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Bonnie’s B-Day!!!

  My little Cairn Terrier is 3 years old today!  She seems to know it!!  Buzz and Baxter have been helping her celebrate by sniffing her butt, biting her neck and jumping on her!!  HAHAHA!!  She has grown so much … Continue reading

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Letters! Love ‘Em!

My favorite thing about Saturday mornings….. Well, one of them…. is to read the ‘Letters To The Editor’ in the L.A. Times  Sports page!!  Oh Man!!  These people are GOOD!!  I always end up laughing my butt off!!  Figuratively, of … Continue reading

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Opossums!! Baby Ones….

I read a post  today from Isabelle ( about her trying to save an electricuted Mynah bird and it made me recall this….   This is actually a re-post of something I blogged about 3 years ago on my old (shut-down!!) space. … Continue reading

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Cactus!!!!!! YIKES!!

  Yes….. today was the always dreaded ‘Cactus Pruning Day’!!  Tools necessary:  Pruners, Gloves and LONG bbq tongs that will never again be used on the bbq!  This variety of cactus is FRIGHTENING!!!!!    Get within 6" and I SWEAR they … Continue reading

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Found this in the L.A. Times today and thought it was interesting!      CALIFORNIA COOK Simplicity’s the secret for perfect grilling  Stick with basic equipment, keep a close eye on the charcoal and flames, and you’ll get wonderfully moist … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life – In So Cal!

  It started with a police officer being shot and ended in a classic only-in-L.A. moment when a man with a gun darted back and forth across the busy Riverside Freeway in a shootout with police that resulted in the … Continue reading

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  Temps are down to normal.  85F today!  Nice ocean breeze!  I think I’ll live!!!!!!!  Not much going on here today…yet, but with my neighbors, you never know!  Painters next door are finishing up.  Looks good!  Watching my neighbor Billy … Continue reading

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