BIG earthquake here!!!!   I was holding on!!!!!  11:45 AM!  They are saying it was a 6.0!!!  That’s HUGE!!  Oh Man!!  Those things are scary!!   This one lasted over 30 seconds, which is WAY too long!!!  It was felt from Las Vegas to San Diego!!  I have to go and pick things up but I’ll be back with updates!
Hell!  I have crap that flew off the shelves everywhere!!
Earthquakes are something that you never get used to!!!!  Usually we get the ‘rolling’ kind, about 3.0 but this was a ‘shaker’!!  HATE those!!  Thing is, a 6.0 is NOT twice as strong as a 3.0!  They increase expotentially, so a 4.0 is 10 times stronger then a 3.0!!  This one was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!
My dogs are hiding!!  lol!  Disneyland is freaking!  I am rattled but OK!!  Waiting for aftershocks.  Here’s another one!!!!  3.8!
Becky just called!  She was on the 10th story of a building in downtown L.A. and she said that building was swaying!! 
When one of these hit they say to get to a doorway to stand under but how can you walk with the floor rolling!!!  (Damn Aftershocks!!).  10 so far!!!   Surprisingly, and thankfully, no one seems  to have been killed or injured!  Just property damage, oh yeah… and a huge sinkhole in downtown Los Angeles!!
Southern California can easily handle a 6.0, unlike some other countries, but unfortunately, this was not close to the Big One!!  Why do we (I!!) continue to live here??   Because it’s paradise here!!!
Yay!!  The aftershocks are fading!!!  Feeling better!!!!
But you know what??  We were lucky!!  But I’m still shaken!!  Waiting for maybe a bigger one to follow!!!!  They lowered it to 5.4!  PFFFFT!!  Big Whoop!!
Damned Tectonic Plates!!!!  lol!
Needless to say, everyone in So Cal is shaken!!!  Come vist!!  LOL
As promised, some non-country music (for as long as I can stand it!!), so today???  Moody Blues!!  Coming soon?  George Strait Week!!  (Valerie!)  Hope you love this song!!  I DO!!
Hanging on in SoCal
 Up to 26 aftershocks now!!   HATE those!!
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22 Responses to HOLY SHIT!!!

  1. Shelly says:

    I’m so glad you are o.k. I just hung up with on lil bro and he’s good too.  Whew!!  Take care and hold on… I think I’ll take snow over the earthmoving thanks. Take care Bob!  ttfn

  2. klaus says:

    I agree, something you never get used to. California was where I attended school when I first came to the US, and it was amazing, except my first earthquake, a ..I think it was "just" a 3.1 or something, scared the hell out of me. Weather events get some kind of warning, quakes , I guess the warning is breaking glass.Have a good day Bob, stay standing :)kgvs

  3. Cindy says:

    I’m so glad you are OK.
    Thanks for the update.

  4. MizAngie says:

    Paradise shmaradise…I’m the one livin’ in God’s Country!!!

  5. Beth says:

    Thank God you are OK Bob.  My prayers are with you all there.

  6. Joe says:

    Just heard about it, man, I’m glad you’re safe…my gosh!  Perhaps you should have slapped in some music and did a little jig while you were about it!

  7. Jaysey says:

    Glad you’re ok!

  8. Raven says:

    BOB! *slapping Bob hard across the face*…It wasn’t that bad…sheesh! Nothing but the chandeliere moved here, lots of rocking and rolling, but nothing fell down or off.  Now come on, it was fun! I loved it!
    Hands up go wheeeee!!!!!!!!

  9. J says:

    Good to hear from you Bob!

  10. Tracie says:

    Tornados I can deal with, experienced that, but I just can’t imagine an earthquake.  Glad to hear everyone is okay though.
    Moody Blues!?  How soon to George?

  11. CAROL says:

    YES QUAKE.. everyone is talking…. I came here right away when I got on line. I wanted to see how you all were doing. Poor burt may never come out of hiding. poor doggies too. I wondered about BEcca I knew she worked ina  big building. GEEEZ I would hate to be high up in one of those. I sure hope the after shocks stop soon. Hate quakes you nevr ever get a warning.. take care  : )

  12. Jean says:

    Kate didn’t even know about it!! Grandma called her to check and she didn’t know anything had hit!!LOL Evidently it didn’t get to far into San Diego!! Hope you stay ok, and don’t fall off into the ocean!

  13. Julie says:

    Wow! Glad to know you’re ok Bob! I hadn’t heard a word about it as I’ve been at work all day. I remember being in elementary school in San Diego when one hit. We all got under our desks and when it was over with our whole class did the building tour outside to see the cracks! LoL Was pretty exciting then. I wasn’t skeerd! 😉
    *Shakin it to the Moody Blues* 🙂

  14. R U Serious says:

    I have a good, or bad!!  one for your tomorrow!!  USS Indianapolis!!!!, Unless a neighbor acts up!! lol!!
     But seriously… Unbeleivable!!  Check back tomorrow!!  OMG!!

  15. Twila says:

    Hey Bob!  What’s shakin’?  LOL  Nothing today, I hope.  Sorry, just  had to toss that one at ya’!  We heard about the earth moving about 2:00 yesterday, must have just been minutes after it happened.  Glad to see that all is well and no one got hurt.  Earthquakes are the one big reason why I can’t bring myself to live in California.  There’s just no good way to forecast an earthquake.  We have tornadoes and severe storms, but at least we get some warning before they happen.  Oh so glad to see that Becky didn’t get hurt when the earth moved.  I’ve got cousins in LA.  Think I’ll call them.  Later.  Way too early to be calling the West coast now.
    BTW, I’ve got tomatoes!  You should go check out my pics.  Those babies are HUGE this year!  Can hardly wait for them to turn ripen.
    Gotta’ git ready for work.  Hope you have a nice, still day today!  🙂

  16. DANA says:

    I was up early canning dill pickles ( up early cuz I don’t read directions very well and the soaking of the cukes landed me to this un-Godly hour)..anyway I’m glad you’re ok. I wondered if any of your stuff went crashing. We had those alot when living in Alaska, you never feel real comfortable having everything under your feet move. I don’t like anything that doesn’t listen to me, quakes just don’t stop when you tell them to. NO matter how fun people believe they are, they kill people, so I’m happy you’re ok.

  17. BRIDGET says:

    So glad that you, the Mrs., and your dogs are all safe.  I have only experienced very small quakes (we actually had a small one in New Hampshire when I was growing up) and that was enough for me.  For as much as I complain about the snow in Vermont…I guess it’s better than an earthquake!  I went to visit my friend in Missouri last summer and when I first got there she was giving me a tour of the house and explained their "tornado" plan!  What the hell!!  I’m not ready for tornadoes!  Maybe I’ll stay in VT and brave the mountains of snow and the almost endless winters!  Stay safe friend!! :o)

  18. Fizz says:

    I LOVE plate techtonics… but not in an earthquake. It doesn’t make one iota of difference, I freak in an earth quake. Scary stuff… You know, after SF in 88, I think everyone has a healthy respect for the whole thing.I love it… Dramma asked you what’s shakin’… I was gonna but then thought you might not think it’s funny. Next time, if you can think of it… run for the cam corder… get video and post it!– Fizz (As in Geophys…)–

  19. Sherry says:

    Hi bob, I came from caroldees. My brother lives in Garden Grove so I’m pretty sure they shook too. Can’t imagine what a shaker is like and don’t want too. We’ve had tremors here in wisconsin but nothing like that. Glad you and your family are all ok.
    Hope today is a better day for you.

  20. Kat says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you and Mrs S are OK!! …turn down that country music! Yer upsetting the  techtonic gods!

  21. Sue says:

    Yipee!  You made it through the quake OK!  Bet my son, S, (the one in the Navy) felt that quake in San Diego!  Did the dogs know it was going to happen before it did?  They say animals can tell and act strangely just before….

  22. Valerie says:

    Earthquakes must be so scary…the nearest one we ever had was about 100Klms away from where we live. Australia is so lucky, very rarely do we have an earthquake. I am so pleased to hear you are safe…animals also must get so scared.
    Turn up ‘George Strait’ to settle your nerves down…oops…that’s if you still had power.
    Love From Australia…Valerie x0x

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