Spring Has Arrived Here!

It was, get this……. 80F here today!   Sorry……  But I think that just a little too warm anywhere in February!  But we DID have HIGH surf!!  This was Seal Beach today! 20 foot surf and they had to close the pier!!
The winds were whipping and it basically sucked!!   I know all of you with snow think you are dying??  But February is WAY to early for hot weather!  Get back to me in August! 
So, we decided to spend the weekend at our cabin!  I will have my new laptop and I can hopefully poke and cajole Mrs S into posting!!  I think there’s still snow on the ground there (maybe 2 feet!! , but I hope not!!  I have to construct another ‘dog run’ there!!  I don’t have boots and I’m NOT a snow person!!  LOL  Will Flip Flops work?????  Hey!!  I’m a California Guy!!!  lol
For you peeps that I chat with… I WILL be online!!  You know who you are!
My WONDERFUL gardeners were mowing my neighbor’s yard today (my day is Saturday!!)  And came over and sprayed the clover that is popping up in my lawn!!  Plus, this Saturday they are gonna replace a non-blooming Hibiscas in my front yard!!  That’s after pruning my roses, feeding the lawn and fixing a broken sprinkler!!  I never asked them!!  They just knew!!  They are GREAT!!
I think we’re going to the cabin on Thursday night but I will post something when we get there!  It looks like a perfect weekend to catch up……… plus I have 437 unread emails!!!  YIKES!!!!
I love all of you and enjoy it here sooo much!! 
Have a GREAT Hump day!!  HAH!!
Hope you like this song!! I LOVE it!!
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15 Responses to Spring Has Arrived Here!

  1. Louise says:

    Hey Bob! Yep I like the tune today. Lovely day here today despite the wind yesterday and the earthquake we had last night too! Mind I thought I was dreaming and rolled back over and carried on sleeping, mr g didn’t even notice a thing fast asleep in the land of nod pmsl.
    Hope you have a nice time at the cabin, might catch ya at some point. Back to work for me today ugh, I’m 40 now I should be retired I think hehehehe.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

  2. Emma Louise says:

    Hi bob,Thanks for the accept. I see we have a few friends in common, I’m guessing you are a little mad too! xxx

  3. Jude says:

    Pbbbbttttt….I’d be happy with temps above zero, thanks all the same!  LOL
    Nice tune  🙂
    Take care and have fun at the cabin!  🙂

  4. Isabelle says:

    One word: PICTURES!!!
    Hows the teeth business going?
    Well, I do hope Mrs. S gets to blog again! She sounds fun as much as you do….and she has already become a star on spaces!!!
    I have requested pictures of you with these elephant style pants and the dynamite blown hair style:OP
    No kidding! I would love to see you back then! oh Bobibaroo….make us laugh!;O)
    I wish you guys a wonderful weekend in the cabin.
    Take care,

  5. Beth says:

    oh for 80 degrees and no snow.  sigh…………….

  6. Jaysey says:

    You just made me really jealous–I wish I had gardeners…
    Enjoy your cabin!

  7. Gina says:

    Do not be shocked if the next stranger you see lurking around outside your house is ME – coming to visit your 80* weather!  lol  (kiddin!) My kids are out of school for a snow day today!  I want Spring, I want Spring, I want SPRING!!!!!!!!

  8. _ says:

    Growing up in Alabama, I remember weather warm enough that I got a sunburn laying out in February. Get out the SPF 45 if you work in your garden.

  9. nodope says:

    437 – WHAT? You’ve gotta be kidding. I mean, I know you’re a space rock star but that’s gotta go beyond!
    Hope you have a nice time with the Mrs. We’re looking for our first warm day here on Saturday; they’re forcasting mid-50’s. Can’t wait.
    Look forward to your cabin post – flip-flops or not.

  10. CAROL says:

    437 e mails. god heavens BOB.. clean house okay? I mean that is crazyyyy! waaaahhhhh 880 and no snow sounds like heaven to me.. I agree with some .. count us in to stay at your house while you are gone to the dreaded snow!!! : )
    Seems some things never end and it is SNOW here!! 

  11. Jill says:

    i’m enjoying the sunshine, but i agree that it’s too warm for february.   so we’re headed to Utah for a week of real winter.    =D   i’ll plant the garden when i get back — it’ll be march then.  hehehe    enjoy you’re time away!

  12. ♥ Aimee says:

    crazy weather…
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

  13. Jean says:

    Now that’s just sheer laziness! 437 emails!! Get busy, buddy, and don’t ignore any of mine!! That’s shameful.. *grumble, grumble, grumble*
    Have fun at the cabin, but protect yourself! Remember what I told you to do!

  14. Kat says:

    437 unread emails??? DUDE… lol!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Bob-a-roo!

  15. Holly says:

    I come here too,not only the spring!!!
    The spring is my best favor season!!!
    Have worm sun,grenn grass…soooo..beautiful!!
    Keep health ,take care!!!
    I miss you.

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