Not The Best Of Days!!

Woke up at 4AM with my arm throbbbing and itching!!  Swollen and red!!  I do NOT need to lose anymore body parts!!  Especially my ‘Mouse Hand!’  Luckily I had an appointment with my Podiatrist today!!  I told him to treat my wrist like an ankle!!  He checked it out and rolled his eyes!!  Worked on it (OUCH!!!) and prescribed Antibiotics!!  Duh!!  One cut is down to the bone!!  Gave me a few other instructions too!  I was supposed to have the stitches removed from my foot but that will be another week.  I will be fine!
Becky bought me a roll of bubble-wrap today!!  lol  Wise ass!!  So I’m laying low!!  Oh!!  Becky had a new file cabinet delivered today and I am NOT going near it!!!!!!  It has my name on it and is smirking!!!! 
So, watching the Lakers/Spurs game!!  So far, so good!!  Lakers up by 12!!  Sorry Miz Angie, but it’s not over yet!! 
I had to delay Clay Walker week for this song by Brad Paisley!!  Clay will be back tomorrow!
Back to the game!!!  I like that the Spurs have been playing from behind ALL NITE!!
That’s all I have!!  Lakers won and next game is in L.A.!!!  I’m sore and tired!!  Hopefully feeling better tomorrow.  Arm looks better! 
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16 Responses to Not The Best Of Days!!

  1. Becca says:

    Hope that you are feeling better soon!
    241 days and counting til Hawaii!

  2. Sanjana says:

    HI Bob!!!
    Im sorry your arm hurts so……….take care !!!!and maybe that mouse arms been working too hard clicking away. LOL. give it some rest buddy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HEDGE says:

    Haven’t seen you in a long time at my space.  I hope certain bitchy women aren’t telling you to stop coming to my space too.  I’ve had trouble with a couple of real gossips in the past year, and they keep putting me down to everyone online.

  4. Eileen says:

    Gee. Nice song.
    Feel better and NO FILE CABINET!!!!

  5. Cindy says:

    Take care of yourself! I hope you feel better soon…..LOL! @Becky and the bubble wrap, I would have done the same thing….LOL!

  6. Jean says:

    What did you do to your foot?? And your arm?? You’ve been hiding something! Give it up, buddy! Why do you have stitches? You better tell.. or I’ll chase you down… You haven’t been around much lately.. are you ok? Let me know.. message me if you need to!

  7. Raven says:

    You like that the Spurs have been playing from behind ALL NIGHT! Seriously Bob…you lobbed that one up for me, didn’t you?  Oh, the temptation…it’s just too great. Must leave quietly…
    I’ll be  back when I’m more mature, say, in 150 years or so 😉

  8. Louise says:

    Awwww Bob (((BIG HUGS))) I think the bubble wraps a cracking idea pmsl, go on Mrs S hehehehehe. Look Bob it’s no good at all thinking that youre still a teenager, ok the thoughts nice but lordy the hair brained things you manage to do along the way lol. Calm down a bit, mind willin bodies shot so steady away lol. Mines just as bad mind lol. I keep finding bruises all ovethe place and I don’t remember doing em and they don’t hurt, ohhh and I might either have an abcess on me gum or it’s me glands that’s up, just need a bit spot on me fat arse now and I’ll be sorted pmsl. Ohhh the joys eh.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon and you get some more rest cos that’s the best thing for healing. Might be an idea to get one of them mobility carts with the basket and streamers on the handle bars, just for the laugh of course hehehehe. I want one of them for when I go out and get a bit drunk lmao.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxx
    oh I’ll catch ya soon with some luck, messenger is playing with me now on top of everything else lmao, keep getting this script error when it does actually sign me in grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. xxx

  9. Jaysey says:

    Well, that just sounds horrible!  What did you catch??

  10. Beth says:

    Feel better!!!!

  11. MizAngie says:

    Uh! You WOULD like someone playing from BEHIND, wouldn’t you Mr. Laker Fan??? Ha!! Did you see the end of the game? Just like I said – it’s rigged and the refs had to jump in to be sure LA won. I hate, hate, hate when they interview the coaches between quarters. Ridiculous! They need to be concentrating on the game at that point.
    I’m sorry you gots a boo-boo on your wrist. As we say in the gym, "Ice it. Take some advil. Don’t use it for a coupla days." Hahaha!! Take care of you!!!

  12. nodope says:

    Freekin’ bundle of laughs over there, huh? Too bad life’s gotts be like that but then, what the heck would we gloat about when things are looking up?
    Be good my friend.

  13. Beth says:

    😦  Feel better soon, Bob!

  14. Jill says:

    bubble wrap!   you’ve married a funny funny lady, bob.
    i’m sorry you are having a bad time — take care of yourself!

  15. CAROL says:

    GOOD GRIEF BOB.. I sure hope things heal up fast.. does your foot dr. charge more for arms??? hehehe.. Hope meds and stuff work for you.. Take care of yourself..  : ) 

  16. ♥ Aimee says:

    a file cabinet couldn’t hurt that bad could it? 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

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