New Space!

Not for me, but for Mrs Serious!  So please welcome her!  I will be working on it to get it the way she wants it.  And of course, I spelled her name wrong!!  You would think that after 25 years I would get it right!!  I’m hoping she gets into this but who knows…..
Today is Baxter’s 3rd Birthday!!!!
Baxter 5
He’s VERY excited!!!  See???  Isn’t he a handsome boy????
BIG storm moving in from the Pacific!!  16 foot surf, 50 mph winds, 4" of rain and 2 feet of snow in our local mountains!!  All I can say is……..  Wooooo Hoooooo!!  We are almost at our normal rainfall for the season and my bonsai LOVE it!!   The dogs??  Not so much…!
I will post this now but I’m sure that I will add to it later.  And again, please comment on Mrs S’s new space!!
OK!  She is pissed coz I spelled her name wrong!!  But she LOVED your comments!  So I’m off to make yet ANOTHER space!!  Geez!!!  Maybe next week!  lol
I’m watching the movie ‘The Brave One’ ,with Jodie Foster!  If you haven’t seen it…….. then maybe you shouldn’t!!   VERY intense!  It’s great but a little hard to handle!!   Thank God the wife fell asleep!!!!    
Ummm…. I seem to have 387 unread emails!!  Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow??  HAH!  I just hope the NASCAR race doesn’t get rained out!!  The Oscars being rained out??  PFFFT!  I have a busy day tomrrow!  Drying off wet dogs!!
The rain has arrived BIG TIME!!!!  And it’s coming your way!!!!!  MWAH HA HA HA!!!
I think this Toby Keith thing will be ending short of a week!!  I have a bunch of NEW songs for you!  This one is SO Good!!  Grab a kleenex or 2!!!  Alan Jackson!  Listen to this.. multiple times!!!!!  LISTEN!!!!
OK!!  I am NOT Private……. For now!  But at least I know it works and I can keep you all here!!
I have to go…… nite!
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15 Responses to New Space!

  1. Lena says:

    I just popped Mrs. S’s cherry!  Go me!

  2. Beth says:

    I just dropped flowers off at Mrs Serious’s space.

  3. renay says:

    sorry that your getting such bad weather. were finally starting to warm up some. but are nights are still cold.

  4. _ says:

    We need to throw a party for Mrs. S. Her site needs a little … something.

  5. nodope says:

    Yeah Bob, I went there to give her a proper welcome and she’s got a whole posse waiting for her.
    @ Stephanie (the other "private" soul) yep her site needs some Serious! help. (get that subliminal message Bob?)

  6. nodope says:

    Happy Birthday Baxter!

  7. Louise says:

    Happy Birthday Baxter!!!

  8. Kat says:

    I listen!!! Cuz I hate to see a grown man squirt out Man tears over his lack of music audience!!! 😀 *grin* 😀
    Is this space private now?? I got right to it—so if it is private, it worked!! lol
    I also commented on Mrs Serious’ blog. heheehe…ohhhh man, yer in trouble now!!!

  9. CAROL says:

    BOB how could you?? I mean after all these years sheeeesh.. anyway I am off to say howdeee over there and
    wherever she lands. Anxious to hear her version of what’s going on.. haah kinda like HE SAID >> SHE SAID.. LOL
    take care stay dry..  : )

  10. Zeynep says:

    Welcome Mrs. Serious!! Now I am going to your space xx

  11. ~*~((>JC<))~*~ says:

    I am off to New Mexico this morning. But make sure you have up a link when I get back to check it out. Okay? Lol

  12. Ice says:

    Spelled her name wrong?
    Lol…watched The Brave One yesterday as well.
    My friend now calls me Super(insertcurseword)
    I LOVE it!

  13. Cheryl says:

    That is a good lookin animal you have and hope she has a great B-day.  I love storms….  You will have to write about it.  I guess I will turn on the weather station so I can watch storm story!

  14. Jamie says:

    Wow Bob, pretty gutsy not remembering the spelling of Mrs. S’s name!!!!  Oh well it happens to all of us right??  WOW what a song.  I remember watching I believe it was the CMA’s when he sang that for the first time.   My husband and I both started sobbing remembering back to where we were when this all happened.    I can still remember sitting at the Hutchinson State Fair (about 2 hours away from home) watching this on the TV’s and wondering if this is real or not.   When I got back to the hotel I called my husband and he said that he had been pacing the room waiting for me to call.    We told eachother I love you and I immediately got out the bible and started reading and praying.   For those who lost their lives and their families.  For those who were trying to help and had lost their lives saving someone else.  And I thanked God for the safety of my family.   I did not sleep at all that night.    I will never forget!!!!!

  15. klaus says:

    Great song. My father was working at the pentagon that day. The song brings back memories of an incredibly long day for my family, and I am sure for many others.

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