It’s ALIVE!!!!

Yes….. my space lives on!!  Still a few Media Player glitches but nothing too bad!  AND the fridge is still making ice.  Only problem is, I have the Flu!!  I’ve been trying to fight it off for 4 days  but yep, I got it bad and that ain’t good!!  I think I have every symptom imaginable!  Had a 102F fever and stayed in bed until 1:00pm.  At the grocery store the fever broke!  GREAT!!!!  But when I finally staggered out it came back.  UGH!!
However, my ‘Female Country Music Artists Weekend’ is still on!  Just hope the Media Player can take it!  Up tonight, as promised, is Taylor Swift…. A relatively new performer.  So I hope you enjoy my FCMAW’s!
OH!! And next week!!!   BEATLES!!!!!!!!   Best Band EVER!!!!!!!!!
This weekend is the BIG family reunion in Laughlin, NV but I won’t be making the trip.
This post will be a short one cuz I feel like crap!! 
OK!  Fever and can’t sleep!!  But tomorrow, if I’m feeling better, I will post a little about my musical background.  Mainly trombone but also trumpet, baritone horn, tuba and harmonica!  Let’s just say I LOVE music!!  And since my throat cancer surgery I really miss it.
Good news??  I’m actually feeling better…. even with the fever!!  lol!  But sleep is needed!
Nite again!
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18 Responses to It’s ALIVE!!!!

  1. Beth says:

    Hey Bob, I am glad you have ice again but sad that you are feeling tough.  Better go to the doctor. The flu going around now is not a strain that is covered in the flu shot and there are people dying from it.  Take care, and my favorite country lady is of course, Tammy Wynette!!

  2. J says:

    One fifty one proof rum! Good for what ails ya and after a fifth ya won’t care what works or not. Take a little lemon with it Bob. Check on ya later.

  3. Jude says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon hun.

  4. Kat says:

    I picked MiniWarrior up from his Dads on Wednesday and promptly caught his cold/flu. I feel your pain cuz I feel like crap, too!!!
    Hmm….maybe we can blame it on country music????!!!

  5. Cindy says:

    It’s a cross border thing! I got it too, funny thing is today was the first day I could get out (it took over a week for the ice to melt!) and MY fever broke in the grocery store….weird huh?
    I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Amy says:

    I hope you get better soon.  With 3 kids, someone is always sick and it goes around and around.

  7. Tracie says:

    Feel better!! 

  8. HEDGE says:

    Yup, I’m from Vancouver, BC, Canada!  :))  I hope you feel better really quick!  No fun having the flu!  Hang in there!

  9. CAROL says:

    YEP people are falling to this bad ass flu bug even if you got a shot it will linger for days. Nothing to be played with if you get headaches and earaches and your lungs hurt get your self to a doctor pronto!  GET WELL SOON..  : )

  10. Holly says:

    Bob,congratulations!!!Your space is still live.
    But I’m sorry to your Flu.
    Keep your health,Ok??
    I worry about you……

  11. Laoch says:

    I hope you fell better.

  12. elytis says:

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  13. Jill says:

    praying for a super quick recovery.   

  14. Cin says:

    Sounds like the same thing my husband had three weeks ago.  He kept getting a fever and then the fever would break, and then the fever would come back.  It was like a yo-yo.  He was sick for four days, didn’t fully recover for another week.
    Hang in there and give yourself time to get over this flu.  It’s nothing to fool around with.
    Damselfly Lady

  15. Jane says:

    Haiku????  Bob, Bob, Bob….
    I played the bassoon – LOVED it.  Also the clarinet.  Meh.

  16. Stephen says:

    hi there buddy. sorry to see that you are not feeling 100%. i have heard that you gave away some of my secrets lol, bloody nosey women lmao. take care my mate, see you later

  17. Stephen says:

    hi there buddy. sorry to see that you are not feeling 100%. i have heard that you gave away some of my secrets lol, bloody nosey women lmao. take care my mate, see you later

  18. Jamie says:

    Sorry to hear that your feeling crapy.   Blame it on the weather.  LOL.    Get plenty of rest, fluids and sleep!!!!  Take care and have a great weekend. HUGS!!!!

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