.  I have friends that have been gone for ages.  I just leave em’.  Maybe I’ll clean up one day- maybe not.

  9. renay says:

    hope that you get everything fixed.

  10. _ says:

    Helllllloooooo. Are you still here? You seem to still be here. As for music, try this. http://bluegrasscountry.org/ You can register for free and stream online. It’s not media player, but it’s pretty good listening.

  11. CAROL says:

    HHHHAAAA just you wearing it out BOB!! All those song changes maybe who knows.. I just added a photo thing to my regular space and if it interfers…OUT IT GOES.. no kiddin.. I’d  hate to give up my space too.  Hang in there.. North of me got nearly a foot of snow today.. ICK!!!  : (

  12. Zeynep says:

    I am glad that your space is alive. I think you fixed all things, good for you. If you have time, can you help me about my slow computer, lol… Wow Fred, hi!! Nite Bob, sleep well. When you woke up, your space will be here. xx

  13. Ice says:

    Glad you are still with us!
    Add me to your im’s…I seem to have deleted the blog with your addy on it.
    Luv n Hugz,

  14. ♥ Aimee says:

    no leaving…
    *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  15. Jamie says:

    My goodness, and I thought that I had problems.  LMAO    Big Daddy and I never buy anything major or even not so major without buying the extended warranty.   His family always says that we are wasting our money, but we have not had to buy a new DVD player or stereo for almost 5 years now, because when it quits working we use the warranty and get a new one.    Glad to hear that you have ice again.  I would be more than happy to send you all of this damn snow that we keep getting.  I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of it.  Enough is enough!!!  Anyway, have a great rest of the week and a great weekend.  HUGS!!!!

  16. Jane says:

    Woo Hoo ICE!!!  Thanks, Fred!
    Let the party begin… um can he put in a margarita dispenser?

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