Samantha…. The EVIL Witch!!

Well, we made it to the cabin!  There was a bad accident on the road leading here so we had an hour detour.
BUT……  My back is, well…….. Back!  It’s beautiful up here!  Mid 50’s, clear skies, my ‘chores are done (dog run, walk-thru gate, unloading the crap from the SUV, etc..).  This new laptop is AWESOME!!   So is the Verizon DSL.  On the way here we stopped at MRS Serious’ folks and set them up with it too.  Life is GOOD!!!!
Except…….  We let our teenaged niece, Samantha,  use the cabin a few weeks ago.  She said she was going to have her girlfriend stay here too.  Apparently she invited about a dozen ‘friends’!  The place was trashed!!  All 5 beds slept in (no bedding washed), 2 windows left open (during a snow storm), the furnace left on ($200+ gas bill!!), both bathrooms filthy, some unidentifiable sticky crap on the kitchen table,  Oh  Yeah!!  And they stole a bunch of crap!!  NICE!!  We are getting ready to buy this place and this weekend we are SOOOO changing the locks!!
Soooo, instead of a nice relaxing weekend, we will be cleaning and cursing HER!!  Hopefully we can whip this place back into shape by noon tomorrow.  At least the dogs are having a BLAST!! 
Mrs S told me that she will be posting this weekend!  I’m sure she will……. or else!!  LOL
I read this amazing article in the L.A.Times today and wanted to share!!
I have a BIG confession to make!   I know…..  I’m a Dork!!  But I am a HUGE Wrestling fan!!  Yeah, Yeah..  I know!!  It’s fake, but I love it!!   So sue me!!  LOL   I have wrestlers that I like and ones that I hate!  My Favorite??  ‘The Undertaker’!  My least favorite??  ‘Edge’!!    LOL!!  And I have a feeling that some you are ‘closet’ fans too!!  Mrs S makes me leave the room when wrestling comes on….   Go figure!!
Tomorrow, besides cleaning, is also ‘repair day’!!  (New light bulbs, a new light switch and a leaking toilet!)  Also, we have 2 friends coming here for dinner and that Scrabble Tourney!!  I’ll be kicking ass!!
This is such a COOL song!!!!!
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20 Responses to Samantha…. The EVIL Witch!!

  1. Becca says:

    OH that is so not cool. How much damage do you think that she did? do you know that it is 1000 miles plus from me to your cabin? It will take us a few days to drive that way, but we are discussing it, there is progress! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  2. CAROL says:

    OH MY change the locks and post a sign.. trespassers will be proscecuted.. hope things work themselves out.. : )

  3. nodope says:

    Certainly irresponsible, probably ungrateful, but I’m doubting the evil part (kids do stupid s**t, it’s their job). Bet I know who WON’T be getting the keys anymore tho!
    Ah well, hope you have a nice time after all.

  4. Jean says:

    I think I’d be calling Samantha and asking when she’s coming to repair and clean.. and just see what she says. You have to call her on it, just to point it out. Otherwise she’ll think it’s fine and won’t understand why you won’t let her have it again! Kids will be kids, but they don’t have to be irresponsible. We always had a lake place, and I wouldn’t have thought of letting people trash it. Don’t be mean.. just ask her. What did Mrs S say??lol

  5. sweeti's says:

    If i was u  BOB  lol i would have a serious conversation with ur LIL niece  Sam…
    and  i mean that  This is not a way to say Tx to u  Uncle BOB
    and i cant  take my monkey with me to visit u???
    poor me..
    well i hope u get the mess cleaned  before ur guests arrive..
    Have fun….shake ur ass…and keep SMILING 
    warm hug for u and ur loved ones

  6. Cheryl says:

    I’m so sorry I’ve never visited your space, I haven’t been spending much time on here lately.  I’ve been quite ill for the last three months and I have to fight my kids for the computer, lol.  The only way I can get the computer of my youngest daughter is to pry it from her cold, dead fingers [so she tells me anyway, haha].  I will have to get back to the fun and games with Button, all I need now is to find my Paint Shop Pro disc [my husband has removed the program and I need to put it back on].
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    hugs from Cheryl.

  7. Jude says:

    I’d say the niece should be sent a bill for your time and effort to clean her mess – nothing like making a teenager responsible for their actions!!!
    I hope that doesn’t dampen your weekend though…..take care and enjoy the time in the mountains!  🙂

  8. Isabelle says:

    Teenager huh? Well, I would have made her come and clean her mess first thing. And you know what? Ask her parent to deduct the bill form her pocket money and be reimbursed! Teenager or not she has to learn the rules!!!
    Westling fan? …… HH too….The undertaker his favourite too…..
    I have never undertood football….figure why i don’t understand wrestling? But I do respect your taste…I am on your blog! LOL!
    I have never been attacted to over sized muscles….these guys make me think of roasted chicken or turkey. And I do have to close my eyes each time they go get hidden trash bin or chair from under the ring and bang it on their opponents…..Can they REPRODUCE? I mean may be it is fake…. but all the shocks down the ……I know what…..errrr….family jewels… I do ask the question! Yes Bob…I’ve just deceived you. Sorry!!!!!!
    Ok I do hope you do spare some time from cleaning up others mess… and do have time to enjoy your weekend.
    Take care,
    P.S Waiting for Mrs. S post!

  9. Jade says:

    Please, Please be careful with your back…

  10. Beth says:

    Have fun!!!!

  11. EbonyWyvernDragon says:

    Ok – first – don’t get cocky with the back thing………they can go out from absolutely nothing.
    Second – the niece…….. um – she needs to be made VERY AWARE that this is not acceptable. Changing the locks is a must. But, I believe she and her friends owe you and Mrs. S. A VERY THOROUGH cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!! and a few other chores! Do not let her off the hook on this!
    Enjoy your cabin weekend!

  12. ♥ Aimee says:

    well guess you won’t be letting her use the place again…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  13. Greg says:

    Hi Bob,Enjoy the cabin…Well after you get everything back into order.Can you get Samantha to pay for the heating bill???Don’t overdue your workload and take care of that back.I tried the link on your shared article. Unfortunately, it would not link up?Take care,Greg

  14. Jane says:

    No doubt!  Send Samantha the heat bill.

  15. Ice says:

    Definately send the electricity bill to Samantha.
    AFTER you inform her that you were extremely displeased with how the places was left.

  16. Holly says:

    Have a good weekend!!
    and take care of your back!
    I hope your everything is well!

  17. Mercy says:

    I’d take out all the work on Samantha’s little caboose!  She’d be doing yard work all summer for me!  What a brat, well all teens…lol.When I was a kid my uncle used to put me in figure 4 leg locks….ouch….he was a "rasssslin" fan to…arg.hugs,Mercy

  18. g says:

    OMG…i bet you were pissed.

  19. MizAngie says:

    Wrestling? You mean WRASSLIN’? Ha!! Here’s how I feel about wrasslin’…*gag* *puke* *choke* ~cough~. It’s just AWFUL. But there are a lot of people who do like it, otherwise they wouldn’t be making the kind of money they do!
    How old is Samantha? She oughta be tarred and feathered! I’d send her a bill for cleaning service, broken and stolen stuff, and the gas bill. Even if she never pays you she’d get the message! Little heifer…
    I stink at Scrabble. My favorite words all consist of only four letters so it’s hard to accrue points! hahahahaha

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