Puerto Vallarta!

OK!!  I have been trying to post this for 3 days!!  But between my computer and Spaces,  It has been a pain in the…… Ear!!  lol!
But here it is!  LOL!
It was a smooth flight and when we arrived it was downright balmy.  75F with a nice ocean breeze.  We were anxious to see our condo and thrilled when we did!  Two bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, a Full kitchen, 3 TV’s (with 90 channels!), a Hot Tub on our patio overlooking the ocean, a washer/dryer (instructions in Spanish), at least 12 closets and of course, maid service.
Here are pics of our ‘place’:
Puerto Vallarta 004Puerto Vallarta 013Puerto Vallarta 013
Puerto Vallarta 005Puerto Vallarta 006
Puerto Vallarta 008
Puerto Vallarta 011
Puerto Vallarta 011
Puerto Vallarta 006
The pool sucked!  Too many kids and WAY too many ‘activities’!  So we stuck to the beach and our patio. 
Here is our patio!
Puerto Vallarta 078
Puerto Vallarta 079
Puerto Vallarta 036
And this is the patio queen!!
Puerto Vallarta 050
Puerto Vallarta 018
Then there were the many beach activities going on. 
Here is Becky getting into a catermaran:
Puerto Vallarta 046
And OMG!!  This is ME!!  Yikes!!
Puerto Vallarta 048
They also had horseback riding
Puerto Vallarta 053
Puerto Vallarta 049
Puerto Vallarta 096
Jet ski’s
Puerto Vallarta 052
And the usual ‘Beach Vendors
Puerto Vallarta 119
Puerto Vallarta 032
Here is Becky ‘working’ one of them!  HAH!
Puerto Vallarta 104
Puerto Vallarta 105
Becky was VERY relaxed!!  She needed this!  Isn’t she cute??
Puerto Vallarta 017
Puerto Vallarta 118
Puerto Vallarta 064
Puerto Vallarta 124
I needed a vacation too!
Puerto Vallarta 001
Puerto Vallarta 055
Puerto Vallarta 068
Puerto Vallarta 106
Puerto Vallarta 125
And as usual, Becky insisted on taking pics of every waiter we had!
Here is Javiar from the hotel reataurant.  A VERY happy guy!
Puerto Vallarta 029
And Luis
 Puerto Vallarta 066
And Eduardo
Puerto Vallarta 095
and last but not least, Pedro
Puerto Vallarta 131
We had some GREAT meals there but the best was HERE!!  At the Happy Lobster!!
Puerto Vallarta 065
Lobster, shrimp and the biggest damned Crayfish I’ve ever seen!!  And yes, we ate it ALL!!
This place, Daquari Dicks, had the strongest Margaritas I have EVER had!!
Puerto Vallarta 093
But of course, there were those beautiful Mexican sunsets!!
Puerto Vallarta 039Puerto Vallarta 033
Puerto Vallarta 035
Puerto Vallarta 043
Puerto Vallarta 088
Puerto Vallarta 044
Puerto Vallarta 133
Here is the view from the right of our patio
Puerto Vallarta 045
And here is to the left  (This poor guy held that parachute up for 4 hours waiting for a customer!)
Puerto Vallarta 047
Like I said, the pool was a madhouse!!
Puerto Vallarta 122
We spent our final night downtown at an Italian (YES!!  Italian!) restaurant overlooking the sidewalk activity and the beach.  They have interesting statues erected along the main drag!
Puerto Vallarta 140
Puerto Vallarta 143
Puerto Vallarta 149
But this guy??   He covered himself in mud and posed as a statue, motionless, for 5 minutes at a time!!  When he finally moved, people would jump back!! LOL!!  What a job!
Puerto Vallarta 128
And sand sulptures…
Puerto Vallarta 150
Puerto Vallarta 151
Oh Yeah….  There ARE ‘lowriders’ in Puerto Vallarta!
Puerto Vallarta 127
Oh Yeah!!  If you go there and are really into it, go to ‘The Zoo’!!  It’s a wild bar downtown!!  We posed with their mascot! (Bigger Freak than me!!!)
Puerto Vallarta 141
We had a GREAT time but as always, it’s good to be home!!  I missed my dogs and my friends!! 
Hope you enjoyed the pics and when I win the lottery, this is where we are all going!! 
 P S  Sorry about duplicate pics and overlays!
I think that this is a GREAT song!
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30 Responses to Puerto Vallarta!

  1. Beth says:

    Great pictures!

  2. DANA says:

    I’m so excited waiting for my space bags filled with those wonderful margaritas, and I’m sure Pedro didn’t mind when you stuffed him in the other, I hope you didn’t forget to give him the straw to breathe with. I hope too that you sent maybe a small space bag full of those lobsers. I’m sure it will arrive anyday!
    And yes you both look so cute, all tanned up and all relaxed. I’m really happy you had a good time. Thanks ahead of time for the mailings of all the goodies. hee hee

  3. Sanjana says:

    great pictures BOB
    one more place to add to my list of places to see………LOL……..

  4. Holly says:

    haha…so beautiful beach…..
    wow…How biggggggg lobster…
    haha….very funny…

  5. Eileen says:

    Well worth the wait.  You two looked like you had a great time that you both so needed.  My gosh, it seems like you did everything in one little week.

  6. Jude says:

    "Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion, let it slip back in the……"
    Oh wait….wrong location, wrong musical!!!  LOL
    You pics look like it was one fabulous trip!!!!  Hell, that condo looks nicer than my house, dammit! 
    I’d love to see a sunset like that one day……maybe………YEAH RIGHT!!!!  ROFLMAO
    Take care and and have yourself a great week!  🙂

  7. MizAngie says:

    I suppose I should be happy for you that y’all had such a great, relaxing time in the lap of luxury skarfing down lobster and margaritas but I’m WAY TOO SELFISH for such silly sentiment and, well, I think y’all SUCK for looking so tanned and relaxed and had all that fun without me. BLEAH!!!

  8. Jade says:

    Laughing at MizAngie’s comment….Hahahaha!!!!
    She couldn’t have said it any better-LOL!!!!
    And so I will say- FANTASTIC pictures!!!!
    Seafood & sunsets,Huge drinks- just perfect 🙂
    and you look maaavelous 😀

  9. Tracie says:

    SOunds & looks like you 2 had a great time!

  10. Jill says:

    so glad that you guys had a great time!   keep buying those lottery tickets…

  11. Isabelle says:

    MizAngie count me in!!!
    Ya Bob! Nah! :OP That’s for not taking us with you!
    Hey sounds like fun out there!! Chutttt…..I am happy for you guys anyway, BUT next time let me use the spare room and the pool full of kids. Keep everything else for you. JUST LET ME RELAX!!!
    Take care,

  12. CAROL says:

    THANKS BOB for all your efforts to get this out to us. WOW looks like a fabulous place and wonderful time you had. I know anyone would just love it there. Glad you had time to relax and so did BECKY it looks like you both got a tan!!
    Back to the grind I bet the "kids" were so so glad you were back. take care..  : )

  13. Kat says:

    Well man—how awesome was your vacation?!!  I can’t believe you braved the parachute! WOO!
    I love that you labored to post your pics for all of us non vacation voyers to gape and drool over. Thank you so much, Bob-a-roo! It makes me feel like I had a tiny little vacation myself 🙂
    Glad you’re home–and inundating me with COUNTRY again!

  14. Becca says:

    Great photos, Bob! Glad that you and Becky had a great trip! Looks beautiful! Hawaii for us in 249 days! Ya, I know!
    p.s. come see my new blog at http://beccablogfromleftcoast.blogspot.com/

  15. Kat says:

    Ok. I’m lovin’ this song! 😀 
    Slip on over to my blog to view a pic of my revenge on Lord V. hehehe

  16. Greg says:

    Hi Bob…
    Thanks for taking us along on your trip.
    Lobster looks scrumptious.
    Well…Your Lakers took care of my Jazz.
    The Lakers were the better team
    Tonight’s game will bring on their next opponent.
    Safe travels… Greg

  17. Laoch says:

    wow, just wow

  18. barnyardmama says:

    Hooray!  that looks like an awesome vacation.   Mexico is wonderful–I’ll have to go back some day.

  19. klaus says:

    It looks like a great time. 🙂

  20. _ says:

    Great story. Great pictures. Great food. That might be on the short list for next year’s vacation! Glad you’re home safe and that you had SO much fun. Did you get enough Margaritas and sangria?

  21. Bridget says:

    very, very cool!! love the statue guy…we actually do this at halloween, lol… shocks the heck out of some folks but its all in fun 😀
    have a great week…talk at ya later

  22. Rambling says:

    Oh gosh, that looks like the best fun!  I wish I had been there too.  I am in need of some serious fun and that looks like it was.  🙂

  23. HEDGE says:

     so you went parasailing?  how’d you like it?  🙂

  24. Louise says:

    Well Bob next time you go I’m coming ok, will have to get mesen down the lorry park and see how much I can make, knowing my luck wouldn’t even be me busfare home pmsl.
    What can I say jammy git!!!!!!! That looks gorgeous and you look like you have a blast, good for you. Both of you looked like the cats that got the cream, ahhhhhhh I wish. Mind ya never know some day I might find mesen a sugar daddy although he’ll have to be proper old cos I’m knocing on now. Think next time you go away I’ll come look after your pad and me mate.
    Great piccys Bob, hope you have a fab day today, will try catch you later on this evening ok.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Twila says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all!  I’m sooo jealous!  But so glad someone I ‘know’ got to experience such a wonderful vacation!  One of these days it’ll be my turn.  I hope.  🙂  Nice to have you both back home though.  You were missed, just a little.  Gotta’ git to work.  See ya’ soon.

  26. Twila says:

    BTW, I love the sunset pics!  Shhh, that’s me sneaking in and copying them to use on my desktop.  Don’t tell B ok?  Sneaking out the way I came in now. 

  27. EbonyWyvernDragon says:

    Wow……….looks beautiful!
    And like you two had a BLAST!
    Good deal!
    Glad you are both back safe and sound!

  28. Cin says:

    Where have you been, no post since May 18th.  You are slipping buddy.
    Damselfly Lady

  29. Stephen Craig says:

    Bob,  Looks like you had a great time.  Welcome home!
    As ever be well,

  30. Jane says:

    Sigh!  You went with out me…
    Last time we went it was over Easter.  Awesome sand sculptures and a huge lowrider night parade.  They can really light those cars up in some interesting ways.
    Those drinks look wonderful.
    And the beach.
    And the food, although I can’t imagine any restaurant is a very LUCKY place for a lobster.

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