More GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

I turned on my Laptop today and the ‘Automatic Updates’ bubble popped up!!  Of course, I let it run.  Guess what??   After that I could NOT get online!!  TWO computers down!!  My friend Jade told me what was going on.
Four thoughts:
1.  MSN and ZoneAlarm are NOT friends.
2.  MSN is jealous of ZA’s security software
3.  MSN hires idiot programmers!
4.  All of the above!!
Anyhow, I turned off the Auto Updates, was able to do a restore on the laptop (See??  I’m here!!) But the PC is screwed!!! 
Update:  (The next day)
OK,  I wasn’t here for long.  My cable (computer and TV) went down for 6 hours, as if I didn’t have enough problems.  I turned on the laptop and immediately received an update from ZoneAlarm to resolve the automatic update problem from MSN.  You didn’t think MSN would do anything about it, did you??  Anyhow, I ran the update and the laptop is running perfectly.  Today I will be working on the PC.
I’ll be posting again later.
WooooHoooo  Got my PC back!!!!
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9 Responses to More GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Bob,
    Good luck with the PC! See you soon.

  2. Beth says:

    I hope you get everything straightened out!

  3. charming says:

    Hi bob,sorry to hear it. Yes msn gives troubles.

  4. Kuskulana says:

    This is weird, my pc has no internet service on the land line right now.
    I am on my laptop here too.

  5. Jess says:

    How weird ! Both of mine have been acting all wonky here lately too !
    Ok, hope to see ya later !

  6. MizAngie says:

    Stop pickin’ on it, Bob, and it’ll heal up!

  7. TheSpeedofLife says:

    If you ask me, you have too many security features working against each other.  Hope you get everything back up and running smoothly; if not, give me a holler I’ll see if I can trouble shoot your problems.  Just a thought, has your electricity gone out?  sometimes that will mess up my DishNetwork and wireless modem.  Unplug the phone from the wall and let it set then replug it back in.  Also unplug the power from the modem then reset the modem (don’t do this if you don’t know HOW to reset or else you’ll really hate me for losing all your configurations)

  8. Jean says:

    I think MSN is out to get us! I keep having "issues" on my pc that I JUST GOT BACK!!! I keep having to do updates and re-downloads, and can’t use IE7 at all.. keeps shutting down on me.. I hate it when they do things that screw us up and don’t even tell us!!!! A**WIP*S!! Sorry, did I say that out loud?? LOL I don’t usually say things like that.. but MSN makes me say things I don’t usually say!LOL Hope you get straightened around, too..

  9. DANA says:

    I hate computer crap, if I could talk with you all using tin cans and a string and maybe playdoh just for fun, I would do that instead. Glad to hear you mucked through it though.

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