NICE Sunday!!

Beautiful weather!!  Same as yesterday!!  72, sunny and an onshore ocean breeze!!  Perfect!   Larry was here today and tore out most of our guest (MY!!) bathroom!!  Getting new countertops, new bathtub and having it painted tomorrow.  The painters did a super job on the windows!!  Within the past 3 months, primed, painted, primed and painted!!  They should last for awhile!  Plus, the windows themselves are vinyl. 
Burt, our tortoise, was a pig today!!  Ate a Kiwi, a Peach and some Cantelope!!  I know you have missed him, so here he is!!
My Dogs 001 
  I will be a pig tonight too!!!  Becky is baking a Coconut Cream Pie and for dessert, and for dinner??…. Stuffed Bell Peppers and Corn on the Cob!!!
Here’s her Pie!!  YUM!!
My Dogs 002
Tonight’s song is one of my favorites!!   It’s EXACTLY me….. 35 years ago!!  And that ‘garden by the fence’??   Don’t ask!!  LOL   And you know what??  I still am an Old Hippie!!
I hope you all had a PERFECT weekend!! 
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17 Responses to NICE Sunday!!

  1. Beth says:

    I love the Bellamy Brothers.  The second version of old hippie is even funnier than the first.
    I hope your parts are still holding together.
    The pie looks delicious.

  2. Tracie says:

    Love the turtle!!  Can’t hear the music tonight – i’m at work and there are no speakers. 😦

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi Bob,
    Yes I did come back and listen to the "Sunday" song….I like this one too….it makes me think of my Dad.
    I hope you ejoy your dinner.

  4. CAROL says:

    Finally.. my hotmail is working.. tried all day long to get it to work.. sheesh.. DID you save me some PIE?? YUMMY it looks fantastic.. what a baker she is!!  I am depressed over a BUSCH winning another nascar race.. I left the house and went for a ride. I just hate it that TONY is catching such lousy breaks!!  Grrr ..nice here too but some wind now and then. could not ask for better!!   : )

  5. CAROL says:

    PS nice shot of BURT, has he found a sweetie that is breathing yet?? LOL 

  6. renay says:

    the pie looks good enough to eat. your torise look’s like he’s enjoying the warm weather. hope that you ejoyed you dinner.
    the weather here has been in the seventy’s and eighty’s . so it’ been really nice for swimming.

  7. Laoch says:

    wow, impressive pie

  8. Stephen says:

    Bob –
    Sounds like a great dinner – one a man could really sink his teeth into. We are about to embark on home improvements ourselves, painting and new carpeting. It should all prove to be interesting and very messy, I’m sure I’ll be needing my brothers shop vac before it’s all said and done. The ceiling poses the greatest problem. But I’m pretty sure we’ll get it figured out. Home improvement is a pain in the ass, but sure looks good once you get it done so it’s most certainly worth it.
    Have a great week and take it easy – we don’t want you getting anymore wounded than you already are. 🙂
    Peace -Stephen

  9. Jean says:

    Will you slow down and heal for a while?? You could still be fitted with that damn parrot, you know!!! Don’t make me come get you.. I’m not pleasant when people don’t do what they should!! Keep treating your arm the way he TOLD YOU TO!! And quit treating yourself if you don’t want to lose more parts!!!! So, there.. don’t make me sic Becky on you!!

  10. Amy says:

    My goodness…all I had to catch up on.  Great pics on the posts below.  Must agree with Laoch on the pie comment, though I’m not a big coconut pie fan.  Think she’ll do a banana cream one for me?  LOL.
    Glad to hear your doing much better. 

  11. HEDGE says:

    I love turtles!  How old is Burt?  Do they make great pets?  Anyway, I’m jealous of your great weather!  Please send some this way!  😉 

  12. Jade says:

    YUMMY!!!!!!!!And there is that tortoise!!!  Both are guaranteed to bring a smile 😀

  13. Sue says:

    Oooh!  That pie looks perfect—although I prefer banana cream pies more—my mom used to make a combo banana cream/coconut cream pie that was to die for!  So, Bob, what IS your favorite kind of pie???  Mine is pecan pie–hands down the BEST (and besides, it has the MOST calories too!)!!!

  14. Kat says:

    I love Burt!! He’s Burt-a-roo-cious!
    MiniWarrior is hounding me for a pet frog or turtle. HOUNDING me. Day and night like chinese water torture.
    Lovin’ the pie pic. Purrrr Purrrr

  15. Jane says:

    Oohh… snag me a piece of that pie!
    Um.. Burt isn’t trying to make a girlfriend of that hose, is he?

  16. Cin says:

    Wow, that pie looks delicious!  It looks like she uses real merange.  Good for her, non of that whip cream topping.  My dad used to make the best banana cream and coconut cream pies you ever tasted.
    Check out my new site here.

  17. Kat says:

    Bob-a-roo, I have posted a video of MiniWarrior in mid battle. lol

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