Dinner Party!

This my third attempt to try to post this!!  Apparently MSN is doing yet another of their fabulous improvements!!  Pffft!!  I received a few requests for songs and I’m working on them.  In the meantime,  I’m playing a song by Dan Seals that I love!   This song is sad but very beautiful!
Tonight we hosted a dinner party OUTDOORS!!  What a treat!!   Mrs Serious prepared Moroccan food which consisted of Moroccan Chicken, Couscous, Gingered Carrots, Cumin Potatoes and a fabulous salad.. and for dessert??  Cheesecake (Jane??) topped with Blackberries!!  TOO GOOD!!!  I guess Spring has sprung here!
Here is a photo of the damage!Dinner Party
Guess who gets to wash dishes today?  lol!  But it’s worth it!
We invited 5 good friends and it was a Blast!
Dinner Party 009
Simo and Medhi!  Are these guys cute or what, ladies??  The last time we saw Simo in Morocco, he was 9 years old and about 3 feet tall!
Dinner Party 001
The whole group!  (I’m behind the camera..)
Dinner Party 007
My new girlfriend Lena!  She is Vietnamese and a Corporate Attourney.  Isn’t she cute???
Dinner Party 008
Lena and Mrs S!
Dinner Party 003
Oh yeah…..  and the food!  Excellent!!
Beleive it or not, I’m actually awake to watch the sunrise!!!!  Rare indeed, but kinda cool!  It looks like it’s going tp be a Tequila Sunrise, so maybe I’ll snap a pic!!
Anyhow, it was a fun night with Great food and even greater friends!!
Sorry guys, but I came up empty on the lottery so PV is still on hold!  But I’ll try again on Wednesday!  Wednesday and Saturday are our days here!  Hey!!  Here’s an idea!  How about you send me your ‘lucky’ seven numbers and I’ll play them!  Puerto Vallarta is sounding GOOD!
Have a GREAT week!!
OK!  I take back what I said about MSN…..   I have lost my TV connection too!  So I called my cable company and they informed me that the problem is Solar Storms (sunspots) until tomorrow!  What a pain!
NOT  the best of days!!  But of course, it IS Monday!!  lol!!   STILL working on those dishes, and now we have a power outage in our bedroom!!  WHAT???   But I have extension cords and will run the dishwasher tonight!! 
I have been writing down your song requests and your lottery numbers!!  (Thank You Beth!!)
Hopefully, the Sunspots (or whatever!) will be gone tomorrow!!  What a pain!!
Have a great pre-hump day!! 
I’ve been unhappy with my tunes latley!!  I get bored easily!!  LOL!!  So I’m gonna switch over to the ‘OFICIAL’ R U Serious theme song and then switch to ‘Toby Keith Week’ starting tomorrow!!  I promise you will like it!!  Really!!  Trust me!!  No….  REALLY!!!!!   (Well… I know Kat Soup will!!)  LOL
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17 Responses to Dinner Party!

  1. Holly says:

    sooooooo big Dinner.
    Many good food!!!
    hmm..I want to eat…

  2. CAROL says:

    WOW sounds like you all had a great time of it. That gal looks like a movie star.. I can’t think of her name.. she played on ER I think.. anyway.. ahhhh my favs are all 7  anything seven especially 77 or 777  be my guest just remember if you win I GET THE 77 hahahah!!  Have a great week!  : )

  3. Stephanie says:

    Damn you, damn you all to hell!!! Torturing friends is against the law!! It’s not bad enough that you have to tell me that Becky made Moroccan chicken, but then you take pictures and SHOW ME!
    I’m thinking some kind of torture that involves your family jewels, would be appropriate…. DAYUM that looks wonderful!
    (Going off to sulk and cry because I didn’t get any.)

  4. giggles says:

    OHH I really like that song too but I’m still waiting on steve…. the dinner looks wonderful. Where was my invitation??? don’t tell me it got lost in the mail…

  5. _ says:

    Here’s an idea for Mrs. S’s blog… upload the recipes! That food looks delicious. Too bad my screen isn’t scratch-n-sniff.

  6. nodope says:

    Mmmm yummy…you pick the subject.
    Puerto Vallarta is nice, and Cozumel, Cancun, Chetumal… Need I continue?

  7. Beth says:

    OK Bob, here ya go.  8-9-14-22-25-52
    Let me know if I win and I’ll fly to California to claim the money and I promise I will pay you your dollar back!!  LOL

  8. Sue says:

    Mmmm  I have never had Moroccan Food.. no.. wait. I had Moroccan Soup when I went to Australia!  Oh yum. My mouth waters now.

  9. Bridget says:

    Its a good thing you didn’t win the lottery because Wednesdays and Saturdays are ours here too…and being I was ummm…bowling 😉 this weekend I kinda forgot to get a ticket. Good luck…maybe we’ll beat the odds and actually win…what would be even better is if we both won!! lol…I’d split the millions with ya 😀

  10. Jade says:

    oh dear! yummy food and people!!!

  11. Tracie says:

    Looks like a great party!  Dan Seals = good!

  12. Jude says:

    That’s some party!!!  Ok…finally got a chance to hear the music…wasn’t sure if I’d heard the track before….until it got to the chorus…then I knew!  🙂
    Hope you’re doing well and that the dishes weren’t too bad to do  🙂

  13. Ice says:

    What fun you must have had!
    …..running around blogworld as fast as possible..
    Hugz & Luv,

  14. R U Serious says:

    Crap!!  Tomorrow, if these ‘Solar Storms’ disappear, I will try to comment to all of you!!  What the hell??  Sunspots?? 
    I now have 539 unread emails!!  Kinda like my backyard was!!  Maybe I can hire the gardeners to come online and…..  Naw!!! 
    I bought these really cool kneepads today, and also new gloves and pruners, so I now have NO excuse!!  DAMN!!  lol!  I figure, a little at a time!  Play Country music and ‘weed’ away!  I’m sure that the dogs will be a BIG help!!  LOL
    Now comes the trickt part……. Sneaking into bed with out waking up Mrs S!!  And she SOOOOOOO owes you all a post!!  Lazy Mare!!  LOL
    I am sooooo  out of here!!  Nite!
    Crap!!  It’s 3:30 am here!!  What are you people doing up?   Oh wait!!  That would be me!! 

  15. Kat says:

    holy crap! I take a few days off from blogland and come back to find out you’ve lived a lifetime in a few days!! New windows, new lawn care, dinner parties, sun flares, de-hibernation of turtle—my god–*flops on your blog sofa* I’m all sorts of exhausted now!
    I love your music, Bob-a-roo, by the way. I just like to harass ya over your love of Country!! hehehehe 😀

  16. giggles says:

    I have to keep coming back just to hear this song…love Montgomery Gentry….and U too..hehehe…id be your "steady"

  17. CAROL says:


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