Absolutely NOTHING!!

I have Zero, Zilch, Nada, NOTHING at all!!!  Which means that my day went VERY well!!  ‘Shut it’!!  You know me too well!  Even my trip to the Grocery store and Del Taco went well!!  WTH??    I had hot water today so I could shower and shave!!  I’m sure I will pay tomorrow…..
Doctor appt tomorrow afternoon but at this point, only a checkup!  No eye rolling by the doctor!! 
I know that you are sick of this song but I LOVE it and am playing it for a new friend!
Oh Wait!!  I have something!!     Ummm…. nevermind.  A bird landed in the front yard!! 
I’m BORED!!!!!!!!!!!
 Wait Again!!    You will LOVE this song!!  I’ve been trying for weeks to find a version I could actually download and play!!   KILLER Song!!!!!
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16 Responses to Absolutely NOTHING!!

  1. DANA says:

    Ok so you’re bored.. I’ve arranged to have a militia of trained carpuchian monkeys land in your front yard, they’ll have tiny little parachutes, one with a backpack holding beer. Keep watching, I’ve sent them to entertain you with their skills in Tai Kwan do. All you’ll need to do is have some bananas and the grill ready.. one will bring the meat for the bar b que afterwards. Just keep watching, they’re on their way. Start the grill ….. now.

  2. MizAngie says:

    ASTROS and Cowboys. Although I’m very pissed at the Cowboys right now. Well, the owner anyway. It would appear the Cowboys are making themselves a halfway house for wayward players. Ugh. And my poor ‘Stros are struggling but I still like ’em. I’m a National League gal.
    Wow, I want some o’ what Dana is smokin’!

  3. Jean says:

    I want some of what Dana is smoking, too!! Although that really sounds just a little too much like the flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz, which still can scare the pee out of me!! So.. yes, doofus.. you know that’s my favorite name for you!! How hard was it to fix that????

  4. Beth says:

    Get over the bored stuff Bob, just feel lucky that you didn’t injure any other part of your body today!!

  5. nodope says:

    Bored can be good. Absent of all the grind. Yeah, can be good
    Bellemy bros, huh? ‘S Ok

  6. Scottishpeace says:

    I must be going deaf, Bob. I can’t hear the music you mentioned. I did note that someone mentioned the Bellamy Brothers. I DO remember those guys! Take care (and try not to get TOO bored!)

  7. DANA says:

    Ok stop watching the skies… no monkeys, just trying to keep you distracted from the boredom. I had made dog biscuits for my dogs about a month ago. (Yeah they are that spoiled), the pom liked them the pekingnese didn’t. So anyway I had the left over biscuits and crushed them and threw them out for the birds. I looked out there about an hour ago and the pekingnese is sitting with about 3 biscuits in her mouth surrounded by a flock of birds eating the rest. LOL She doesn’t even like them but couldn’t figure out how to keep the birds from eating them. That was so funny. She was outnumbered. She finally gave up, dropped the biscuits, came in to the house flopped on the floor and sighed really loud. So I gave her some cheese for a treat for giving up the biscuits.
    And I’m personally happy for my boredom right now, it means no stress!

  8. Raven says:

    Doing nothing in abundance is a lost art, and one I plan to ressurect this summer while clad in naught but a bikini and a smile.  We island flowers don’t sunburn *grin*.
    My grandma always said that only boring people are bored, but she’s a bitter old lonely woman, so what does she know! 
    You pay for showering and shaving? You are an odd man Bob (I’m still saying it with a French accent).

  9. HEDGE says:

    Well, then there’s only one thing left to say … "it’s been a day"  🙂

  10. CAROL says:

    BORED!!! Any day you can get up and put your two feet on the floor and enjoy your day in no pain is a wonderful day my man!!
    Breathe and enjoy it.. Give ole burt a bath hahahaah.. He might like a good scrubbing! LMAO.. : )

  11. R U Serious says:

    Hell!!!   You guys are too much!!  Who could be bored with you around!!    Ypu are the BEST!!  OOPS!!  Changed songs!!  I have been know to do that!!  HAH!! 

  12. ♥ Aimee says:

    nothing funny even about your neighbour? 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  13. Sue says:

    Hey, enjoy a day where nothing goes wrong–you know they are few and far between.  Just remember this day when the opposite is true!!!!

  14. Cindy says:

    Come on Bob, at least tell us what kind of bird you saw!  hee hee

  15. Jill says:

    sometimes we need "zero, zilch, nada" days…..they help refresh the soul.   =D

  16. Stephen says:

    Bob –
    You could probably get this song if you had an iPod or Zune – I haven’t had too much trouble getting music for my Zune. Don’t feel bad about not having anything to blog about but that happens sometimes, usually no news is good news as most of us blog when all *hit is hitting the fan and we vent on our blogs. I’m guilty of that, not so much lately though, I just don’t post everyday unless I feel there is actually something to blog about. Hope your appointment goes well. 🙂
    Your friend –

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