BIG Day Here!

Got the new vinyl windows installed today!!  Woo Hoo!!  They are beauties!!  Double-paned and slightly tinted.  Tomorrow is the french door install.  I’ll have some painting to do, but I’m happy happy!!   Should save us some $$ on our energy bills….. gas and electric!
One problem….  we had our house ‘termited’ a year ago and our window guy found termites eating their way through away!  So we called our termite guys and they were here within the hour ( it helps to have have a warranty and a great company to call!!)  They immediately treated the window and then found a tree stump where the evil colony lived!!  so they treated that too!  And we found THIS!!!
OK!!  Kidding!!  But they DID find THIS!!
Window and Termite Guys 001
and this!!  Look closely!!
Window and Termite Guys 002
Yeah!! There are termites in there!!  Nasty critters!!
The termite guys treated the stump… (note the "Playtex Living Gloves!)
Window and Termite Guys 004
Window and Termite Guys 006
And tomorrow, our window guy (beleive it or not) is going to dig out that tree trunk with a chainsaw , an axe and a shovel!!  The cost???  $50!  Go for it dude!!  Hell!!  I wouldn’t do it for less than $250!!
Here is a pic of our window guy!!
Window and Termite Guys 003 
He kinda looks like Randy Quaid!!  And I love the hat!!  LOL  But he’s a GREAT guy!!  He did our garage door and our back door!  Our neighbors want him!!  For his work, of course!!  I’ll get a better pic tomorrow!
We are going to have him do some work on our cabin too….  Doors, windows, etc!  He can pretty much do anything!  We had a long talk today and his hobbies are surfing and scuba diving!!  Back off ladies!!  He still has work to do here!!  LOL He also has 2 GREAT dogs that sit in his truck most of the day napping, but all of our dogs get along!
Mrs S took ‘before’ pics and I will take ‘after’ pics tomorrow!!  I’ll have better pics of ‘Randy’ , er, Larry, tomorrow!!  Ladies??  He’s a Superstar!! 
Well, enough about him…..  this space is all about ME!!  ummm…….. right???Embarrassed
OK, Ok….  I’ll get his email addy!!  Sheesh!
I have to go!!  I have peeps to comment to!!  I am WAY behind!!  But I DID work on those pesky unread emails today!! 
I will post again tomorrow and kick Mrs S’ butt for not posting something!
Changing songs!  I think you will like this one from 10 CC, even though I’ve played it before… 
Sorry.. had to play it
I lost all of my pictures!!!!  Thanks MSN!!!
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12 Responses to BIG Day Here!

  1. Holly says:

    Frist one come here today!!! right??
    yes,you have a big day!!
    Have the new windows,It’s soooo beautiful.I like it too.

  2. Louise says:

    Ohhh Bob can you get him to pose in a thong, his hat and his tool belt please????? So did you get your space sorted out or was it just overtired lol. I’d get onto msn and get them to see whats happened to your pics cos they are messing about a lot with stuff at the moment, I know can’t leave owt alone grrrrrr.
    Mr G is on really early shifts this week so he’s been going to bed early this week awww bless him, mind he is up at ten to 5 the middle of the night to me lmao.
    Don’t forget the thong ok hehehehe.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Gina says:

    Lots of activity at the Serious household! How exciting! Have a great day!

  4. Bridget says:

    Nice looking windows…that’s going to be one of my next projects! Windows, deck, hot tub…I’ll be busy for awhile. Enjoy your heatwave 😉 we’re back into the deep freeze this weekend…oh well, I’ll be sitting at the pool after bowling!

  5. Beth says:

    You are really getting everything in shape.  Did you visit my main page and listen to my Willie song?

  6. Jaysey says:

    I am so jealous, considering I just lost the money in my window fund!!  Lucky you!

  7. _ says:

    Oops. Can’t see the pics. If they were of termites, maybe it was for the best. We need to do our front windows – water damage. What can you expect from a 100+ year old house?

  8. ♥ Aimee says:

    glad it’s all working together…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  9. Laoch says:

    When I was in college one of the security guards on campus claimed to have been in 10cc.  Scary.

  10. Jade says:

    you actually had him pose holding that window huh!I wonder if he realizes how many ‘available’ women are gawking at his pic today-lol!

  11. David says:

    I love getting things done on my house, but always have to balance it against the hope of ever retiring.  With luck I can die in a falling down hose while still working.  The one thing I am glad to be away from in CA is the termites (also the traffic, crowds, lines and a few other things).  They don’t seem that much of a problem here. 

  12. Gail says:

    Strike a pose… lol . Thats funny how you even got him to pose for the cam like that….Keep up the good work around the house..  It shows. 🙂

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