At The Grocery Store….Yet Again

But this time it wasn’t so bad.  Only two ‘head-ons’! (Don’t worry…. shopping carts!  But had two funny things happen.  As I was standing in the check-out line I felt these fingers on the back of my neck!  I spun around and there was this sweet little old lady!  She said,"Oh!  I wasn’t flirting!!  The tag in your shirt was sticking out and I tucked it back in.  It was bugging me something awful!!"  LOL!!  Then I saw a license plate frame in the parking lot that said, "Saw it, Wanted it, Threw a Fit, GOT IT!!"  Too Funny!!  I want that one for Becky!
Confession time:  I MISSED my dad’s birthday!!!!   NO gift, NO card and a phone call 5 days late!!  But before you jump all over me, I think I made it up to him for Fathers Day!  He is really into Astronomy so we bought him……. A STAR!!!   With the star’s name changed to HIS!!  It comes with a certificate, a map with his star circled in red and a very cool Astronomy Guide Book!!  He has a HUGE 8" reflector telescope so I know he will be out in the yard finding it!!  The website is:  And yes, I’ll send a card too!! 
Wednesday is our friend’s birthday, so tomorrow we are having a BBQ/party to celebrate.  Babyback Ribs, Grilled Artichokes, Corn on the Cob, Rice Pilaf (Aunt Pat’s Rice!) and Coconut Cream Pie!!  Should be FUN!! 
Oh!  One last thing!!  My Mom just called!  It’d hotter than Hell in New Jersey so they bought a big air conditioner!  My Dad installed it from the inside of the house but forgot to take the box off of the outside!!  Turned it on and within 20 minutes it BLEW UP!!  But my Dad, being Dad, is in the basement trying to fix it!!  WTH!!!  There goes that warranty!!  Luckily they have a small one in their bedroom!!  Guess who will be going to bed early tonight!
A little Sammy Kershaw tonight!!  FUNNY!!!  How Country is THIS????
Have a Wonderful Sunday!!
YOU PEOPLE ARE soo PICKY!!  Corn On The COB!!  COBBBBB!!  Sheesh!  Jane!!!!!
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11 Responses to At The Grocery Store….Yet Again

  1. Steve says:

    You may want to add this sitye for your dad’s birthday.  It ias a link to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory moonitorong the Mars luner who landed some weeks ago.  I am sure he would want top see what is going on in the neighbohhod around him and his second home away from home.
    Phoenix Mars Lander

  2. DANA says:

    Hey you can go to google earth and you can view the stars there too. mmmm I just got a chocolate cream pie tonight and I’m celebrating the new addition to my butt and hips.

  3. Jane says:

    Hmmm… corn on the cod?  Sounds fishy.  Hahahaha!
    Smashed up your buggy, eh?  I’ve been learning to speak Suthen over at MizAngie’s.
    Thanks for reminding me that my pop’s b-day in just 3 days.  Yikes!

  4. Beth says:

    How awful about your dad’s AC. 
    I liked your play on words with corn on the cod.  lol
    I used to like kershaw till he got tangled up with morgan.  😉

  5. Jude says:

    I hear it’s hot back east… enough here today to wonder if I should turn the heat on….then I give my head a shake and say "WTH are you thinking, it’s june!!"  LMAO
    Been a looong two days already….one more day with the charming duo to go, then I can go back to work.  I don’t sound like a very good mother do I?  More like a single mother in need of a break, isn’t it?  lol
    Take care and talk soon 🙂

  6. Lena says:

    It’s hotter than two goats fucking in a pepper patch here!  Tell your parents to stop by here to cool off.  It’s a balmy 75 in my house and they’ll have it all to themselves, cuz we’re going to the beach for the day, like right now….

  7. Jade says:

    Ohhhhh, these old people are SO frustrating!!!!!!Yep, it was above 70 at 7am this morning here… I kept my windows closed to keep the soup out!Hey! Corn on the Cod sounds good!!! 😀

  8. Sue says:

    oooh!  Baby Back Ribs!  You must post your recipe for that one.  I’ve never actually MADE them, but I sure love to eat them—so if I find a GOOD recipe I may try it out!  Have fun and don’t eat tooooo much!!!

  9. Cin says:

    Forgot your dad’s birthday…shameful.  I put all my important dates and appointments on Microsoft Outlook and then set a reminder to let me know each time I log in what is coming up.  It sure helps forgetful old me.  It does sound like you made up for it though…good for you!Have fun at the party, all the food sounds great…love coconut cream pie.I miss you coming by…stop on over when you get the chance.

  10. Cin says:

    I forgot to add the .com to my site address.  Here it is.

  11. TheSpeedofLife says:

    Stopped in to say hi, I feel so bad for your parents, hope your dad gets it fixed.  As for checks, I like using my check card, however, I’m terrible at putting the amounts in Quicken.  Glad to hear you are doing better.  Nothing real exciting happening here.  But this:  We were able to salvage the frame and tarp bouncy thing but the enclosure (yes, the darn thing blew away WITH an enclosure on it) had to be thrown away.

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