One of my good Spaces friends, Cindy (http://mysnyte.spaces.live.com/) is visiting from British Columbia with her sister and daughter!  The weather has been perfect and they have spent the past few days at Disneyland.  Yes… another visiter!!  But I love it!  Tomorrow I will be picking them up at their motel and we will spend the day in Seal Beach.  After that, back here for a Moroccan Chicken dinner!!  It’s always exciting to meet an online friend face to face!!  What FUN!!  I’ll take pics…. as usual!!  HAH!!
Becky wants me to RECLEAN the house, but really??  How dirty can it get in 2 days???  But as a good hubby, I will do the obligatory dusting and vacuuming. 
Seal Beach is such a quaint little beach town!!  We will walk the pier and have lunch!!  Oh yeah!!  And watch the surfers!!  lol   After 3 days at Disneyland, they need a break!!  At least Momma (Cindy) does!!  Should be fun….. for them AND me!
BTW…… I hope all of you realize that if you ever want to visit So Cal, Disneyland, our beaches….. you are ALWAYS welcome to visit us and I will be more than willing tyo help you!  Just let me know.  Get away from that snow!!!  LOL
I will have pictures tomorrow!  In the meantime, more Hal Ketchum!!
We just got word that our favorite Aunt just passed away!!  I’m dying here!!  She was such a special woman!  Oh Man!!  We just saw her at Easter and she looked BAD!!  It was cancer!  Mrs S will be saying something at the funeral and I will help her.  She was very much into gardening and had an awesome yard!!  For the past few years, I would drive to her house and water for her!!  Her son Jim, is devasted!!  And of course, Becky is now making the phone calls…  She will be SOOOOO missed!  When the tears stop flowing, I will be back……  Easter will never be the same without her!  Crap!!!  Later….!
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18 Responses to YAY!!!

  1. Jess says:

    Oh I bet those girls had more fun at your house than Vegas jeez !!
    One of these days you are gonna get a shock when I knock on your door buster, and you remember you said it was ok !!
    I’m wishing I was there with you all having a blast !

  2. Lena says:

    If I come visit will Becky make me Moroccan chicken?

  3. Beth says:

    I would love to visit your family Bob.  You and Becky sound like a lot of fun, you eat really good stuff and you like country music.  What’s not to love?

  4. renay says:

    hope that everyone has a goodtime.

  5. Rambling says:

    I’ll come on over for the first vacation I have had in my life.  I’d do Disneyland and hope to see and meet you all and get a memorable meal!  🙂

  6. rebecca says:

    Lena – get your ass here and you bet I’ll make you some moroccan chicken.  And Jess, don’t bother knocking, just come on in!  Oh, and Beth, in my kitchen it’s not country music that’s playing…usually opera.  Oh, shut up, have a drink and get over yourself!  Cheers all!

  7. Sanjana says:

    me too ! me too! i want to see disneyland as well. but honestly that moroccan chicken sounds good to me, and ofcourse the mashed potatoes. ah well Bob really knows how to get us all worked up abuot food. and watch it we are all coming heheh imagine that bob if everyone of your friends from space decided to visit youd have to put us up all in tents in the lawn. LOL. but what fun it would be – like a convention ofcourse, tis another thing when we’d leave becky would throw you out as well. hehe!!!!

    im sorry about your aunt. its good you spent so much time with her. you are a dear Bob. Take care. ill see you around…..

  8. Jill says:

    I’m sooo sorry to hear about your aunt….it’s nice, though, that you all got to visit with her at Easter…….we’ll be praying for you and the rest of the family.

  9. Laoch says:

    Sorry for your loss.

  10. ♥ Aimee says:

    very sorry for your loss…

  11. Tracie says:

    Sorry about your aunt! 
    I like Hal Ketchum, I call him Ketchup – just the weirdness of my humor!  lol

  12. CAROL says:

    SO SORRY about your aunt BOB.. you will have fond fond memories of her for sure. She is so happy where she is.. don’t fret or worry over her she will be just fine.  HUGS to you and the family.. Sorry I could not get back toyou last night.. msn was freezing up and the power went off..   TAke care..  : )

  13. MizAngie says:

    So sorry you’re feeling such pain at the loss of your aunt. The people who are such blessings in our lives are such a gift. I hope you and your cousin will take comfort in the love she gave that can never die.
    Y’all take care…
    P.S.  And if y’all ever come to Texas give me a holler. I’ll make you some REAL chili!!

  14. Gina says:

    Oh gosh Bob and Mrs S, I’m sorry for your loss. I remember seeing her in the pics from Easter you posted and you mentioned how sick she was then. She fought a good fight.
    Take care.

  15. Hey You says:

    Coming out of hibernation and just checking in.  As soon as I hit your space and heard your music I was laughing out loud.  Good thing my landlord is away as I was a tad loud for a "Proper Bostonian."  Be well my friend.

  16. Hey You says:

    I am sorry to hear of your loss.  In 1991 when a favorite uncle of mine passed away (he was in a religious order) we were told to "keep telling the story"  I think that was the best thing I ever heard and practiced.  Keep telling the story, Bob.  God bless.  Eileen

  17. Isabelle says:

    I’m so sorry for your lost….
    My condolences to you and Mrs. Serious.
    Take care,

  18. Twila says:

    Oh Bob.  I’m so sorry.  I’ve been remiss in my blog duties this week.  I just learned of Jo’s passing when I visited Becky’s place this morning.  I know you’ll both miss her, but she’s certainly given you some wonderful memories to hold on to.  My thoughts & prayers will be with you and Becky.

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