Of Dachshunds and Firewalls….

My friend Jane blogged today about her horrible day.  Then she asked how everyone else’s day was.  How was my day?  How was MY DAY????   Well up until that point it was ok, even after talking on the phone for 90 minutes with Verizon about my FIL’s DSL!   But…….. our little miniature Dachshund, Baxter, has been yelping off and on for the past 4 days.  He eats normally, can jump on and off the bed, no vomiting, stool is good (TOO good!), so except for the ‘yelping’ he seems normal.  But Mrs S insisted that I drag his butt to see the vet!  This is always a truly difficult experience…. and he is the EASY one!  At least he fits in a carrier.  So we get there.  I let him out of the carrier.  As I’m explaining to the nurse (?) about his ‘problem’, Baxter is tearing around the place, jumping on and off of the chairs, chasing the receptionist around and running into the billing office to terrorize them!  The nurse is looking at me like I’m crazy!!   Then, the ultimate disgrace!!!  He takes a HUGE dump in the middle of the waiting room!  PEEEE YEWWWW!!!!
So we finally see the vet.  I tell him the story and apologize for the ‘dump’, and of course, Baxter won’t yelp no matter where he touches him.  So I am home now for an hour while Baxter has X-Rays and a blood test!!  Great!!
I’m back from the vet for the second time today.  The X-Rays were negative, the blood test results come tomorrow.  He was prescribed anti-inflammatories and given a muscle-relaxer shot!!  He is OUT!!  The good news??  Baxter yelped for times while there!  The bad news???  The bill was $453.02!!!!    That’s right!  .02!!  I was also told to keep Bonnie away from him!!  She is such a roughneck!
 Now, I assume (HOPE!!!) that you all have a Firewall installed on your computer.  VERY important!  Keeps out Hackers, scans for viruses, and most guard against Malware and Adware.  I use ZoneAlarm which is a really good one, as is Norton.  But they cost around $40 a year.  But PC Magazine and PC World have recently written that ‘Comodo Pro 3.0’ is the best FREE firewall available!!  Better than ‘Blue Ice’!  You can register, download and install it at www.comodo.com.  They claim that they will NEVER charge for it or for the updates, EVER!!  So if you don’t have a firewall or can’t afford one, check this site out!!  And if you want to read a review, go to www.go.pcmag.com/comodopro3.  Like I said, if you don’t have one, PLEASE get one!!
Phil Vaser tonight!!  Great voice, Great song!!
That’s all I got!   How was YOUR day?????
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10 Responses to Of Dachshunds and Firewalls….

  1. HEDGE says:

    wow!  good lord!  $453 … and 2 cents!  Now do you feel bad about Baxter unloading in the middle of the vet’s floor??   🙂    j/k    I hope your dog is doing well.  I’m a great dog lover!

  2. HEDGE says:

    Sounds great!  Look forward to hearing it:)   I just sent you an invitation to be on my friends list.  Hope you got it at your end 🙂

  3. Tracie says:

    Oh, sorry about the vet!  Hopefully your puppy will feel better!  LOVE Phil Vaser!

  4. Twila says:

    Oh, poor Baxter.  Or maybe I should say "poor Bob’s wallet"!  OUCH!  Sure hope they find what’s wrong and soon.  The more trips, the more money going their way.  Have the doctors check his spine.  Maybe a bad disk or something.  We had a little "Lady" dog that developed a disk problem.  It hit her once for about 6 months, then without any notice, she got better.  Then about 6 months later she got way worse.  Eventually had to put her down cuz she got oh so much worse.  I should dig out a picture of her.  She was a little cutie.  I’m sure that Baxter would have fallen in ‘puppy love’ with her at first site.
    Thanks for the info on Comodo.  I’ll check it out even though we don’t need one right now.

  5. nodope says:

    Hey there Bob. It’s been a while. I hope the little dude turns out ok but it’s probably just as well you took him in; you never know…
    I drive Vista so I don’t feel too threatened yet by viruses and such as the hacker aren’t up to speed (yet) and hopefully it’ll take ’em some time to crack the system defenses.
    I haven’t been seeing your updates lately, did you go private again, or have I just been snoozing?

  6. CAROL says:

    MY DAY..ummmm wellll not as bad as yours.. he heh.. I mean I didnt get sprayed by a mangy skunk and that was good and I didn’t have to shovel snow and that was good.. so I guess it was great.. tomorrow I shovel again.. GOD I am getting muscles I didn’t know I had from this heavy snow… : (   HEy poor Bax… I wonder if he is just paranoid from hearing those bangs from the paint gun.. He could have post tramatic shock or something. who knows. hope he is
    gonna get good marks on his results… NOPE I have some firewall stuff but no real fancy one.. I used to have many they messed up my machine bigtime and made it run reallllllllllllllly slow.. I will save the link and look into it though.. THANKS FOR THE INFO..  : )

  7. Isabelle says:

    Bhahahahahaha! have you tried wrestling with a cat at the vet?
    Well, I’ve always had animals around and yes going to the vet is a very, very, (ok) X 1000 difficult thing to do.
    I had 3 cats and a Shepard dog…. the trips were awful….
    Now I have a dog like Bonnie,…his name Bouboule…. no way to lay your hand on him for a vet trip.
    We had to give him sleeping pills,…suggested by the vet,…. to get him on board the car,….he never got on board the car,…..in fact….he never slept…..
    I had shepard dogs and Collie,….cats…. Bouboule is….JUST SOMETHING!! And he id the smallest in size,….but good Lord…. what a character he has!!!!!
    Take care,
    Why the hell the 2 cents…..Oh to get on your nerves!!!

  8. ♥ Aimee says:

    sounds like a crazy day…
    *~* :o) a smile is a universal welcome… :o) *~*

  9. Jill says:

    just a quick fyi:   your updates are back!!!!  so know i’ll know when to stop by again.  =D
    have an utterly fantastical weekend!

  10. giggles says:

    Poor little Baxter..maybe he was just feeling left out and needed some extra attention…..and drugs…hehe
    Phil Vasar is a good choice… good luck with the puppies

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