Trash Day – Yet Again

Well, it’s Tuesday which is always a little slice of Heaven for me.  Trash Day!!  Now, I have 3 trash bins – 2 black ones for regular trash and 1 blue one for recycling.  BTW, one of the black ones attacked me last week!!  But it’s the blue one that drives me crazy!!  How in the world 2 people can generate so much trash in one week is beyond me.  My blue bin is totally full and I could fill it again!!  I was hoping to ‘borrow’ either Billy’s or ‘Crazy Lady’s’, but theirs are full too!  I have a huge trash can in the garage that is full, along with one in in the laundry room that is so full that I’m starting to put stuff on the dryer!  Geez!!  Maybe I need to rent one of those dumpster things that they put at your curb!!  Anyhow, I’m screwed!  So the plan is to have that darned blue bin emptied and immediately refill it… but then what for the rest of the week?  We are recycling people … just too much trash!  Hmmmmm…… Maybe it’s all of the packaging from Becky’s shopping!!  You think?? Oh!  And the trash just keeps on coming!!  I HATE Mondays and Tuesdays!!! 
Now, for all of my vegetarian friends (both of you!!), I found this in the L A Times today!  Pretty interesting, but EWWWWWWWW!!!!

Half of baseball buys into veggie dogs

Lighter fare

George Nikitin, For the Times
Johanna McCoy shows off two veggie dog at AT&T Park during a San Francisco Giants baseball game.
Eight years into her mission, vegetarian advocate Johanna McCloy has inspired half of the major league ballparks to add meatless alternatives.
Jerry Crowe
July 22, 2008
SAN FRANCISCO — Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers is being introduced before last Friday night’s game against the San Francisco Giants, and Johanna McCloy, otherwise preoccupied at AT&T Park, lets out a yelp.

"Yes," she cries. "Vegetarian."

The Berkeley-based McCloy, a self-appointed advocate for meat-eschewing baseball fans, has crossed the San Francisco Bay to promote her dreamer’s quest: to add veggie dogs to the menu at every major league ballpark.

Eight years into her mission, the 43-year-old actress and Duke graduate is halfway there, with Dodger Stadium among the first to sign on and Angel Stadium still a holdout. Fielder’s decision to give up meat has been a welcome shot in the arm to the cause, which has encountered pockets of hostile resistance.

Last month, after an article about McCloy appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle magazine, reader Marc Kimberly of Concord wrote: "For goodness’ sakes, is there no limit to which annoying vegetarians won’t go in their efforts to try to convert people from enjoying meat in favor of the bland mishmash of unappetizing and virtually tasteless ‘food’ these elitist snobs choke down their gullets?"

McCloy says she was equally dumbfounded when, during an appearance on a Denver radio station, her efforts were labeled un-American. Her only objective, she says, is to give fans a choice.

"I said, ‘How more American can you get?’ " McCloy says of her Denver radio experience. "This is a nation of immigrants, this is a nation of diversity, this is a nation of opportunity, this is a nation of saying ‘yes’ to everybody. How are you threatened by a couple of people to your left at a baseball game choosing to eat something other than what you’re eating?"

McCloy, who lived previously in Mount Washington, was introduced to baseball by a former boyfriend and says it was while attending a game at Dodger Stadium in 2000 that she hatched her idea of promoting meatless alternatives to standard ballpark fare.

"I was blown away by the size and scope of a baseball stadium," she says, "so I thought when it came time to eat, ‘There’s going to be plenty of options,’ and there weren’t. I was a vegetarian, and I was naïve."

She says she walked throughout the stadium and discovered that even a Subway sandwich stand offered no meatless choice.

The next day, she called the concessions manager.

"He said, ‘You’re right about the subs. We’ll start doing that,’ " McCloy recalls. "I thought, ‘Wow.’ That was really reinforcing for me because I realized all I had to do was call and now all these people can have a veggie sub.

"That kind of got me going."

Through research, she found that no big league stadium offered veggie dogs. Encouraged by vegetarians and animal-rights supporters, she launched a website,, and started lobbying concession managers.

"I just thought it needed to happen because there was a certain percentage of the fan base at any given stadium that probably would not be eating at all, would bring their own food or would resort to eating only peanuts," McCloy says. "It seemed like it made good business sense. It never dawned on me that it would take off like it did. I got this following — it was bizarre — and I went with it."

As an actress who says her main claim to fame was a guest spot on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" — "I was one of only two women who made out with Worf in seven seasons," she says — McCloy was used to unconventional followings.

But this was different.

The Chicago White Sox were the first big league team to offer veggie dogs, McCloy says, and 14 more followed, among them the Giants.

"She’s such a good advocate that she sort of makes it competitive between ballparks, which is cool," says Sandie Filipiak, director of concessions at AT&T Park. "It’s like, ‘Who’s got the most vegetarian choices?’ "

Through her efforts, McCloy has developed an unexpected affinity for baseball and, since her move to Berkeley in 2002, the Oakland A’s.

"I’ve never become like a huge, avid, have-to-read-about-it-everyday kind of fan," she says, "but I really enjoy it. And I love everything about the A’s. I love what they represent. I like rooting for the underdog."

She says she’s drawn to the A’s pluck and resourcefulness, two attributes that could be ascribed to McCloy in her nonprofit, uphill endeavor.

"I’m pretty proud of it," notes McCloy, who says she cried in 2001 when she bit into the first veggie dog served at Dodger Stadium. "I didn’t realize what a big deal it was going to be, and then when I realized that it was, at first I was kind of embarrassed. But then I realized it truly was important to a lot of people and then I thought about the big picture and how this was kind of a revolution."

Will it end with veggie dogs in every stadium?

"Absolutely," McCloy says. "I think it’s inevitable."

One last thing!  A few of my new friends enjoyed yesterday’s item about my old gardener, Ho Chi Minh (my name for him!). 

Awhile back I posted about an experience I had with him but can’t find it.  So, we were having out yard sodded and it was ALL dirt.  He comes to the door and the conversation (?) went something like this"
Him:  I mow your lawn?
Me:   You want to mow my dirt??
Him:  I give you good price!
Me:   Go away!
Him:  Your yard look like crap!
Me:  Just leave!
Him:  I can fix yard
Me:  I have a gun
Him:  I be back next week!!
BTW, I have 2 new friends that you need to visit!  Julie, and Bridget  You will like them alot, so please give them a visit!!
John Michael Montgomery today!!  VERY Country!!!!!
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13 Responses to Trash Day – Yet Again

  1. Kat says:

    The Julie blog is locked down! *cries rejected blogger tears*

  2. Beth says:

    Hey Bob, Tuesday is my day to put out the trash for Wednesday morning pickup.  I have plenty of trash for one person.  I need to go do it too by the way.  Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Jaysey says:

    I always have way more recycling thn regular trash.  At least they come get your recycling. Right now mine’s just piling up, waiting for me to load it all into my sports car and drive it across town to the recycle center.

  4. Julie says:

    Oooh thank you Bob! You’re such a sweetheart. HaphazardKat..just request. I will give permission. Sorry to have to have my space locked to only friends but I’ve had problems so this is the only way I can. Once you’re in my space feel free to invite as a friend. 🙂
    Bob…trash day here is Thursday. I don’t understand where all the trash comes from myself. Seriously, I think it’s the huge packages they put small items in. Have you noticed that? I mean we need to cut back on all this trash so why aren’t companies cutting down on packaging? Oh and don’t get me started on spam snail mail! I could fill a garbage can a week with all that alone!
    I love the gardener story…too funny! 🙂

  5. Rambling says:

    Yer nutty but that’s why I luv ya. 

  6. Rambling says:

    oh and I saved you some room.  My big trash bin is a gentle tan color…wouldn’t hurt you for anything..come on…o0pen the lid..try it…it won’t attack (down!  GIT DOWN!  DOWN I SAY!!!) Don’t make me get the cat onto you!!!) Bob?  BoB?  ???? Bob…………….???????????????????

  7. Jill says:

    hot dogs are sooooo icky — can’t imagine that there is much difference between "meat" and vegetarian.  *grin*
    okay…trash can solution..caution, it takes good timing but does work.  put your full can by the curb on whichever side of the street is picked up first.  as soon as it is emptied, grab it and fill it up again.  then put it on the other side of the street.  you can get two loads out of your house each week.  you’ll be caught up in no time.

  8. MizAngie says:

    Ohhhhh BOB!! Now THAT is a country song!! I can just feel myself two-steppin’ around a honky-tonk with a Lone Star Longneck and a sweaty cowboy in some tight Wrangler jeans. {shiver} I think I just climaxed!!

  9. Laoch says:

    Veggie hot dogs are an abomination

  10. CAROL says:

    AIMEE is having or has had her baby BOB.. Mrs. Skrumshuz !!!   HOW COOL is that!!!!  Now we wait for the details!!!  : )

  11. DANA says:

    Veggie dogs? I hate liberals… Give me the old fashioned ground up turkey/chicken/beef bi-products with a bit of worm in them everytime. Yummy.
    Trash can dilema…….BURN BARREL. I miss burn barrels, I know they aren’t good for the environment and I don’t have one but I do miss the good old days where EVERYTHING went in to the burn barrel and we would throw the cans of empty hair spray cans ( I know global warming) and then stand back and wait for the explosion. Awww the good old days….

  12. Jess says:

    That’s a trip that you two look like twins ! lmfao !
    I remember Ho-Chi-Minh and laughed when I read he was baaaaaaaAAAaack ! He just mow ok !

  13. sweeti's says:

    Sure  Bob i will visit ur new friends..When u say  we will like them…I believe u
    ur so trustworthy…LOL
    U and ur lady fill 3  trash  bins???? Really  U have to think Bob..  Why do we have so much  and  my friend in Belgium has only one  trash bin  LOL.
    U have very colourfull  neighbours   Bob.I think u really live in paradise
    My God u said I have a gun….Shame shame…..
    i wish u a hell of  a day….YAhooooooooooooooo
    ur Belgium friend  who means well

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