First off, I LOVE this Jimmy Buffett song!!  I sing it to  myself all the time!  Yeah!!  I’m a freak!! 
But I gotta tell you, Jill and Raven can back me up!!  We NEVER get rain after April but we got big time rain today!!  Thunder, lightning and mucho rain!  We need it but how strange!  My friend Jill had a tornado close to her!!  Tornados in California are just not right!!  Earthquakes are enough!!  This weather is supposed to be here for the next few days!!  And then??  Who knows!!  Probably back in the 100’s!!  But it was a nice break!
I assembled my wife’s IKEA furniture today and it came out GREAT!!  She is now organizsed!  I’ll take pics tomorrow!! 
I know that my posts have been lame lately!  I’ll try to do better!!  I just have a boring life!  Damn!!  Maybe if I go to 7/11 and punch someone out???  lol!
Actually…..  I have really missed my friend  Jane!  She is on hiatus and I miss her posts!
What a depressing post!!  But at least the music is GOOD!! Sorry!!  Better one tomorrow!  Nite!!
Hope you like this song!  One of my favorites!!
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18 Responses to WTH??

  1. Bridget says:

    Bob, sweetie… you’re life is NOT boring!! You just got back from a week on the beach 😉 you are just on the downside of a great trip~ sit back, relax, take a deep breathe, lol….I’m sure tomorrow the ‘redneck neighbor’ will do something fun to talk about or maybe you’ll have another picture taking stalker on your front step 😛 lol. Enjoy the weekend…. 

  2. _ says:

    I love this song! I guess you knew that already. I really enjoy your blogs. They’re not boring, neither is your life. Hope you have a fun weekend!

  3. Beth says:

    Great song.  Come and listen to my Finally Friday song by George Jones.

  4. Jade says:

    You just feel that way because you got back from a fun vacation!when you have nothing to post, just put up pics of Bert!! LOL!

  5. MizAngie says:

    Wow. If you’re writing boring posts then I must be REALLY boring because I enjoy reading them. Ha!! I agree with Bridget that you’re having vacation withdrawal. If you want to know what boring truly is look in the dictionary under "boring" and there’s a picture of me and my house! hahahahhaa….

  6. CAROL says:

    Hope you have a great weekend BOB… at least you won’t have fires when it is WET!!  Saw the news about up north
    fires…so scary.. so many lost a house!!  Take care..  : )

  7. Jane says:

    Bobberoo, I need you to channel me some of your sick cleaning skilz.  I am prepping for a mad 3-day weekend of painting and carpet cleaning – still prepping for the graduation influx/party.  I would ask Becky if we could switch hubs for the weekend but she probably doesn’t need a couch weight… although if one of those tornadoes were to head your way…. 
    Ah, you are so sweet.  I just saw that line.  I’ll be back faster than your other friends can say ‘Who gives a rat’s rump.’
    PS – I LOVE ikea

  8. Ice says:

    My question is ….
    WHEN did colorado start having tornados???

  9. ♥ Aimee says:

    can’t wait to see the furnature…been a long time since i have been to Ikea…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  10. Jess says:

    I think IKEA furniture is so cool, but we eon’t have one here *frown*, I could order online but I like to see the actual thing first, ya know ?
    That’s so weird about the tornado there ! We have been getting our fair share of rain, and a few small storms here and there but nothing huge yet, not that I’m complaining ! I LOVE thunder and lightning but tornadoes are not awesome.
    Any big plans for this weekend ? It’s gonna rain here the whole time and Hubs has to work so we are just chillin’ at home.

  11. DANA says:

    Ok  Bob, this is boring: I sat watching TV so long that when I got up I had a spoon stuck to me from my morning coffee. Or try this for boring: I sat outside and nothing was happening so I got a couple of dog biscuits took a hammer and smashed them and tossed them in the yard so birds would come to eat so I would have something to watch. (It worked… and more pathetic I was excited it worked).
    10 top signs you know you are bored:
    10: You ask your children if you can play with them, 9: You watch the weather channel and are excited when there are storms coming, 8:  You actually listen to what your spouse is saying, 7: You invite the Jehovah Witness in to your home for company, 6: You get dressed just for something to do, 5:  You don’t miss one episode of Price is Right, 4: You turn on the ceiling fan just to watch the dust float down, 3: You repeatedly change channels on your tv and always come back to the weather channel, 2: You watch your animal sleep and wish you were them and the # 1 sign you are bored is: You check Bob’s blog to see what he’s doing!

  12. Cin says:

    Just stopped by to say hit.  Not much going on here.  I fly to Wisconsin tomorrow to visit family.  Back in a week.Take care,Damselfly Lady

  13. sweeti's says:

    Hi Bob
    its been a while  i was on ur space I think u need  a  booster…
    U just back from Mexico  and now already  bored???
    how come
    Hope we can talk soon..
    im a bit in sleeping mode….so  dont expect to much f my  bog  either
    a warmhuggy

  14. Jess says:

    Oh man, I just looked at your pics from your vacay…you do know there was totally enough room to have taken me ! lol.
    It looks like you guys had such a great time, was that really you parasailing !?!? OMG hell no would I do that…no no no no no. Kudos to you for being brave lol.
    We keep talking about taking a grand vacation just hubs and I but these kids act like I should use my money for food and clothes…ugh.

  15. Eileen says:

    Love, love, love the song!!!!

  16. Kat says:

    reaaaaaaaaaaaaally Bob-a-roo…punching someone out at 7/11? *SNORT*
    I want PICS!!! ha ha ha ha ha

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