Had I Only Known!

Had to go to the supermarket (Albertson’s) today to pick up a few things.  I figured that since it was Thursday, it would be a good day!  Not crowded, easy parking and fast checkout, right?  When I got there (my first clue of things to come!) I couldn’t find a parking space within 200 yards of the store.  So I park, trudge to the front door and guess what?  NO shopping carts (clue #2)!  So I wander around the parking lot 100 yards in the OTHER direction and find one (from another store… with a wobbly wheel… that insists on pulling scarily to the left!)  I make it back to the front door, by now already exhausted….. and there is a LINE to get IN!!!  (clue #3) If there weren’t things that I HAD to buy, I would have left, but I bide my time and soon enter the #*&%@$g store.  It is packed!!!  Then I notice that ALL of the checkstands are open with lines extending down the aisles!  Did I miss something here??   Flood?  Earthquake? Terrorist attack?  Hilary is coming????? 
So I struggle through with my wobbly cart (running into people to my left…) and manage to get the items that I need.  I worm my way to a line (I think) that is headed to a checkstand.  It was a mob scene!!  Luckily my lame cart kept people from trying to cut in from the left!  I start talking to this nice woman behind me and say, "This is a madhouse!!  What is going on?"  She replies, "OH!  You don’t know?  It’s their annual ‘8 Hour Sale!" 
Well CRAP!!   So I ask here what’s on sale.  She says, bread, cereal, granola bars, pork ribs (pork ribs??), etc.  I ask her to look in my cart to see if I picked up any sale items!  ‘Nope"!!  Figures….  30 minutes later I am checked out but where did I park?  Finally I make it home…. kissing my driveway!!  Had I known, I think yesterday would have been a MUCH better day for grocery shopping.  I have GOT to stop throwing away those ads!!
I am playing MY favorite songs this week.  I think this one is #6 on my list.  Who knows??  Who cares??   But it’s funny, so enjoy!
Mrs S had to drive to San Diego this morning to attend the San Diego Padres/Houston Astros baseball game with her boss and 2 customers!  Tough job, huh?  Well for her it is since she hates baseball.  And tomorrow night?  Staples Center for a Lakers/Dallas Mavericks game…. and I get to go!!!
Well…… back to my cleaning!!  More dusting and windows!!  UGH!!  When I get that French maid outfit??  I’ll post pics!!
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15 Responses to Had I Only Known!

  1. Jane says:

    Wow, Bobber, you are a devoted shopper!  Even when I know about something I want on sale at Albertson’s, by the time I get there… it’s gone.  :o(
    Have fun at the bketball game!!

  2. Beth says:

    We don’t have an Albertsons around here but it is the same when Meijer has their 12 hour sale.  Go first thing in the morning and prepare to fight if you have too.

  3. Bridget says:

    say Bob hun…. can you come over and clean for me? I have a few other things going on and the dusting is just going to have to wait, lol.
    The grocery thing…. it happens to be Wally world on a Saturday morning….omg, I sooooooooooo avoid it!!! Besides, I’ve got one hot schwan’s man who stops every other week, lol. 😉
    Have a great weekend, ***hugs***

  4. nodope says:

    That’s the deal with sale items, it’s always junk I don’t want.
    Oh, crap! I forgot to include your music player troubles in my beef letter. Oh well, somebody prolly did it anyway.
    Driveway disclaimer: Kissing pavement can be dertimental to your image

  5. Jade says:

    Just performed major surgery on my desktop pc.he had a brain hemorrhage or clogged arteries and has to be sent out for repair!I’m Going to the dentist tomorrow, cracked tooth 😦

  6. giggles says:

    I cant wait to see you in the maids outfit!!!!! No wonder the Mrs lets you clean so much if you wear things like that!!    HEHEHE

  7. renay says:

    it’s the sameway when mejier or walmats has a slae lines are long. and sometimes the sale items might not be has good.

  8. Tracie says:

    I HATE going to the grocery store!  We are out of all food before I go! 
    Good song BTW

  9. CAROL says:

    HI BOB.. Ya know.. I bet your company doesn’t even care if the windows are clean or not.. they are just coming to see you and BECCA so why kill yourself cleaning.. CHILL MAN!! You had some hard shoppin there it is enough to wear anyone out!!  8 hours I bet there were good deals or they place would not have been that busy.. take care. have a great weekend!!

  10. Isabelle says:

    I would have backed off at the first clue….You really went to war, haven’t you?
    Thanks for the laugh! I could see you battling your way in and out of that store!! MY HERO!!!;O)
    Take care,

  11. Born says:

    Hey!!!! my first time at your space. Ofcourse i would have left at the first sign. LOL. thankfully where i live the grocery store comes to you. haha. seriously you call the grocer and tell him what you want and then he delives it for free to your doorstep.

  12. Cin says:

    Wow, french maid outfit…waiting with baited breath. 🙂
    Damselfly Lady

  13. ♥ Aimee says:

    oh no…i hate packed supermarkets…
    *~* :o) a smile is a universal welcome… :o) *~*

  14. Jill says:

    dude!  the grocery store isn’t going anywhere…….i sooooo would have left when I saw that there was a line to get in…….you are one persistant guy.    glad you made it out alive!
    you do windows?!  hmmmmmmmm…….

  15. Born says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by and i look forward to your addition to the poem. It doesn t have to rhyme, and it doesn t even have to be poetic but the idea is for the verse to in some way brin g out the color red. I look forward to your addition………………

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