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BAD ‘Tech’ Day!!

  Woke up this morning and was confronted with, "My monitor isn’t working’!!  Sure enough, it was DEAD!!   Now keep in mind that my wife works for the largest independent oil refiner in the U.S.!!  And she works from home.  … Continue reading

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Trojan Horse???

  Holy Crap!!   My Firewall/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware program (ZoneAlarm) just detected a ‘Trojan Horse’ attempt on my computer!   It was quarantined and deleted but……. let’s just say, that’s why we ALL need protection!  There are BAD people out there who get their … Continue reading

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Hot, Hot, HOT!!!!!!

  Man!!!  They predicted a hot day today but I didn’t reckon it would be THIS hot!!   This picture was just taken.  It’s 11:00 AM.  My finger is pointing at where the mercury is.     And I live … Continue reading

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Why I Live In Southern California!

  …….Because of days like today!  Sunny, 82F and a nice breeze coming off of the Pacific Ocean.  While Becky worked in the garden, I took the 350Z  to get it gassed up and then took a short cruise along … Continue reading

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I Got Nuthin’!!

  But that has never stopped me before!  LOL!!  In fact, the last time I wrote that, I posted a 10,000 word blog!!  So let’s see what comes to my twisted mind today, shall we?   My dogs, well two … Continue reading

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I Have Been Tagged!!!

  Darn!!  But I don’t really mind these things!!  I always meet new friends!  Problem is, the person who tagged me has the same quirks as me.  So I’ll have to go through my other 837 ones and come with … Continue reading

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Savants!!! Holy Crap!

  I’m watching this amazing program on National Geographic Channel called ‘Memory Masters’.  Unbeleivable!!!!!  Some were born Savants, some became Savants and some are Idiot Savants.  Remember the movie ‘Rain Man’??  This guy, Kim, is the person the movie was made … Continue reading

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