Another Fun Trip….

…To the grocery store!  Wheeled up to the "EXPRESS" lane and there is this guy writing a Check!!  Hello??  Express!!  NO Checks!  It took hin 10 minutes of writing ( War and Peace??) and in the end he tore it up and paid cash!!  Then stood there while he checked his receipt! WTH???  Next were 2 women with purchases of $3 and $8!!  Yeah…. Checks!!  The guy behind me with the spiked hair and nose ring was rolling his eyes with me!  Women are so much better with writing checks.  I think they have ‘checkbook holsters’ in their purses.  Men seem to have a problem with checks.  It’s like, "I have no money, but will this work??"  "Just contact these people and hopefully they will pay you!"  Get a damned Checkcard!!!!  And one more thing before this rant is over!  Why is it that when you find a product that you like, they discontinue carrying it??  Like I haven’t bought enough of that crap!!  I could go on but…..
MUCH better day today!!  No bleeding, arm is healing nicely, and except for sleeping on my shoulder wrong, I feel pretty good!  I might live!!  Phoned the folks today.  Both 87 and still doing their own yardwork!!  I have GREAT genes!!  Mom is doing great but Dad is having problems with his hearing and speech!  I think I need to take a trip back to NJ!  He can’t even talk on the phone now.  Also, FYI, my (our) friend ‘Duckie’ is in the hospital!  I won’t give out details but she has her laptop with her there.  Send her an email and wish her well… Please!!
New song tonight!  Toby Keith.  Another TK tomorrow!
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11 Responses to Another Fun Trip….

  1. Tracie says:

    No music?  It’s not playing!

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Bob, I am glad your pieces are all coming together finally.  About time.  Do be careful.
    I will check in on Duckie.

  3. DANA says:

    I love that song! I know how to put the media player on my site but how do you put the music in it? I did it last year but can’t remember how I did it! Seriously, not kidding.
    I looked through your previous posts, awww your turtle Burt, how cute is he? I’ll bet those hoses he was going over was like his idea of working out. Oh my your owies are so bad. I hope you heal soon. Take care, don’t trip over Burt, he looks like a turtle on a mission.

  4. KatSoup says:

    This is one of my favorite TK songs.  Too funny about the checkbook holster, and so true that men are too stupid to write a check within 10 minutes.  Ha ha

  5. charming says:

    Hi Bob, women are good at both writing checks and spending them ha ha
    get well soon

  6. Jude says:

    Thankfully they don’t accept cheques in many stores up here anymore, it’s bad enough waiting in line behind the people who have a few items too many (like 20!!!) for the express line, I think I’d hurt someone if I had to wait for them to write a cheque to pay for it too!  LOL
    HOpe you’re feeling better soon, hun.  Remember to take it easy  🙂

  7. Jade says:

    I went to a store the other day that WONT accept ANY plastic!!Only check or cash…and it’s a big name store!Talk about a PIA!!!! I don;t carry cash or check!(x-pect discount store)

  8. Cin says:

    I used to work in a grocery store when I was in college.  A Piggly Wiggly no less.  We used to call it The Wobbly Sow.  Anyway, I have many pet peeves concerning grocery stores.  Here are a few…
          -Do not enter the express lane with a cart full of groceries…do we need to post the definition of express
          -You may not write a check to cover the previous bad check you wrote last time you bought groceries
          -You cannot buy paper products with Food Stamps…the ‘food’ in Food stamps is a clue here
          -It is not appropriate to take a dump in one of the grocery store isles…yes we had that happen a couple of times
    Those are but a few gems I have came across in my grocery store days.
    I am glad your foot is feeling better.  See, you cannot go on vacation, if you are going to injure your self.

  9. Jill says:

    paper checks?!   they still have those?  lol

  10. Ice says:

    Thanks for the update on Duckie,

  11. Beetle Soup says:

    Aren’t rants great? There was a time when sarcasm would have been the solution, directed at the people in line who could not comprehend the word "express." Unfortunately, the target of such sarcasm will often respond with a blank stare, not knowing what was meant. All that wasted energy, and no one to empathize 🙂

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