Jimmy Buffet Weekend!! YAY!!

Jimmy Buffet is one of my favorite singers!!  I have been to numerous concerts of his  and ..sort of.. met him!  Don’t ask!!  In his early career he was VERY Country (Love It!!), but then he got into Beach, Carribean stuff.  Meh!!  I think his old stuff is Great!!  Anyhow, I’ll be playing him all weekend!
My brother-in-law is a fireman and a huge fan!!  Every year, and still, he buys like 100 tickets to the annual concert and offers them to friends!  The firemen bring this HUGE Barbeque on wheels to the concert and we have burgers and dogs, oh yeah… and beer and margaritas, before the concert….  and then after!!  It’s always a blast!! 
One year, Becky’s Mom made ‘Parrot’ hats for us!!  LOL!!  FUN!!  I think I still have mine!!!  I’ll check!
Tonight??  I LOVE, LOVE this song!!  TOO Funny!!  HAHAHAHA  (I’m snorting and laughing as I type this!!)!
Not much going on here today.  Dogs driving me crazy, wife ticked…. the usual!!  Dinner looks like Cheezits!!
Enjoy Jimmy!!!
BTW!  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again!!  I have THE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!  You people make my day…. Every Day!!  I just can’t keep up on my comments, but I do try……..  Durn it!!
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12 Responses to Jimmy Buffet Weekend!! YAY!!

  1. Beth says:

    Bob, you always make me smile.  I like a few of Buffet’s songs but I wouldn’t call myself a fan.

  2. klaus says:

    Cheezits is actually not a bad menu item :)Have a good day Bob 🙂

  3. MizAngie says:

    OH MY GOSH. I think we’re the same people but different – like Michael and Janet Jackson. I was listening to Jimmy Boo-fay earlier today before I switched to Kenny Chesney. GREAT housecleaning music. I think I like Buffet’s newer stuff better than his older songs. I like the steel drums and stuff.
    Cheezits. Ha!!

  4. Greg says:


    Hi Bob…
    Thank you for those kind words of friendship. Right back at you my friend.
    There really is still a lot of wonderful people in this world.
    Yes…Who doesn’t love Jimmy Buffet. I could go for a little California beach time.
    We are hot and muggy here in the Ozarks. Amazingly, well maybe not with fuel costs, the forty square miles of Table Rock Lake are not as busy this year with boating, pontoons, and jet skiers.
    Bummer…Cheez-Its for dinner. Ahh…Just go give the wife a big smooch, smile, and tell her Greg from Blog Quest say’s life is too short to be angry. I miss having someone to smooch, but not being angry at me. I now have five years of being single. My children keep me busy and while visiting with my neighbors tonight I said once my son gets on his own I will have to maybe start looking for a girlfriend. But then maybe not??? Being single does have its advantages.
    Hey…I know what we can tease each other about. My youngest daughter transferred from the University of Nebraska to Notre Dame this summer. Yep…We can have fun with the Trojan’s Fighting Irish rivalry.
    You both be well out there on the west coast and safe travels…Your blog buddy, Greg

  5. DANA says:

    I wanna go, I wanna go, can I go, I wanna go, are we there yet??? I love buffett too and would love to live in Margaritaville… I would even wear a real parrot if that gets me in ( I have duct tape, I could make it work)
    Give me enough margaritas and I will think I’m a parrot.
    Cheezit’s? Whatcha bitchin about, those are so yummy. But you said "Looks like cheezits" good Lord what could that be? You better be nice to her, she cooked for you! I wish I had a wife that would do all that stuff for me! Crap I hate being the wife, it’s too much work and everyone’s a critic. Tell her I’m on her side so man up Bob and apologize, I know it’s your fault. (whatever it was) hee hee

  6. Julie says:

    I’m taggin along with you and Dana! I’ll hold the Takillya! 😉 Me? I like the beachy Buffet. Reminds me of days growing up on the beach. Ahhh the memories! Can ya smell it yet? Coconut, pineapple, salt air…
    I wanna go home!!!
    Ooooh what did you do to Becky? Did you cook the Cheezit dinner? heh Dogs drivin ya crazy today? Aww…here..have one of my Celexa! heh Don’t worry…be happy! 🙂
    Please tell me you really didn’t say "Durn it"! lol

  7. Kuskulana says:

    Jimmy B is really my fav for the good old American humor/satire Ballad!
    Ticked off wife, doggon crazy and Zits for dinner, that sounds like something Buffet could be all over musically!

  8. Louise says:

    Hi Bob, thanks for adding me hehehehe. I wondered how long it would be before you did. So I see as always youre run off ya feet and Mrs S is keeping you on your toes!
    I hope you’ve been looking after my mate well???? You and your Jimmy Buffet lol.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings Me xxx

  9. BRIDGET says:

    Cheezits for dinner?  Yummy.  My dinner of choice is usually popcorn, so we’re not that different I guess.
    Sounds like the Buffet concert would be a blast!  Have a few margaritas with your Cheezits and smile!! :o)

  10. Shelly says:

    I know too well about the ticked wife… Is it because of dinner not turning out?  I about threw the pan across the room the other night when I was trying to make a chicken pasta sauce thing and it turned into cream of chix noodle soup. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!   Not happy.   Sometimes we THINK that dogs are better than children.  And then we have one of those days.  I hope you take lots of photos to share from the concert!  Tell that Fireman he’s a great man to share with friends the way he does and thanks for keepin my friend BOB safe!  OH and if those firemen would like to pose shirtless for the photos I will not complain! tee hee ha ha 
    I hope your happy Friday is better than the crazy Thursday!  Take care my dear friend and I’ll be toasting to you when I hear one of those buffet songs this weekend.   I’m not allowed to drink margaritas any more something about my face getting scuffed on the pavement that comes to mind.  tee hee ha ha

  11. Jane says:

    Bob, you ole parrothead!  Forget the cheezits, break out the margaritas.  Jimmy would be proud!

  12. Unknown says:

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