I’ve been watching a ‘marathon’ on the National Geographic Channel this afternoon and and tonight about the Galapagos Islands.  VERY interesting!!  I love these kinds of shows and always seem to learn something.  This was a GREAT one!!  Alrthough if I see one more Iguana I’m going to scream…. right after I barf!  I loved the Giant Tortoises!  They looked just like Bert and when they were mating, they made that same sound that he did when he had his way with the planter!!  lol  So if you get Nat Geo, the next time this program comes on, you should check it out.  It certainly deserves an Emmy nomination…. or something!
Looks as if I got my Media Player straightened out by upgrading from WMP7 to 11.  Very different but works perfectly.  If you use it on your computer I suggest getting the upgrade, and it’s free!
I got a little yardwork done today but very little.  It was 85 DEGREES here today!!!!!!  Almost had to turn the A/C on!  But by Wednesday, back to the 60’s and more showers!  YAY!!!  The icemaker is working good!  In fact, too good!  Had to turn it off today!!  The new circuit breakers are also working well and I think next week we will get our new windows.  Also next week, I get the final version of my dentures!!!!
I received a letter today from a company called Life Line Screening ( and they will be at our local hospital on march 6.  They screen for Stroke/Carotid Artey, Heart Rhythm, Abnormal Aortic Aneurysm and Peripheral Arterial Disease.  It cost $139, you only have to remove your shoes and socks and it takes under an hour.  So on Monday I’m making my appointant!  Also for $10 more the will scan for Osteoporosis.  I’m thinking it’s a good idea.
Well, that’s all I got folks, except to say that the next song I HOPE to put up is for my friend Beth Marie.  It’s an oldie!!  Take care and have a wonderful Sunday!
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19 Responses to Galapagos!

  1. Jude says:

    Shush about the 85, will ya? 😉
    One of the kids noted the temp on the way home from the hockey game was -39!!!!  WTF were we doing out in that??  Oh yeah, going to sit in an arena filled with ice and watch hockey!!  No wonder they call us crazy canucks!!  hehehe
    Time to get warmed up brrrrr lol

  2. Jude says:

    Correction….I just checked the weather website….it’s only -33C but feels like it’s -46C….I stand by my "WTF were we doing out in that??"  ROFLMAO

  3. Xu says:

    Happy Chinese New Year : )
    I wish you have a good health .
    Take  care .

  4. Laoch says:

    Sounds like a good idea to get checked.

  5. Beth says:

    Hey Bob,  Thanks for playing Tammy.  I love that song.  She really stood by old GJ didn’t she?  LOL
    Wind chill this morning at this very minute is 25 below zero.  Sit out in the sun for me awhile today!!

  6. Alison says:

    Good to hear the media player is behaving for you!
    I love watching Nat Geo too!  Discovery Channel is also nice. 
    Enjoy the warm weather!

  7. CAROL says:

    Hmm I didnt know you could upgrade that? Interesting..anyway.. whew.. hard for you to believe we are in a
    type of blizzard situation out East ways here today. The snow is blowing sideways and the wind chill is 20 BELOW thank YOU.. I am not budging from my warm house! I pray the heat stays on!  FOR me. I am watching NASCAR!!
    WOW that was sure exciting last night at the shootout!  I wish they would just BAN mr. Kurt Busch PERMANENTLY!
    before he kills someone else!  Sheesh..  take care.. stay cool..ya want I should send you some SNOW!!?? LOL  : )

  8. Angie says:

    I want to feel 85 degrees! The closest I get is sitting by my window and letting the sun hit me this way! I walk outside, and I’m freezing again!

  9. Stephanie says:

    85??? 85???? @#$%^&*+))(&^^&%^$%#@#
    I think I’m gonna kick your ass, just for telling me that! lol BIG HUGS, Steph

  10. MizAngie says:

    Gee, it’s only 75-80 here! If you cool off, though, that means I will a few days later. The West Coast blowjobs determine our weather. I mean, your weather blows. Er, I mean our weather fronts usually blow in from the West/Northwest. Whew.

  11. Ann says:

    Wow – and I was happy because it was actually above freezing today!  Sheesh.  Your tortoise comment made me laugh, because when Kiki was about 4 or 5, we went to the zoo and these giant ones were mating… I’ve never heard such weird, slow bellows!!  Kiki kept asking "what are they doing, mommy?" and all I could do was giggle (yeah, I’m pretty mature.  lol.)

  12. Holly says:

    Happy erveryday..

  13. Kat says:

    85 degrees. Just stares at you, balefully 😐
    I was happy with our 50 degrees!!!!!

  14. Isabelle says:

    Prevention is better than cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So you’ve go ICE????? Great!!!
    I also love to watch documentaries on flora and fauna!!!
    So how is the flu??
    Take care,

  15. Jane says:

    Eighty-five?!?!  I would give my left eyebrow for SIXTY even.

  16. Jane says:

    Eighty-five?!?!  I would give my left eyebrow for SIXTY even.

  17. ♥ Aimee says:

    happy scanning…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  18. Ice says:

    Something seems wrong w/your 85 degrees.
    I know I am further south than you are!
    We only hit 73 yesterday….

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