Tuesday Rant!!

I don’t rant much, especially here.  I’m pretty mellow.  But here goes!!  Stand back and wear eye protection!!
Most of you have read my posts about my neighbor Charlotte (Crazy Lady!!  The one with the Redneck son).  Also, the one who thinks that Mexicans are walking her walls and camping in her backyard.  ALSO!  The same one who beleives that the WOMAN down the street is peeping in her windows at night!!  Oh Yeah!!  And that my gardeners and I planted shrubbery in her yard in the middle of the night, which she pulled out!!   K!!!!!
Anyhow, several years ago she had her lawn resodded, and the aforementioned shrubbery planted, after her first attempt to grow ‘Golf Green’ grass failed miserably!  (Picture the Gobi Desert after a nuclear test!!).  So now her lawn looks great, minus the shrubbery….   But when she had it sodded, she refused to have her guys sod the smal 8′ X 4′ patch of lawn that we share because 2 feet of it is our piece of dirt!! 
So when we had our yard sodded, we had our landscapers sod that small patch too, even though they could not install sprinklers there.  We phoned her (too scary in person!!) and told her, and offered a deal!  We would pay for the sodding and she or one of her multiple sons or grandsons would water it!  She seemed thrilled!!
Almost a year later and they have yet to put a drop of water on that patch!!  Except for her Redneck son who likes to spit alot!  So guess who is doing it??  You got it!!  She has a hose 10 feet away but it leaks so bad that I got soaked the one time I tried to use it.  Plus, she is too cheap to buy a nozzle for it.  So I drag my 75 foot hose out there every third day to water, plus I feed it and my gardeners mow it!
Oh GOD!!  She is standing in my front yard peering in the window!!  911!!  911!!  lol!
Well, the past few times I watered that patch she was either in a lawn chair in her open garage or sitting on the ground in her housecoat pulling weeds, but when she sees me dragging my hose out??  She is gone!!!
I have 4 solutions:
1.  Talk to her Redneck son
2.  Have him buy a new hose
3.  Have him buy an actual nozzle
4.  Have ONE of them get off their A$$ and turn the hose on!!
Am I wrong??    Rant over!!  I feel better!
My Anaheim Ducks are playing in game 3 of the NHL playoffs tonight, in Dallas, and they had better win!!  They only needs 4 things!  Better goaltending, more offense, stay out of the penalty box and much better penalty killing.  Is that too much to ask!!   Maybe!  Down 2 games to 0, they need to take it one game at a time!
Now as for the Lakers??  They are now #1 in the Western Conference and can clinch that by beating Sacramento tonight!! 
That’s all I have for tonight, I guess!!  Nothing much going on here!!  OH!!  I bought a new electric shaver today AND new underwear!!  LOL  Good old WalMart!!
I’m playing a Bellamy Brothers song tonight that I have played before.  Sorry, but it is so my life 25 years ago!!  I mean REALLY!!!!!
Take care all and thanks for letting me rant.   Oh, one more thing!  Baxter with his new toy!!!
New Toy 002
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22 Responses to Tuesday Rant!!

  1. Rambling says:

    Rant on, my man…rant on.  You’ll see mine occasionally too.  And for the record, no, you are not wrong.  (and obviously she is NOT a Phillies phan!)

  2. Jaysey says:

    Have fun trying to talk to the redneck son!
    That’s a big toy for a small dog!

  3. _ says:

    Great shot of Baxter and his new toy! When are you going to post a picture of you and your new underwear?

  4. Beth says:

    Rant away if it makes you feel better.  Usually when I rant away like that my blood pressure goes up about 50 points.
    Baxter is so cute with his toy.
    I like the Bellamy Brothers, especially the one entitled ‘Jesus is coming and…"

  5. giggles says:

    Maybe you should sneak over there during the night and install the invisible fence around her yard then give her the collar ,ummm, i mean necklace as a present. It would either keep her outta your yard or someone would haul her off in a straight jacket after she started howling..HAHA.  either way you would be rid of her.

  6. Hope says:

    ranting is good .. one has to do it every once in awhile..
    adn no your not wrong in feeling the way you do..
    but I doubt very much talking with her "red neck son" will not do much good, other than make your blood pressure go up..
    what to do ? well if you want it green the way it is.. your the one who will have to take care of it.. so accept it.. and smile..
    if all else fail.. buy another hose.. put holes in it.. and only use it when they are out and about.. that way "all" gets a nice soaking..
    and of course.. "smile" while watering..
    Baxter is so cute.. love  his toy..
    how long will it last..? toys around my 3 furry friends only last for about a week.. if that long..
    oh well at least they do so enjoy them.. and its fun watching them play and destroy..
    have a great evening..
    soft hugs Hope

  7. MizAngie says:

    Are the underwear and electric razor related? Will you shave your butt (or whatever) in order to feel spiffy in your drawers?
    It would be too tempting to me to put something on her yard when she’s not looking that would kill all the grass EXCEPT that one little patch. But that’s how I roll… (Note: Actual vindictive actions taken by me in the past have ALL backfired on me in some way – either through direct revenge or indirectly through karma.)

  8. renay says:

    hope that you have a good night. the picture of baxter are excellent.

  9. CAROL says:

    MiZangie cracks me up! I can’t quite see you shaving your…. (ACKKKk my eyes my eyes!!!)…. anyway.. NO you rant all you want to… you are right! .. They need to get a new hose. but I bet if they did they would not use it! Just the nuts they are… and 2,3 &4!!! YEP so right.. pull your drapes BOB don’t let that woman burn your retinas!!  ICK!!   : )

  10. Sanjana says:

    I think you need to scare them enuf to leave. Maybe you should try hosing her down next time. LOL . Im not going to be online today. Have several mid line inspetions to check out today and some approvals too. so im going to bee out of the office and on the move. if i get back ill give you a buzz. bye………..

  11. Born says:

    Thanks for checking out the price at Wall Mart. sorry didnt catch you online was gettign my stuff together. ill speak to you tomorrow then bye bob

  12. rebecca says:

    Darn Bob and his walmart undies….why oh why isn’t there a Victoria Secrets for men???/

  13. Louise says:

    Think I could use a really good rant Bob. Where have you been hiding lately???
    (((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxx

  14. Laoch says:

    Fine looking canine.  I think the series between the spurs and the suns will be interesting.

  15. ♥ Aimee says:

    new underwear eh? that is the best feeling…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥ 

  16. Sue says:

    Say, if only two feet of that is yours, why not just water that part???  If it were me, I’d put a small fence along on my two feet of it and take care of only that.  But maybe she’d be too DENSE to get it.  Oh well.  Without problem people like that, this would be a pretty DULL world, huh?!!! 

  17. Kat says:

     A most excellent rant, Bob-a-roo. Now consider this—its karma. For all the extra wonderfulness you have been receiving from your angel gardeners–you must now pay back into karma by watering that patch of &%@! grass.
    Orrrrrrrrrr….you can put all your doggies on that patch and let them use it as their bathroom! 😀

  18. Isabelle says:

    Mmmmm…. I was about to advise you but then….. nevermind PEACE AND LOVE!!!!!
    I love Baxter! Such a cutie….I wonder if he would bite me…..
    Take care,

  19. Jade says:

    You watch, she is going to pull it up because aliens came
    and planted alien sod and are using it to spy on her!!!!!!!

  20. Isabelle says:

    Now Bob since you mentioned the fact you brought new underwears we ought to see and judge! After all we are your friend!LOL!!! Mrs. Serious is so not convinced about your choice.

    Becky…..I don’t think there is Victoria secret for man…. I don’t think i will be able to withstand the sight of a man in fine lace or satin….
    Take care,

  21. Jamie says:

    Hey Bob,  Man I miss being on here.  I think that I ought to quit my job, cause it is interferring with my social life…. Think that one would go over well with Big Daddy???? Probably not.    Man, what a crazy, lazy a$$ woman your neighbor is.   The least she could do is waddle over to the hose with her worn out hosecoat and water the damn lawn.   I mean really, her redneck son could pull his pants down and pi$$ on it once or twice and that would take care of it for a while  LMAO!!!!  Okay, so I really wouldn’t want someone peeing on your lawn, but at least that would be an effort.   Hang in there!!!  HUGS!!!

  22. Tracie says:

    are you an old hippie Bob?  LOL  Good song!

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