City Council Meeting

First off, I have had the hiccups for the past 36 hours!!  GRRRRRRR!!!  Any suggestions?
OK, I was bored last night and because I consider myself a good citizen I decided to attend my town’s City Council meeting.  BAD idea!  That’s three hours I’ll never get back. What a bunch of weenies they turned out to be.

They started out with the Pledge of Allegiance. What is this, fourth grade?

Then a local pastor gave a prayer. Thank God he kept it short. For the record, all five council members kept their hands folded and their eyes closed.

For some reason, the next thing was public comments. You’d think they’d want the public to speak after the council took action, but I guess the idea is to get the speakers out of there as quickly as possible. Eight or nine people spoke — I lost count because I started daydreaming after the first three — and most of them had some kind of beef with the city. One guy asked why the left-turn light at one intersection didn’t light up until the cars from the other direction got a full green. He said most intersections let the turning cars go first.

What a dope. Of course, nobody said that. The mayor acted like he was taking careful notes of everything the guy said, as if he was describing a crime scene. I’d love to see the mayor’s notepad. My guess is he was drawing funny pictures of the guy. The mayor said he’d ask someone on the staff to look into it and said he would "very much appreciate" getting the man’s address. I bet he would.

A lady said her cousin was visiting from the Netherlands and she wanted to introduce her to the council. So, she comes to the microphone and every council member asks about her local government at home, what she’s been doing in California. On and on for five minutes. Couldn’t this have been done at an IHOP after the meeting? I cleared my throat loudly about five times, just to try to move things along, but nobody picked up the hint.

After that dog-and-pony show ended, the council got down to the real business. Frankly, a lot of it looked suspicious. They cried and moaned about a cost overrun on a project — some kind of a retail deal, I think — somewhere over on the north side of town but then went ahead and approved spending the money for it. Pretty obvious to me, if you get my drift, that somebody’s got their hands in somebody else’s pocket.

This kind of stuff dragged on and on. I came away with a couple conclusions. First, the mayor is a total dweeb and a wimp. Instead of telling council members to keep it short, she let them rattle on. If I was running the show, the whole thing would have been over in about 45 minutes.

My other conclusion is that the new council member is a windbag. It was his first official meeting and I lost track of the number of times he said, "I’d like to ask staff to prepare for me. . . ."

I hope none of the staff is planning on taking a vacation any time soon.

I counted 11 or 12 other items. Every one of them was like some new dental procedure we had to sit through. All kinds of technical mumbojumbo about easements or invoices or wastewater. There was something about a "misappropriation" but everybody started running their words together so it was impossible to understand them and after a while they called for a recess and went into a room with the city attorney. They never did explain that one.

Then they adjourned. I was disappointed with the whole meeting. It seemed like a colossal waste of time and not a way for people to spend an evening, which explains why maybe all of five people were there at the end.

Well, that’s my report. I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be going back!

 I can’t beleive I’m posting at 9:30 AM!!   But after that meeting, I went to bed fairly early!  As promised, I’m putting MY favorite music up and surprisingly, the first one is  NOT Rascal Flatts!  HAH!!   This might take awhile!!   I have LOTS of favorites!!  But this one is one of my favorites and the ‘Official R U Serious Anthem’!!  Montgomery Gentry.   
Have a WONDERFUL day!!
PS:  I wish I has brought my camera to that City Council thing but how boring would those pics have been??
 Back with my friend!  She is pissed but back!  Well, at least we are talking……!
Add On:  Back at Albertson’s parking lot!!   I see some guy wearing (get this!!!!) black socks, sandals, red speedos, no shirt and a pink cowboy hat!!!!!  *SNORT*!!   I now know where to go for blog material!!  After laughing my ass off I yelled, "DUDE!!!".  He looked back like, ‘What?’!!  HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!  Scary part?  He was walking into a store named ‘Anna’s Linens’!!   HAHAHA!!
The grocery store has suddenly become fun!!!!  LMAO!!!!!!!!!  When I run out of blog material (which is seldom around here!) I now know where to go!!
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22 Responses to City Council Meeting

  1. Joe says:

    Dude, if only you’d get that camera surgically implanted we’d be able to witness all the stuff you’re seeing, you talk about it colorfully enough but man, the pictures I’m sure would be outstanding LOL!

  2. Shelly says:

    You think your city council and Mayor are bad?  Take a look at Detroit’s!  What a joke!   I do have a cure for the hiccups and it’s "R" rated and Mrs. Serious is involved.   tee hee …. it does work though!  Tee hee ha ha
    For a G rated version have some one plug your ears while you plug your nose and take three long drinks from a glass of water.  It will work but no way is as fun.  ttfn

  3. Isabelle says:

    You lost me at the ……… end of the ….6th paragraph!;op
    Bob….you can rent DVDs to lose time! You will be a good citizen no matter what!
    I hate all those gathering…the hiccups were a sign!! LOL! Do not attend! Do not attend!!
    Take care,

  4. Isabelle says:

    You lost me at the ……… end of the ….6th paragraph!;op
    Bob….you can rent DVDs to lose time! You will be a good citizen no matter what!
    I hate all those gathering…the hiccups were a sign!! LOL! Do not attend! Do not attend!!
    Take care,

  5. Louise says:

    SEX Bob! Will take your mind off the hiccups fr a while hehehehe.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxx

  6. sweeti's says:

    Good advise BOB
    Never do this again.  Its not good for ur bloodpressure
    well  u better  sit in ur lazy chair….watch Bonnie..( coz she is always around ur legs)
    and have a beer.Oke??
    well  enjoy ur day 
    and  shake that ass..
    musiccccccccccccccc in the air…..Bob is playing  his  country music..
    i will to ear dops  in my ears 
    Dont kill me  OKE???

  7. Beth says:

    Bob, Bob, Bob!  Calm down dear, life is to short to get so excited.  If you think that meeting was boring…our city council shows their meetings live on one of the local cable channels.  Thank heaven I changed to a different cable company.

  8. Rambling says:

    Just don’t tell me that you either pointed or laughed while no no.

  9. Jean says:

    For hiccups, take a teaspoonful of sugar and work on swallowing it with no water or anything.. It will get rid of them fast! After you get it down, you can drink something.. it has to do with the work of swallowing it.. not sure why it works, but it does.
    You know they keep those meetings boring so no one will come and bother them while they work.. you should keep going and make your neighbors go, too!! That’s the only way to keep them from doing something you don’t know about and DO care about!!LOL
    Make nice and BEHAVE!!! You shouldn’t be pissing people off!

  10. Jude says:

    I  like this part the best –
    "Then a local pastor gave a prayer. Thank God he kept it short. For the record, all five council members kept their hands folded and their eyes closed."
    And where were your eyes, Bob?  Hmmmm???  😉 ROFLMAO

  11. Jane says:

    Jeez, Bob!  Take your camera with you when you go to the grocery store!  Not so much to the city council meeting.  I think we could’ve all used a pic of Speedo-guy to brighten our days!  Not that you don’t do that.  hehe

  12. Julie says:

    City Council meeting…wow Bob you WERE bored to resort to that for entertainment! Eeeks!!
    I say camp at Albertsons…that is hilarious! A red speedo and black socks? LMAO!! Oh and a pink cowgirl hat!  HAHAHA
    I must say you have the most interesting neighborhood Bob. C’mon…tell us what you do to make your neighbors laugh! 😉

  13. Tracie says:

    Well wern’t you the good little citizen!  City Council Meeting!  You couldn’t pay me enough!  LOL
    Oh & start taking your camera to the grocery store!!

  14. CAROL says:

    ONLY IN LA BOB.. only in L.A. hahahah.. no way you would see someone like that here!  I think I would have cussed them out about the hassle by the cops you get for parking the wrong way on the damn street. SHeesh that was ridiculous!!  I dozed off once in one so I never went back either.. time lost is lost time.. Live and learn I guess.   Hope you find out where that dude in the speedo lives hahahahah!!  : )

  15. CAROL says:

    PS drink a lot of carbonated drink real fast so you get the bubbles to make you belch.. that wil take care of your hiccups. If no drinks available use some alka seltzer.. YEp that works too!!  : )

  16. Jess says:

    Dear God in heaven. You need spycam glasses to wear wherever you go man !

  17. Sue says:

    The grocery lot is a GREAT place to watch—everybody has to go there to get food!  Just saw that Paris Hilton is thinking of running for Prez!  HA, what has politics come to????!!!  SCARY!

  18. Tracie says:

    wetter sleaves?

  19. Melanie says:

    Thanks for making me laugh, here it is 1.56am thursday, and I am in a motel with my 2 sons aged 14 and 16 who are fast asleep, and I cannot sleep. I only have a few hours drive today and I will be at my sisters place in NSW.
    I can just picture that guy dressed in those clothes. Thanks for making me laugh. Hugs Melanie xxxx

  20. Fizz says:

    You know… the last time I was in California, there was a dood walking like a chicken and trying to fly across driveways by flapping his arms up and down really hard. I think that some of these people get baked brains from all the sun. 🙂 My visit WAS more interesting because of this.My home town is a small tourist town in Northern Michigan. They spent several years arguing about the height of the band shell roof because of the possible impediment to the view of the lake. You’re sounds like it was a lot more fun than ours.– Fizz –PS an old bar tender told me that the best way to get rid of hiccups is to drink water through a bar towel. He said it really works. This is the same dood that taught me to put salt on my paper coaster so that it won’t stick to the bottom of my glass. He must know something. 😉

  21. BRIDGET says:

    I don’t know why you would leave your house without your camera!!  You certainly see the most…shall I say, interesting folks on your daily errands. 
    I can’t imagine having the hiccups for that long!!  Yikes.  Sorry, but I don’t have any advice for you.  Hope they are gone by now.
    Oh, and I am working on my "8 things" list that Dana tagged me with.  I’ll post it as soon as I can.  Take care…

  22. Jade says:

    I think this is what i would categorize as a typical day in the life of Bob 😀

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