Discovery Channel

I LOVE this channel!!  Along with NatGeo!!!!  My favorite program is ‘Deadliest Catch’!!  A REAL reality show!!  King Crab fishing in the Bering Sea is truly the deadliest job in the world!!  So many men die each season that’s it’s unbeleivable!!  It’s hard work and sometimes they work 48 hours on and 4 hours off!!  And the Winter storms with their 50 foot waves and 70 mph winds make it almost impossible to fish, and yet, they press on!  Why??  Because each deckhand can make $80,000 to $100,000 in a month!! If you happen to fall overboard??  You have MAYBE 20 minutes to live!!
My other favorite is ‘Dirty Jobs’!!  Too funny!!  Mike Rowe takes on the dirtiest jobs around and he cracks me up!!  (He is also the narrator on Deadlist Catch)!  Some of the jobs he accepts are just too funny!!  If I had one person to choose to sit at a bar have a few drinks with, it would be HIM!!!
Another great one is ‘Man vs Wild’!  They drop him off (usually out of an airplane!) at the most inhospitable places on earth, armed with a canteen and a knife!  His job is to survive and find his way out!  His name is Bear Grihls!!  He was in the British Special Forces.  Oh yeah…..  And eats ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I once saw him pee into his canteen and, you got it!!!  But ladies??  You will love him!!
BUT!!!!!!!  It’s Shark Week!!!!!!!!   I just watched two divers ‘hypnotizing’ sharks by gently rubbing the top of their heads!!!  It’s called ‘Tonic’!  Unbeleivable!!  It got to the point where the other 200 sharks get jealous and fight for attention!  WOW!!  These are Great Whites and Tiger Sharks!!  This guy is ‘riding’ a Great White……  75 feet!!!!!  WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!
OK!  Enough of this!!  But if you get Discovery, tune in!!
But one more thing!!  The commercials are becoming better than the actual shows!!!!
Dinner tonight??  Pizza!!  Domino’s?, Papa John’s?, Pizza Hut???!!  nope!!  We have a ‘Mom and Pop’ place around the corner who make the BEST!!  Even their plain cheese one’s are marvelous!!  Their secret??  They rub garlic on the crust befor adding the toppings!!  Better yet??  a 16", one topping pizza goes for $7!!!  Hard to beat that!!
Back to Jimmy Buffett!!   Funny song!!  VERY FUNNY!!  I may have to play one more tomorrow.
Hope you all had a Wonderful weekend!!
PS:  Dammit!!  I HATE myself!!  I have been a crappy friend!!  TOMORROW!!  I am visiting!!!  (Throwing my hat down…)!!  Just know that I love ALL of you!!!!
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19 Responses to Discovery Channel

  1. Beth says:

    My husband used to watch all of those things.  My TV watching now consists of "The Young & the Restless" and the local news and CNN.  I spend my time with my nose in a book or on the computer.  I am glad you enjoy them though. 

  2. MizAngie says:

    So, on Man vs Wild why doesn’t the film crew get any credit for surviving out there with Bear Grihls? And why doesn’t he just eat with the crew instead of pissin’ in his canteen and stuff? Can’t he FIND the catering truck? Sheesh.
    I have quite enough adventure just gettin’ outta bed every morning without fallin’ down…

  3. maillady says:

    OMG! I love shark week! The Discovery Channel is one of my favs. Cash Cab is hilarious and I love Ben! Dirty Jobs cracks me up. You can send in suggestions and he’ll actually do them. I’m also a fan of the History Channel. Public Television also has good programming. Glad to find a fellow info-nut. Stay cool, great song!

  4. Jaysey says:

    These channels are why I can NOT give up cable.

  5. DANA says:

    You’re just a few clicks short of Judge Judy and Murder She Wrote. Haha kidding, I love those shows too. The guy on dirty jobs has the same sense of humor as my brother and looks like him too. We crack each other up, so I love that show. I also love the food network when they have Diners and Dives, actually something Diners and Dives, but I can’t remember the first name. I always have to have food when I watch it though. The have the logger reality show now too, it’s filmed here in Oregon but the guys on Deadliest Catch are more interesting. Oh and the truck drivers in Alaska? Also can’t remember that name but it’s good too. Ok got to go… "Diary of a Mad black Woman" is on and I have all of that except the color gotta watch it.

  6. renay says:

    glad to see that like nature channels.

  7. Hope says:

    Hi Bob,
    I am with you on the deadlest catch.. tis a great show.. as well as dirty jobs..
    haven’t tuned into shark week as of yet.. should.. not to sure if I want to.. might end up with nightmares.
    your mom and pop pizza place sounds wonderful. as well as cheep.. great combo..
    hope you have been good while I have been away.. "smile"
    seems we tend to loose one another..
    have a great evening..
    soft hugs.

  8. Gina says:

    Hey Bob….
    Mike Rowe was in our little town last fall, doing a story. I talked to a patient/friend just last week that was at the shoot location and got to meet him. My friend says he is just as personable, friendly and funny in real life as he appears to be on the show! That makes me like him even MORE! :o)  I hate it when I like someone’s *on-air* personality only to find out they are really a big jerk in real life.

  9. Joe says:

    Dude, you’re speaking my language with those channels!  I get podcasts for a couple of them but for some dumb reason my i-Tunes has been crashing when I try and play them…that’s just not right!  Hope you bring a piece of pizza when you stop by my site…I’m just knowing you will!

  10. CAROL says:

    DONT GET CABLE SO I don’t see those but I know who you are talking about.  Hope you have a great week. Know there is a fire in griffith Park and at yosemite. so sad…  : (   PS GLAD JIMMY J won today and that jerk Busch was no where around him.. YAY!!  : )

  11. R U Serious says:

    GREAT comments!!  I am visiting ALL of you tomorrow!!   That’s how it works!!  You comment, I visit!!!  Sound fair??  Well I have a few other friends I need to visit, but you get the idea!!
    Have a SUPER week!!  What a family we are!!  And Joe???   Welcome!!!!!!  Love Ya guy!!
    Hope you liked the song!

  12. Jean says:

    You are a terrible spaces friend!! You haven’t been to my house in an age!!LOL I knew you’d like all that discovery stuff.. I like some of it, too! Hope you’re doing well, my friend..

  13. Jill says:

    we were watching the beginning of shark week today……my family is addicted to discovery channel!

  14. Isabelle says:

    You must have been an adventurer in your past life!
    I also enjoy these documentaries! The only time I wrestle in remote control!LOL!!
    Ok Mr. I do not have to send an invitation each time for you to visit! Grrrrrrrrr……guys…………..pffffffffff…..they so like to make us crave!
    Take care,

  15. Tracie says:

    Hubby watches that "deadliest Catch" and sometimes one about Ice something – were these truckers are hauling on pure ice.  Sorry I don’t get into those.  😉  Have a good day

  16. BRIDGET says:

    That is one of the channels I miss by not having TV (I physically HAVE a TV, but it’s not hooked up to anything except my DVD player).  I think that when I get my credit card paid off (hopefully by the end of the year) I might get satellite hooked up.  We’ll see.  Oh, and I’d love your chicken curry recipe.   You can email it to me if you want.

  17. Jess says:

    You my dear, are funny.
    And omg garlic on the pizza crust !?!?!? I HERAT garlic on just about everything !
    p.s. Don’t go throwin’ your damn hat around !

  18. Laoch says:

    Jimmy Buffet rules!

  19. Sue says:

    We love Bear too and love to watch him eat strange things and escape from seemingly impossible situations.  My son is a big fan of Mythbusters too—those guys are crazy but smart.  Oh, and Shark Week is always full of fun!

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