Making the Rounds!!

I made it about 1/4 of the way through my list of 100 friends!!  No wonder it’s so hard to keep up!  But I just can’t bring myself to let any of you go…  So the new rule (after I catch up) is that you comment to me and I comment to you!!  I’m finding lots of spaces that have been idle for over a month.
Not much, if anything happened here today.  I really have nothing to blog about! (Famous last words!!)  But I made a bold move!!  Went to the Post Office!!  One window open and it was populated by an old Asian couple who wanted to buy stamps for the invitations for her daughter’s wedding!!  They kept asking for the same ones which the clerk kept telling that they didn’t have.  But if they went online, they could have them in 3 days!  This went on and on!  The clerk was actually pulling at her hair!!  And those of us in line??  Eye rolls, laughter and ‘DUDES’!!  They finally brought in another clerk and after 45 MINUTES I was out of there!  Oh!  Did I mention I was THIRD in line??  When I left, they were STILL there!!  For crying out loud!!  They are STAMPS!!!!  Work on those ugly invitations!!
Then ‘bold move’ #2!  Grocery store!!  You guessed it!!  Another check in the Express Lane!  By a woman who wanted to chat between each letter and number that she wrote!  Another 30 minutes!!
Last stop?  McDonalds!  No problem, right??  Until this drunk Asian guy got in front of me in line and wanted FREE coffee!!  He said he lost his wallet at a bus stop!!  He argued and argued but the girl told him that he didn’t NEED coffee!!  He needed sleep!!  Finally she agreed to give him coffee but he had to pay for it!!  Again he begged and whined until he finally pulled out his wallet and he must have has $300 in there!!  WTH??   I need to get to these places EARLIER!!!  By at least 10 minutes!!  Total time for 3 errands???  One hour, 40 minutes!!!
Tomorrow, Larry ‘The Hunk’ Handyman returns to work on the bathroom.  He has these two Australian Shepherds and they are GREAT girls!!  They go with him on all of his jobs and drive my dogs crazy……. Except when the 5 of them are together!!  Then it’s cool!!  He was supposed to be here today but the waves were big and he HAD to go surfing!!  LOL
Guess I DID have something to blog about!!  Sorry that my posts are boring but at least I DO post crap everyday!!    Not sure about tonight’s song.  Might keep the one playing now.
I hope your Monday was bearable and the rest of your week is GOOD!
Vince Gill Tonite!!  Sorry Miz Angie!!
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18 Responses to Making the Rounds!!

  1. Jane says:

    One hundred friends?  Dude, you need to ramp down the deodorant… scare off a few of them.
    Sounds like you had a pretty exciting day!  Doncha love those people who don’t take go away for an answer?

  2. klaus says:

    Well, I enjoy your music,and your humor,though I usually do not comment,so,I will try more often:) Have a good day.

  3. Raven says:

    I’d leave more comments, but that check you promised hasn’t arrived yet 😉
    Pay up Bob!

  4. David says:

    I don”t get around to read the blogs of everyone I find interesting often, but then I usually go back and pick up the last several posts on each.  The one thing I don’t want to do is find myself feeling like it is a duty; that defeats the purpose in my mind.  I totally sympathize with you on the difficulty of getting a "quick" errand done.  These idiots are always ahead of one, and then nine times out of ten the people behind them end up mad at the poor clerk.  My personal deepest rage is reserved for those jerks that hold a place in the checkout line with about 2 items in the cart while their family, friends and several amiable strangers run about the store doing the actual shopping.  As to the wedding stamps – don’t even get me started on the sense of entitlement that the prospect of a wedding seems to engender in folks…

  5. Lena says:

    If your friends list is too big and unmanageable don’t ya think ya should lose a few?  I mean…100 friends.  Are you fucking serious?  And now we’ve got rules to follow? Or is that rule for you only?  I’m confused.
    Quit bitchin’ about time spent living….you’re retired for fuck’s sake!
    Having said that…..have a ducky week!

  6. Jade says:

    geez why didn’t they tell them to go to another post office & give them directions.Anyways- Record heat here!!

  7. Beth says:

    I don’t think you visited my space and watched the video I made.  I will be looking for you.  I like Vince Gill.

  8. Sue says:

    I can sure sympathize with you on running errands, Bob!  Yesterday when I detoured through the city (which is under massive road construction or is that DEstruction??), I thought I stopped for a tire air check then went to my last stop–only about 10 blocks away.  Well, just my luck (for the 2nd time in 2 weeks), I got behind the guy sticking those orange turtles from this massive truck going a whole 5 miles an hour.  It took me almost 20 minutes to go those 10 blocks!  Of course there was an enormous line BEHIND ME that didn’t look too happy either….

  9. DANA says:

    I didn’t think you could go fast anyway with those rubber bottoms on the bottom of your walker. I think you need to try for those little scooters, put a big air horn on it, 3 speed…LOL
    Sorry had to tease you. I was always in a hurry when I moved from Anchorage, they were always in a hurry there. Then I moved to a rural town in Oregon where everybody knows everybody. I had to ramp it down about 80%. Now I just go with the flow. Sometimes I’m the line stopper, sometimes the line….

  10. ♥ Aimee says:

    ya i went through my friends list a while back and deleted the people that haven’t blogged in a long time… 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  11. Stephen says:

    Bob –
    Please don’t delete me from your list. I totally know what you mean about keeping up with people who never bother to comment or even visit the site and you’re spending time trying to catch up with their blog and for what? I will do the same this week sometime. What is it with you and Asians? LOL 😛 I know, you can go the physical therapy for me tomorrow as I am still sore from yesterdays little workout session. I did the errands today and have a nice printer on order, long story. But alas, I will have a new (sweet) printer. Have yourself a great day and don’t work to hard, remember you’re still recovering!!!
    Peace -Stephen

  12. Kat says:

    LOL at the drunk rich asian tryin to wheedle a free cup of joe from Mcee Dees!!!  I wonder if he bummed all the alcohol drinks from the bartender??

  13. Kat says:

    LOL at the drunk rich asian tryin to wheedle a free cup of joe from Mcee Dees!!!  I wonder if he bummed all the alcohol drinks from the bartender??

  14. Kat says:

    LOL at the drunk rich asian tryin to wheedle a free cup of joe from Mcee Dees!!!  I wonder if he bummed all the alcohol drinks from the bartender??

  15. Steve says:

    I need to get my self in front of the laptop and do what you are doing.  When it is sunny and warm it is the last thing i want to do is sit in front of the my keyboard.  Sorry, friends but i bet you are doing the same….;  sorry for using your blog to include my small comment to all.

  16. Scottishpeace says:

    Hi…I sent you an invite to my blog, aka "Friend"…I’m nowhere near 100, and I understand the need to "cull" some of those people on your list. If you’re not "taking on" any more "friends" currently, just let me know in an email. Thanks.

  17. Bridget says:

    hmmmm…there’s always something! mine just happens to be my car lately, you’ll have to read the story later…or maybe one of these nights I’ll set aside some chat time. have a good day my friend **hugs**

  18. HEDGE says:

    I have the same motto, Bob.  But I get tired of always being the first to initiate with people.  If someone doesn’t stay in touch with me inside a month I’ll delete them.  It pisses me off when i see someone going to other people’s spaces and telling them to come over but they can’t come see me, just cuz i don’t have breasts, it makes me feel like "second fiddle".  

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